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One of a kind - AUDI RS6 C7 SEDAN PERFORMANCE - The perfect car Audi never made? (600hp/750Nm)
2 years ago
What do you do when you refuse to accept that Audi didn't build a RS6 C7 Sedan? You buy a brand new S6 Sedan, and then ...
800HP Audi RS6 Sedan with Straight Pipes - LOUD Redline Revs & Accelerations !
11 months ago
This video features a very special Audi RS6. This is a custom built RS6 Sedan made by Ado X Performance. Originally this is an ...
Custom Audi 'RS6' C7 Sedan w/ 600 HP! Should Audi Make a New RS6 Sedan!?
Year ago
So yes.. you are probably thinking: wait what!? An Audi RS6 C7 SEDAN? That doesn't exist right? Correct! But this custom 1 of 1 ...
Drive your passion - RS6 Performance Sedan 2018
2 years ago
Audi RS6 performance Sedan - Driving through Grossglockner, Austria * 4.0L 605 hp / 445 kw (stock) * ZF 8-speed automatic ...
RS6 Performance Sedan - Embrace the passion!
2 years ago
Audi RS6 performance Sedan as we envisioned it coming out from the factory. Full specs: * magnificent 4.0L 605 hp / 445 kw * ZF ...
Audi RS6 Sedan Project Build- V8 Swap and RS Interior- 100% Conversion
2 years ago
Custom Audi RS6 Sedan Build! Audi RS6 Sedan build! Forum: ...
811HP Audi RS6 C6 V10 Sedan MTM | 306km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL
Year ago
811HP Audi RS6 C6 V10 Sedan MTM | 306km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be ...
2 years ago
First rs6 sedan in Poland build from my16 s6 stage 3 by sportmile & mrc-tuning.
L'AUDI LA PLUS BRUYANTE !! Audi RS6 C7 Sedan (Fake Rs6)
Year ago
Je ne connais pas la base de cette audi .. si c'est une simple A6 diesel ou S6 mais le bruit est juste impressionnant !!!
Audi RS6 SEDAN Performance | the beast that never made it
Year ago
Auditography #Audi Perfection Based on the RS6 Avant Performance those two S6s were built sharing the same Performance ...
2020 AUDI S6 - 700NM TORQUE BEAST - BUT IS IT ENOUGH? - The TDI version for Europe
8 months ago
The new 2020 Audi S6 is surely controversial now in Europe. Audi has a new strategy for some of it's S-models in Europe, to make ...
Единственная Audi RS6 седан в России! Audi S8 950 сил! Гонки на Ламбе!
9 months ago
Я же обещал Ламбики? Ну вот держите! OSCAR CLUB oscar-club.ru RS6: instagram.com/daleks.audi Мой ...
Visul fanilor Audi! Singurul Audi RS6 Performance Sedan!!! Interviu AutoBlogMD
Year ago
NE CEREM SCUZE PENTRU SUNET ÎN PRIMELE 16 MIN. Am pierdut sunetul de pe o lavalieră și am decis să adăugăm titrele ...
Ado X Performance - Audi RS6 Sedan Project | BRUTALER SOUND | Teil 4
Year ago
Heute wird's verrückt. Unser RS6 Sedan Projekt im RS6 Sedan Projekt. Unser guter Freund mit seinem S6 bringt sogar einen ...
2 years ago
W końcu nadszedł ten dzień, w którym pokazujemy Wam jedno z naszych najbardziej rozpoznawalnych aut, któremu sami ...
750037 AUDI RS6 SEDAN 4.2L V8 450HP AUT 11-03 BLUE 84918KM LHD
4 years ago
750037 AUDI RS6 SEDAN 4.2L V8 450HP AUT 11-03 BLUE 84918KM LHD.
Audi RS6 C6 Sedan vs Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG
2 years ago
This video features an Audi RS6 C6 Sedan in action on the drag strip racing against other supercars. Liked the video? Click the ...
(HD) Audi RS6 Sedan! Ride, Revs, Huge Flyby's, WalkAround and Onboard Sounds!
9 years ago
A little while ago, we had a test drive in an Audi RS6 Sedan. The statistics are just amazing! Twin Turbo 5 liter V10 580 HP and ...
Audi RS6 C7 SEDAN 1of1! LOUD REVS!
4 years ago
In this video you will see the ONLY Audi RS6 Sedan of the C7 generation! This is owned by @ronicollin on instagram, and was ...
Audi RS6 Limousine | GRIP Originals
11 months ago
Franz Simon besucht Tuner Ado von Ado X Performance in Bramsche und checkt ein ganz heißes Teil aus: die Audi RS6 ...
#MRKMH 007 | Holenderska Wyprawa - RS Performance Day | Audi RS6 Sedan
Year ago
Witajcie! Zapnijcie pasy i ruszajcie z nami na wyprawę do Holandii, gdzie zobaczycie mnóstwo różnych Audi RS, zgubicie się w ...
1of1 Audi RS6 C7 SEDAN with Akrapovic exhaust | Engine Swap & Modifications!
Year ago
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Cold start with worlds first C7 RS6 sedan back in 2016.
Year ago
Cold start with worlds first C7 RS6 sedan back in 2016 by JTmedia.fi.
Audi RS 6 Limousine: Auto - Skizze - Design - Vorstellung - C8
8 months ago
Es gab sie ja mal, die #Audi #RS6 Limousine (in den Generationen C5 und C6). Der AUTO BILD-Zeichner hat eine Illustration ...
Russia: 700+ HP Evotech Audi RS6 C6 vs 742 HP MTM Audi RS6 200+ mph / 330+ km/h Gustav passenger.
Year ago
Russia: 700 HP Evotech Audi RS6 Sedan C6 vs 742 HP MTM Audi RS6 Sedan. Gustav passenger.
Bagged Audi RS6 sedan | Loud sound
3 years ago
We saw this Bagged Audi s6 with a Rs6 bodykit on the event Heaven on Wheel in Anderlecht. owner instagram: rob_fitteduk Feel ...
Audi RS6 STRAIGHT PIPE SOUND Sedan Tuning Acceleration
10 months ago
Special tuning project! Audi RS6 C7 4.0L V8 TFSI Twin Turbo 800HP with insane straight pipe sound. Hello and welcome to the ...
2010 Audi RS6 Sedan; Exterior, Interior e Test Drive
3 years ago
Ele já foi o carro mais potente de toda a gama de modelos da Audi. O RS6 combina o melhor de dois mundos: o luxo de um ...
NEW - Audi RS6 performance sedan - 2018 presentation
2 years ago
Audi RS6 performance Sedan (100% OEM parts). * 4.0L 605 hp / 445 kw (stock for the moment) * ZF 8-speed automatic * Rear ...
Here's Why the 2003 Audi RS6 Is Amazing and Horrible
10 months ago
GO READ MY COLUMN! autotradr.co/Oversteer THANKS TO MOTORCARS OF THE MAIN LINE! mcotml.com The Audi ...
2009 Audi RS6 5.0 V10 Saloon (Left Hand Drive) - Walkaround / Interior / Startup
6 months ago
2009 Audi RS6 5.0 V10 Bi Turbo Quattro Saloon Automatic - Left Hand Drive (LHD) Audi Exclusive Black Edition with black trim ...
Audi RS6 C5 Sedan Review! START-UP and Hard REVS!!
7 years ago
Audi RS6 C5 Sedan Revving START-UP engine, accelerations and lovely REVS, amazing and insane exhaust sound engine full ...
Audi RS6 C7 Sedan 780HP & Audi S8 1031 HP
7 months ago
Мое 4е видео) Если вам понравилось буду рад лайку и подписке!) В этом видео Audi RS6 C7 Sedan 780HP & Audi S8 1031 ...
Review - Audi RS6 C6 Sedan
8 months ago
Un sedan potent cu al sau motor V10.
AUDI RS6 SEDAN | FlowForged ZP2.1 Super Deep Concave
2 years ago
Audi RS6 V10 w/ HMS Exhaust: LOUD SOUND
2 years ago
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2009 Audi RS6 Quattro V10 5.0 TFSI
2 years ago
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BEST OF ABT Sounds ! 890HP RS7, 750HP iPE RS6, R8 V10 Plus, RS5, 800HP RS6 Sedan, RS4 B9, RS3, TT RS
3 days ago
Here is another BEST OF compilation and this time it is about our best videos we from the cars tuned by ABT that we saw the past ...
LOUD Straight piped Audi RS6 C6 V10!
3 years ago
Like TypeRacer8 on Facebook: facebook.com/typeracer8 Looking through my old videos I found a couple of scenes I ...