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Trevor Noah Wants to Interview You on The Daily Show Set | Omaze
Day ago
Trevor wants to interview YOU right here on The Daily Show set! Plus, you'll get to sit in on our writers' room, observe the ...
Pelosi Presses On & Constitutional Scholars Testify | The Daily Show
Day ago
Constitutional scholars advise on the impeachability of Trump's offenses and Nancy Pelosi calls for articles of impeachment to be ...
World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show
2 days ago
Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are caught on camera trash-talking Donald Trump during the NATO ...
Viral Video Reveals World Leaders Mocking Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Day ago
A hot mic at the NATO summit catches Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson in a gossip session about President ...
Joe Biden’s Super Dated “No Malarkey” Slogan | The Daily Show
Day ago
Michael Kosta trails Joe Biden on his “No Malarkey” bus tour and shares the old-timey slang he's picked up along the way.
Scientists Use Speakers To Revive Dying Coral Reefs | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Day ago
Fuji Food sushi gets recalled over contamination fears and scientists use sound to revitalize dying coral reefs. Subscribe to ...
Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show
3 days ago
Tensions flare between Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron at the NATO summit in London. #TheDailyShow ...
Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Dinner With Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
2 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg gets dodgy about his clandestine meeting with President Trump and an exercise bike ad sparks outrage ...
Trump & Macron Clash At NATO Meeting In London | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
2 days ago
At the 2019 NATO summit, President Trump spars with French President Emmanuel Macron over trade policies and ISIS fighters ...
Trevor Noah Roasts Social Media | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
7 days ago
Trevor Noah takes on Facebook, Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter in this hilarious compilation of his best roasts.
Most Surprising Celebrity News Stories | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
8 days ago
Trevor Noah weighs in on the recent celebrity news stories that have been making headlines. Kim Kardashian studying to become ...
Bloomberg’s Bucks, Buttigieg’s Beef and Biden’s Bite | The Daily Show
4 days ago
Michael Bloomberg drops big bucks on campaign ads, Pete Buttigieg beefs with progressives over free public college, Kamala ...
Trevor Noah Roasts Mike Pence | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
9 days ago
Donald Trump's VP, Mike Pence, has been at the centre of a number of news stories over the past few years. These are some of ...
Crazy Rich Nation | The Daily Show
3 months ago
The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft's prostitution ...
Russians Tricked Trump Once Again: The Daily Show
2 years ago
The day after firing FBI Director James Comey, President Trump welcomes Russian officials to the White House. Watch full ...
Hero Chef Fought London Bridge Attacker With A Narwhal Tusk | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
3 days ago
A miniature horse boards a plane as an emotional support animal and Londoners use odd weapons to fight off a terrorist.
Trevor Noah's Favourite Viral Videos | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
10 days ago
Trevor Noah weighs in on the internet's funniest and most shocking viral videos. Whether it be an out of control beverage truck at ...
Donald Trump Jr. Presents: "My Father" | The Daily Show
7 days ago
Donald Trump Jr. Presents: "My Father" #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...