• Precious gems putty
Thinking Putty that Shimmers like Jewels
3 years ago
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Putty Made of Precious Metals
3 years ago
Precious Metals Putty is everything you love about putty, but shinier! Buy here: ...
Crazy Aaron's Precious Gems Persian Emerald Deep Green Thinking Putty
3 years ago
Crazy Aaron's Emerald Green Thinking Putty! Here is the last Precious metal Putty for me to show on video. Find Here ...
Crazy Aaron's Precious Gems Ceylon Sapphire Deep Blue Putty
3 years ago
Crazy Aaron's Precious Gems Ceylon Sapphire Deep Blue Putty! Check it out as I mold it, shape it and play with it on video.
Crazy Aaron's Precious Gems Burmese Ruby Deep Red Thinking Putty
3 years ago
Crazy Aaron's Burmese Ruby Putty! Here is the next cool Precious Gems color to check out on video. What a cool color! Find Here ...
Precious gems putty review
Year ago
Look putty.
Peep This: Lady Liberty Thinking Putty | Ep. #13
3 years ago
Members of the Vat19 video team take a first look at one of our newest products, Lady Liberty Thinking Putty. Buy here: ...
Burning Questions: Thinking Putty
3 years ago
What happens when you take a blow torch to heat changing thinking putty? The "scientists" at Vat19 answer this question about ...
Review on Crazy Aaron's Precious gems Burmese ruby  thinking putty
Year ago
hello im Darth Cinder go buy this putty at www.vat19.com/item/precious-gems-putty.
Make Your Own Putty Kit!
3 years ago
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Magnetic ANGRY BIRDS! Crazy Aaron's MAGNETIC THINKING PUTTY from Vat19!
6 years ago
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Super Illusions Thinking Putty with Color-Changing Properties
7 years ago
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🖐🏼STOP Thinking Putty🖐🏼ASMR Squeezing, Tapping, Popping, Stretching
2 years ago
Putty @ 3:03 ASMR tapping, squeezing, popping and stretching Thinking Putty! Mostly no talking with some whispers at the start.
Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty Precious Gems-Burmese Ruby Review
3 years ago
So this is the Precious Gems line, Burmese Ruby Red color. It's pretty cool. I give it a 9/10. You can buy it here: ...
Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty
2 years ago
This shimmering gold putty is everything you love about magnetic putty, but more...five times more to be exact! Buy here: ...
Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty Precious Gems:Ceylon Sapphire Review!
2 years ago
So this is the last of the colored Precious Gems reviewed, the Ceylon Sapphire! I already did the green and red. You can buy this ...
Crazy Aaron's thinking putty precious gems putty!!!!
2 years ago
Precious gems thinking putty Persian emerald.