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Shop Tour of Texas Speed and Performance
3 years ago
Texas Speed & Performance is the leader in the LS market. Since 2002 our goal has always been to deliver the best products and ...
Texas Speed Shop Trucks New Engine Is Here!
7 months ago
Well we read through all your comments of what we should put in the Shop Truck for a new engine and made our decision!
The Birth Of A New Texas Speed CNC Cam!
4 months ago
In this episode we show a little of the cam manufacturing process. We wanted to show a little of the love and care that goes into ...
Texas Speed and Performance GM Truck Performance Camshafts
2 years ago
Whether you're working on a Gen 3, Gen 4, or Gen 5 truck engine, Texas Speed & Performance has you covered! We have cam ...
Texas Speed Shop Truck First Drive With Gen 5 Swap! (Insert Bald Eagle Sounds)
Month ago
Finally Shop Truck is running and driving with the gen 5 L83 swap! It wont be long now before we get this beast on the autocross ...
Texas Speed & Performance Engine Machining & Building
3 years ago
At Texas Speed & Performance, we manufacture, assemble, and stock engines for LS and Gen 5 LT1 applications. Every engine ...
Texas Speed & Performance PRC Cylinder Heads
3 years ago
PRC Heads deliver the ultimate in LS horsepower, from street to full race. Our Cylinder Heads offer unmatched performance and ...
Assembling B Is For Build's New Lamborghini Huracan LS Engine!
5 months ago
In this episode we build Chris (owner of the B Is For Build RUvid channel) new Texas Speed Resleeve 430ci LS Engine to slap ...
Finally Shop Truck's New Engine And Transmission Are In! Here Is How We Did It!
5 months ago
This episode we finally get the engine and transmission in the truck! This bad boy is coming along nicely and we appreciate all ...
Year ago
Here it is! The video so many of you have been waiting for! In this episode we tear down the record setting 7 second engine that ...
Texas Speed Powered Chevy C10 First Drive! Tuning the World’s Loudest Chopper Hauler
2 months ago
It lives, it drives, it ruins eardrums all across the land. Zac's Chevy C10 pickup is shaping up to be one of the most rowdy street ...
Texas Speed and Corsa Performance Made My Car NASTY
7 months ago
Big Thanks to Texas Speed and Corsa Performance! if you have any questions please let me know! HUGE thank you to: ...
2015 Silverado 5.3L Texas speed and performance stage 4 truck cam
Month ago
Cam specs: 225/231, .635"/.635", 112 LSA.
About - Texas Speed & Performance
3 years ago
Texas Speed & Performance manufactures and carries parts for late model GM cars and trucks. Our line of products includes CNC ...
Unboxing a Texas Speed Performance  package!
7 months ago
Got my new LSX engine today!! #texas #speed #performance.
Texas Speed Owner's 1st Ride in Sketchy Vert
9 months ago
Sketchy Vert stops by Texas Speed on the way to Cleetus and Cars in Houston, TX for a tour and takes the Owner of Texas Speed ...
Texas Speed Bringing Home The Wins At LS Fest West! Day 2 And 3!
6 months ago
Don't miss out on all the action in this one! We finish up the Final races at LS Fest West while getting all the other insane action ...
C7 Corvette Grand Sport Texas Speed Headers Before and After
6 months ago
IG: Darkside_c7 instagram.com/darkside_c7/ Elite Speed and Performance elite-speed.com/ ...
PRI 2016: Texas Speed & Performance Rocks Your LS Valvetrain
3 years ago
Want the enhanced performance and reduced valve seal wear of a roller tip rocker for your LS, without the fatigue limits of an ...