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Tesla Model Y Durability Test - Off Roading on Arctic ICE?!
2 days ago
Today we find out how durable the new Tesla Model Y is... on ICE. Tesla invited me out to Alaska to see how they test their electric ...
The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For
2 months ago
The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you ...
2020 Tesla Model Y Walkaround: What's New for the Interior? | MotorTrend
3 days ago
It's here! The Tesla Model Y. In an early look, MotorTrend's Miguel Cortina shows the subtle differences between the new Tesla ...
2020 Tesla Model Y Performance FULL REVIEW // What Have They Done
2 months ago
This is the BRAND NEW Tesla Model Y Performance. It has two motors, four wheels and a ton of power. And it's the newest Tesla ...
Tesla Model Y Review: Good & Bad After Two Months
12 days ago
The Tesla Model Y is here, I've had it for about two months, and driven 2000 miles, and today I'm giving my full review of the car.
Tesla Model Y | Review & Road Test
25 days ago
For the latest Tesla Model Y pricing and information: www.kbb.com/tesla/model-y/ The 2020 Tesla Model Y is a compact ...
Model Y (or M3) Accessories - Giveaway
Day ago
Below are links that were provided to me by Model3Part.com for review. These are NOT affiliate links and I do NOT receive ...
1000 Mile Trip in Model Y - Didn't Go So Well
3 days ago
Win the Dream Giveaway 2020 Model X Raven Performance www.dreamgiveaway.com/dg/tesla?promo=RAVENX This is ...
Model Y Unveil
Year ago
Design your Model Y - ts.la/2TExHMp.
Tesla Model Y - это Tesla, которую все ждут
2 months ago
Объявления по продаже автомобилей Tesla на Авто.ру clck.ru/MgK3k ВИДЕО ПРО MODEL 3 Model 3 ...
Tesla Model Y Impressions!
Year ago
Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time... Official site: ...
Tesla Model Y Test Drive Impressions
4 days ago
We've narrowed it down to 2 cars, the Porsche Macan / Macan S and the Tesla Model Y. Yesterday I went on a test drive of the ...
Is The Tesla Cybertruck Too Big? + Tesla Roadster & Semi Updates
Day ago
The Cybertruck is Coming, and Elon Musk has given us some new updates via Jay Leno's Garage, and twitter! ▻ My Favorite ...
The Tesla Model Y SUV is the Perfect Modern Family EV
Month ago
Follow Redline on social channels: Instagram: instagram.com/redline_reviews Facebook: ...
2021 Tesla Model Y - Full Presentation with Elon Musk
Year ago
Deliveries are expected to begin in Fall 2020 for Tesla Model Y Performance, Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, and Dual-Motor ...
TESLA MODEL Y - первое мнение про кроссовер!
Year ago
Только что Tesla представила новый кроссовер Model Y? я поделился мнением. Мы зовемся Veddro.com. Мы путешествуем ...
Tesla Model Y | Review | Autotrader
28 days ago
For Elon, the Y here needs to stand for “Yes, I'd love one!” The Tesla Model Y is an incredibly important vehicle for the automaker.
Tesla Model Y Security - What if
Day ago
Tesla Model Y What If? The tConsole for iPad mini 4-5 in the Model 3 or Y ...
Every Tesla Made! Model Y review
Month ago
It's finally here! Tesla Model Y! All the Tesla's together, Model S, 3, X, Y and Roadster look great together! Buy a Tesla with our ...
Tesla Model Y Review: Price, Interior, Release Date & More
Month ago
Our 2020 Tesla Model Y has arrived! In this video, Edmunds' Carlos Lago takes delivery of our new long-term test car and gives a ...
The $1,337.85 Tesla Model Y Windshield
4 days ago
After just two months of owning my Tesla Model Y, I had an incident, and my entire windshield needs to be replaced!
Tesla Model Y Accessories... So Far
16 days ago
Abstract Ocean $10 off orders of $50 or more: rwrd.io/spqxchx www.abstractocean.com/M3Y-vinyl-bundles/ ...
Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y vs. Ford Mustang Mach-E: Price, Range, Interior & More
14 days ago
Check out edmu.in/2AtstKJ for the full comparison breakdown by Edmunds experts Alistair Weaver and Carlos Lago.
DIY Model Y Wheel Upgrade
25 days ago
Do you have a Model Y with Gemini Wheels but hate the silver? Here's a solution that cost me under $100.00 for Matte Black ...
How to Test Drive a Tesla Model Y in 2020!
5 days ago
I just test drove a Telsa Model Y and figured I'd share the experience of the touch-less test drive! Highly-Rated Tesla Accessories: ...
Обзор Tesla Model Y 2020.  + История компании TESLA 2008 - 2019
Year ago
Прошла презентация Tesla Model Y в 2019 году. Илон Маск рассказал историю компании Tesla, как создавали первый ...
Tesla Model Y Delivery Checklist
3 days ago
Wondering what to look for during your delivery of the Tesla Model Y? This is an overview of some of the items that it would make ...
Tesla Model Y First In-depth Review
2 months ago
Buying a Tesla? Use my referral code to get 1000 miles of supercharging credit: ts.la/raj92500 Here is your first in person ...
21 day ago
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New Model Y Wheels. Quieter & Smoother Ride
10 days ago
Really wanted to get some new wheels for the Model Y and had to put them to the test. We put them through our vibration test and ...
Tesla Model Y and Cheap Batteries | Fully Charged
9 days ago
People in the USA are beginning to receive the first orders of Tesla's latest SUV, the Model Y. In this episode of Fully Charged, ...
Here's Why the Tesla Model Y Is a CUV Without Downsides - Model Y Review
Month ago
I'll be honest, when Tesla announced the Model Y, I didn't understand it. I thought the early photos made it look goofy. I thought, if ...
Model Y: The Good and Bad
Month ago
Good: Ride height Head and leg room Auto lift gate Storage Bad: Glossy console Noisy heat pump Size with three adults in back 2 ...
Tesla Model Y Review Follow-up: More Detail on Price, Interior, OTA Updates, and More!
23 days ago
Read about our long-term test here: edmu.in/2YAK1hJ Read about all Edmunds test vehicles here: edmu.in/3cdJpTu ...
TESLA MODEL Y VS. MODEL X... An Opinion From Someone Who Owns BOTH!
2 months ago
I have received a lot of questions asking my opinion on the Model X and the Model Y since we took delivery of our Model Y. So ...
First Mods on My 2020 Tesla Model Y!
Month ago
First mods have been put in the Model Y! What do you want to see done to it? Products used: Tint: Colorado Detail ...
Model Y 1000 Mile Road Trip - Efficiency Test!
Month ago
Took my daughter up to Ohio to help out family as they both have to work still. I know this video will get hate for driving in a ...
Tesla Cuts Prices Across The Board (Except Model Y)
2 days ago
Tesla has dropped the prices of the US made Model 3 by $2000 and the Model S and X by $5000. Does this signal that the Model ...
Elon Musk & Tesla did what?! It's GAME OVER!
2 days ago
There is huge news regarding Tesla and a move made by Elon Musk! I think Elon Musk sees an opportunity to accelerate the ...