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Disco Deception - Studio C
3 days ago
Disco Deception - Studio C. Some things can only be expresed in dance. Watch new full episodes of #StudioC Mondays at 8 ET ...
World Record Tiny House - Studio C
10 days ago
World Record Tiny House - Studio C. This tiny house puts all other tiny houses to shame. #tinyhouse Watch new full episodes of ...
Thomas Edison's Terrifying Inventions - Studio C
7 days ago
Thomas Edison's Terrifying Inventions - Studio C. Thomas Edison's inventions may have been a bit much for the people of his time ...
How to Read Flirting Signals
3 years ago
How to Read Flirting Signals. Watch how these two friends awkwardly try to teach each other how to flirt properly and correctly ...
If Rapunzel Was Real - Studio C
3 months ago
If Rapunzel Was Real - Studio C. Maybe climbing someone's hair isn't the best idea. Watch new full episodes of #StudioC ...
Batman Needs Therapy - Studio C
5 months ago
Batman Needs Therapy - Studio C. Batman has had a lot of trauma and needs to work through his issues. Can his friends help ...
Channel Surfing
7 years ago
Channel Surfing. When you take the risk and channel surf you never know what to expect will come on your TV. Watch as James ...
Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)
5 years ago
A soccer match between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels comes down to Scott Sterling and the most epic ...
Bad Inventor
6 years ago
Every invention can be made just a little better. Watch Studio C Mondays at 10pm ET/8pm MT on BYUtv. Watch full episodes of ...
Russian Roulette
2 years ago
Russian Roulette. Playing games with friends can be fun. Playing games with strangers can sometimes be more thrilling! Playing ...
How to Offend Everybody - Studio C
4 months ago
How to Offend Everybody - Studio C. Matt just cant catch a break. #StudioC #BYUtv Watch Full Episodes of Studio C ...
Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling
3 years ago
Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling - Studio C. Scott Sterling is BACK defending his team in the Volleyball ...
Poker Face 2: All In
4 years ago
Poker Face 2: All In. Join us for this year's coverage of the World Championship of Texas Hold'em Poker. We have some old ...
Two Guys On A Scooter
4 years ago
Two Guys On A Scooter. There are few things better than two guys on a scooter, except for maybe 3 guys on a scooter. We dare ...
Longest Grocery Store Checkout Line
4 years ago
Longest Grocery Store Checkout Line. A normal trip through the grocery store cashier line turns into a long, long experience.
International Relations
6 years ago
America goes shopping and runs into some old friends and enemies. Will she be able to stay diplomatic, or will she lose her cool?
Hot Tub Scare
5 years ago
Hot Tub Scare. Things get tense when two couples meet in a hot tub. Subscribe to Studio C: ...
Titanic Love Story - Studio C
17 days ago
Titanic Love Story - Studio C. This moving love story will melt the coldest of hearts. #Titanic Watch new full episodes of #StudioC ...
Bop It Extreme: The Ultimate Party Game
4 years ago
Bop It Extreme The Ultimate Party Game. How far would you go to obey Bop It? Be Sure To Subscribe ▻ goo.gl/ppFsJP ...