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Nastya pretend play a restaurant
11 months ago
Nastya opened a restaurant with delivery. But she does not have time to bring food.
Nasty and papa pretend play the restaurant
Year ago
Nastya and her dad are restaurant workers. One day a very hungry visitor comes to them, who is difficult to feed.
Nastya and papa pretend play Kitchen Restaurant Toy Cooking Food
Year ago
Nastya is a cook and her father is a hungry visitor. Nastya is preparing him different dishes but every time something unusual ...
Nastya plays the toy shop and has a picnic with dolls.
Year ago
Nastya plays with a good seller and collects dolls in a park near the river.
Nastya and magic toy food
Year ago
Nastya and the doll want to eat. In the supermarket, they buy food, but it turns into toys.
Nastay pretend play with dress up and make up toys
Year ago
In the new room Nastya has nothing the girl needs. She is upset and Dad brings Nastya dresses, jewelry, cosmetics and ...
Nastya Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop
11 months ago
Nastya opened an ice cream shop and first buyers appeared. But they decided to steal the ice cream. Nastya with the help of ...
Stacy pretend play with ice cream shop
Year ago
Stacy and daddy pretend play with ice cream toy's shop. Subscribe to our channels: Funny Stacy - bit.ly/2k3Bbqj Like Nastya ...
Stacy pretend play Restaurant
11 months ago
Stacy plays a restaurant and takes orders over the phone. She tries very hard but does not have time. Sometimes she loses and ...
Nastya and her new pink room
10 months ago
Nastya and dad moved to a new home. Nastya decorates her new room and buys beautiful pink furniture.
Nastya plays at the funny playhouse of Peppa toy Theme Park
Year ago
Nastya conducts a tour of the house of cartoon characters and has fun with her dad at the attractions.
Funny Kid and Baby Doll Lola doing shopping
2 years ago
Funny Stacy and Doll Lola at the Supermarket have fun time Subscribe to our channels: Funny Stacy - bit.ly/2k3Bbqj Like ...
Stacy plays an ice cream shop
10 months ago
Stacy makes ice cream and cotton candy. But buyers do not want to pay. Then Stacy calls the police.
Stacy and Dad play roulette
8 months ago
Stacy played fun games and won a toy prize. Dad also wants to win, but he does not work. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog ...
Nastya and her friends had a playdate
6 months ago
Nastya invited to visit friends while daddy sleeps. They were having fun, dressing up, doing makeup and revealing surprises ...
Nastya is waiting for Mickey and Minnie Mouse and is cooking in the children's play kitchen.
Year ago
Her friends are going to visit Nastya, but an incident happens along the way. Nastya goes to the rescue.
Nastya and papa pretend play of toy shop and other toys - compilation
Year ago
Nastуa in the role of a buyer of toys and a hotel employee, and dad is a salesman and a funny guest. In the end, they find ...
Nastya plays in the cafe of sweets
10 months ago
Nastya plays in a cafe and sells sweets. Many visitors come to her. But once came a huge dinosaur!
Nastya and papa pretend play with new inflatable toys
10 months ago
Dad buys Nastya a new children's trampoline, but he quickly breaks down and Dad buys one more. Jump on it is very hot. Nastya ...
Stacy and Dad play restaurant
11 months ago
Stacy plays a restaurant with her dad. A hungry bear comes to them and constantly asks for food.