• Resleeved 427
Texas Speed Cleetus McFarland Resleeved 427 Short Block Unboxing !!!
Year ago
Jeff's Garage, Episode 1 Welcome to the 1st episode of Jeff's Garage where I unbox my very own Texas Speed and Performance ...
First start with “Leroy 1.0” texas speed resleeved 427
8 months ago
Tsp 427ci ls , RPM tr6060 level 6 still untuned on new motor.
Leroy's INSANE New Engine! (serious power)
2 years ago
Oh yeah... we went there! DO IT FOR MURICA Shirt - goo.gl/H77rXt Texas Speed's Instagram for the Cam giveaway ...
Cleetus McFarland's Sneak Peek New LSX 427 for Leroy 2.0
Year ago
Take a sneek peek at Leroy 2.0. Texas Speed & Performance unveils the brand new build for Leroy the Savage! Please Like and ...
PRI 2016: Texas Speed Has Something Up Their Sleeve
3 years ago
We check in with our friends from Texas Speed and Performance at this year's PRI show, and learn about their high-performance ...
PRI 2016: ERL Builds Strong Foundations For Killer LS and LT Engines
3 years ago
Whether you need something a little stouter than the Chevy factory LS block for your build, or you're putting together a ...
New Texas Speed 427 going in the C7 with a Powerglide Transmission and F1X ProCharger
6 months ago
In this video we get our new Texas Speed & Performance sleeved 427 LT engine. We look over the masterpiece of an engine and ...
BRE Built Darton-Sleeved 427ci LS1 in a Gen 4 Camaro
Year ago
Bill's Camaro is built for road racing making it a perfect candidate for an aluminum LS engine. The Darton sleeves allowed us to ...
Золотая Долина - Mark2,MarkGrand,Civic (Ян) звукуссурийска
2 months ago
Первая часть:ruvid.net/video/video-6srQMkbTq9s.html вторая Часть: ruvid.net/video/video-RQJccyze6So.html ...
Harley-Davidson Cylinder Resleeve
2 years ago
This is a job that we get requests for every once in a while, the resleeving of Harley-Davidson cylinders. When you cylinder has ...
Rottler F69ATC CNC Machining Center Boring VW AUDI Engine Block
8 years ago
Automatic resleeving VW AUDI 5 Cylinder.
Texas Speed 427ci Engine Qualifies 1st And Wins At King Of The Hammers 4800 Class!
Year ago
In this video Casey Gilbert is running the 4800 class first place qualifying time of 1:58.57 the only sub 2 minute time in 2018!
Ls2 Darton M.I.D. wet sleeved block lsx440 ci. ls 440
2 years ago
My new engine, ls2 block with Darton wet sleeves bored to 4.185 with a 4.0 stroke for a 440 cubes and ARP studs with 1/2" head ...
The C7 is ALIVE! The 427 sounds amazing!
3 months ago
In this video we fire up the C7 for the first time with the new 427 from Texas Speed. We're trying to make it to LS Fest.
Texas Speed & Performance Engine Machining & Building
3 years ago
At Texas Speed & Performance, we manufacture, assemble, and stock engines for LS and Gen 5 LT1 applications. Every engine ...
Livernois Motorsports Block Sleeving Demonstration
7 years ago
Livernois Motorsports LS3 Big Bore Block Sleeving Demonstration.
L.A.Sleeve Chevy LSx cylinder sleeves
7 years ago
Performance sleeves for large bore performance Chevy LSx race engines. For more on Chevy LSx series engine race parts and ...
TSP 427
8 months ago
TSP 427.