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What is Satire?
Year ago
A short animation about satire and some techniques involving exaggeration and irony. mrssenglishblog.wordpress.com.
Sommer, Sonne, Satire! Ibiza-Video, Schroeder zerstört AKK, Olm for Future | SWR Spätschicht
Month ago
Sommer, Sonne, Satire! Die letzte Spätschicht vor den Ferien hat es noch einmal gehörig in sich. Denn Gastgeber Florian ...
Why Cartoons Make Great Satire
Year ago
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Ylvis - Tvangsaktuell satire [English subtitles]
4 years ago
Fra I kveld med Ylvis LIVE sesong 4 på TVNorge. SBS Discovery © 2014.
How to write a satire
8 years ago
Learn how to write a satire. Topics include the difference between irony and sarcasm, ways to know when an author is being ...
The Satire of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) - Wisecrack Edition
3 years ago
Join Wisecrack! ▻▻ bit.ly/1y8Veir Visit The Game Theorists ▻▻ bit.ly/1RqYPH8 Watch 'Game Theory - Are GTA V ...
Satirical Illustrations that will make you laugh | Cartoons
5 months ago
Enjoy this mini compilation with funny cartoons and illustrations that show the reality of life in our modern times (sad and harsh at ...
Honest Government Advert | War on Satire
Year ago
The Australien Government just released this ad about how it doesn't like us satirically impersonating the Australian Government, ...
Top 10 British Spoof and Satire Movies
Year ago
Top 10 British Spoof and Satire Movies These movies take the mick, and that's why they're amazing! For this list, we're counting ...
Network (1976) - How To Write Satire
Year ago
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3 years ago
This video is about Satire.
Satire - explained with examples | in Hindi |
9 months ago
This video describes 'satire' as a literary weapon in great detail along with the best examples of English literature.. Description is ...
THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013): A Satirical Masterpiece - A Video Essay
Year ago
In this week's video, we delve into Martin Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and how it perfects satire.
Brexit: Dear Brits, please LEAVE ALREADY! German political comedy "heute show" (English subtitles)
5 months ago
The Brexit is probably being postponed - but why? Even with a second referendum, the whole thing would start again from the ...
When Does Political Satire Go Too Far?
2 years ago
Is the 2016 presidential election beyond what even the sharpest political satirists could come up with? News Literacy Project ...