• Mhg 500lh
PowerPal´s MHG-500LH upgrade to our adjustable guide vanes system; Replacement procedure!
7 years ago
Get more informations and other Micro-Hydropower systems and also stuff for DIY mechanics at: www.kleinstwasserkraft.de or ...
Running PowerPal MHG-500LH submersible video
7 years ago
This video shows a PowerPal MHG-500LH micro-hydropower turbine while running! Video is upside down. Runner is fast with ...
PowerPal MHG-500LH-ID: Testrun of "Upgrade AV" adjustable vanes
7 years ago
Our very first test run of the PowerPal MHG-500LH-ID micro-hydropower turbine with our new "upgrade AV", means with ...
PPal MHG-500LH-ID2 AV replacement procedure
7 years ago
Complete replacement procedure to replace the fixed vane turbine housing to our new adjustable vane housing. Advantages of ...
PowerPal MHG-200LH sucking air
7 years ago
This submersible video view, taken on a test run at the University of Siegen (fwu) in Germany in early 2008, shows exactly the way ...
Wasserkraftwerk Quellenverein Hohenwieser Berg
Year ago
Danke an den Quellenverein Hohenwieser Berg für das schöne Video!
Microhydro Installation in Germany (Low Head turbine)
6 years ago
A short video about our Low Head turbine installation. The turbine was build on an existing waterfall and has a head of 1,7m, ...
Pico Hydropower Training Guide - 04 Installing the Pico-Hydro Turbine
9 years ago
Training video by the Lao Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE) for the installation of a pico-hydropower village mini-grid for rural ...
Micro Propeller turbine
5 years ago
www.hs-dynamics.com With about two meters Head, this kind of simple propeller turbine can meet lots of Low head condition area ...
PicoHydro Wasserturbine - Kleinstwasserkraftwerk für Inselbetrieb
6 years ago
Kleinstwasserkraftwerk für Off-Grid-Stromversorgung in Entwicklungsländern. Teil 1 -- Testanlage mit konventioneller Turbine und ...
Low Head Turbines; Intake shape
6 years ago
A short desicription, why we don´t use the spiral shape intake on the MHG-LH turbines! With an retangular intake, you´ll get better ...
MHG Home Power
6 years ago
This animation depicts the original concept for the MHG process. This system is included in the patents and technology that RBAO ...