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Как работает паровая турбина ?
2 года назад
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Год назад
Model: RC Speeder "Inferno" full GFK Engine: Turbine Behotec 180 Fuel: Kerosene Take-off weight: 7,5Kg Max Speed: 750 Kmh ...
Home-built Gas Turbine Turbojet Engine - 2nd Documentary
Год назад
I've built a core gas turbine engine for possible VTOL prototypes or working on gas turbine engines for other application uses.
Micro Tesla Turbine Power Test
3 года назад
Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE Doing some power testing on the micro Tesla turbine that I made in the previous ...
Someone Copied my Micro Turbine Design
Год назад
Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE Mini High Speed Turbine Model: goo.gl/iXLQSs (8% OFF Coupon: ToysHo) ...
2 года назад
TOP 5 MOST HARD TEST TURBINES ENGINES AIRCRAFT The explosion AIRCRAFT turbine TOP 5 Crash turbines Crash ...
Jet Engine, How it works ?
4 года назад
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Rolls Royce RB211 Back Yard 747 Jet Engine Run Close Up and Personal
3 года назад
www.gasturbineworld.co.uk RB211-22B L1011 engine ground run started by bleed air from two APUs. Spring gas turbine ...
How to Make Wind Turbine Generator - Clean Energy
7 месяцев назад
How to make Wind Turbine Music By NCS: Track: Lost Sky - Dreams [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
The Siemens SGT-800  A 50-MW-class industrial gas turbine
Год назад
The Siemens SGT-800 is a 57 MW industrial gas turbine. It combines a robust, reliable design with high efficiency and low ...
What's inside Jet Turbine Engine RC Plane
3 месяца назад
What's inside Jet Turbine Engine RC Plane Thanks for watching, Have a great day !
How do Wind Turbines work ?
3 года назад
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Реактивный двигатель King Tech K-80 Turbine - самый полный Обзор ТРД
Год назад
Обзор более мощного двигателя Turbo jet engine HAMMER iQ - 180 ...
Как сделать Турбину - балансировочный станочек
3 месяца назад
Делаю очень маленький реактивный двигатель ! Все серии про турбинку: 1 серия ...
Что Убивает ТУРБИНУ Мотора (Типы, Конструкция, Ремонт)
2 года назад
Подписывайтесь на Инстаграм: instagram.com/akermehanik/ Что снижает ресурс и убивает Турбину двигателя, ...
Twin Turbine Rotary Grinder Tool Powered by Vacuum Cleaner
26 дней назад
Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE This is actually a revision of this goo.gl/mHP2Ff but the major difference now ...
Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 Renewable Energy For Dozens Of Homes
Год назад
This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly ...
Chrysler Turbine Car Ride With Sound!
2 года назад
Footage of the Chrysler Turbine Car being driven, most shot from inside the car. Hear the sound of the turbine from outside and ...
Turbine Engine: full power  ...  LOUD!
11 лет назад
This is more film of the GE LM1500 gas turbine engine running at the S&S Turbines open-air test cell. All the noise in the ...
J44 Turbine Balance
2 года назад
A look at the main rotor shaft from a Fairchild J44 turbojet engine, sent to Jet City Turbines for balancing after replacement of the ...