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Boys VS Girls singing competition 100 sub special - GLMV ||Gacha Life||
6 months ago
Thanks for watching! 100 SUBS OMG THANK YOU, it went so freaking fast, im so happy right now, and also almost 10K on my ...
Singing Competition|Gacha Life
9 months ago
First ever video Hope you enjoy!
Boys v. Girls Gacha Life Singing Battle
3 months ago
Songs: Trust Fund Baby; Impossible; Shower; La Da Dee; Sweet but Psycho; Happier; Ignite; Let you Down.
Boys VS Girls Singing Battle || gacha life (Read pinned comment)
4 months ago
Hi everyone! It's Clare the Gacha Girl here! I really hope you enjoyed this video even if it isn't very good.. But I'll be so happy if you ...
Girls VS Boys Sing Battle (Gacha Life) 400 subs special
6 months ago
Thank you so much for 400 subs I hope we can get on 1000 subs! intro song: ruvid.net/video/video-QDX-1GuF2Gs.html ...
Girls VS Boys Gacha Life Singing Battle •SPECIAL 30K SUBS✓
3 months ago
I'm very grateful to everyone for supporting me ... without all of you I can't get this far ... thanks all!
Boys vs. Girls singing battle 🎤 |Gacha Life|
10 months ago
Ok so I'm not sure if you guys can hear the music in the beginning when the vid starts but trust me... I PUT MUSIC! But at least the ...
Girls VS Boys singing battle -Gacha Life- (READ DESCRIPTION)
4 months ago
THESE ARE NOT MEH SONGS here are all the artist MIIA - song DYNASTY Lund (i think) - song Broken Caleb Hyles - song Wolf ...
Boys VS Girls Singing Battle | GachaLife | (songs in the description)
7 months ago
Songs: Blaze- "Trust Fund Baby" By Why Don't We Leah- "Grind me down" By Liliana Wilde Jackson- "BANANA SONG (I'M A ...
Boys VS. Girls Singing Battle!! - [Gacha Life]
4 months ago
Hey girl, you like me a little bit MEME: ruvid.net/video/video-Q75yDdgK80Q.html Everybody Loves Me MEME ft. Alan and others: ...
[Singing Battle]GLMV
9 months ago
So....i hope you guys enjoy the video i know i'm not good at making video but please dont hate and also cmt down who's win 🥳
Singing Battle! || Gacha Life
4 months ago
I couldn't find a description.
Girls vs. Boys Singing Battle ~ [1k Subs Special!] || GachaLife
2 months ago
Hi everyone!! Firs of all thank you all so much for 1k subs! And actually more than 1k! Like seriously I dont deserve you And I ...
Kids VS Teens Singing Battle - GACHA LIFE-
9 months ago
So it took a really long time to make this so pls enjoys it. Like and subscribe so we can get to 500 subs because we are close.
Boys vs Girls Singing battle/ GLMV
6 months ago
Hi guys sorry I haven't posted lately this took longer then expected anyways I hope you enjoyed comment down below if there is ...
Creepypasta Singing Battle. **Gacha life**  Boy's v.s Girls.
3 months ago
Song that Zero sang : Walls could talk by Halsey. Song that E.J sang : Cradles by Sub Urban. Song that Clockwork sang: Show ...