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Vlog: Nastya shows home tour in Cannes
Year ago
We rented a house for a week in France and Nastya will show you a room tour. It has an unusual bathroom and a huge swimming ...
Насте 5 лет! День рождения
7 months ago
Насте исполнилось 5 лет и её пришли поздравлять друзья. Целый день ребят развлекали "Море Шоу" - bit.ly/2EjwhO2.
Nastya and dad play in the amusement park - Vlog
18 days ago
Nastya and dad love to travel, this time they went to Los Angeles to the Legoland amusement park. Swam on a fabulous river and ...
Nastya made a crash experiment with slime and antistress toys
5 days ago
Nastya and dad decided to conduct an experiment. What will happen if you drive a wheel on some toys. Nastya and dad took soft ...
Nastya and a compilation of new series about friends
7 days ago
Nastya and new series about her friends. Funny stories about friendship between girls and the relationship between children ...
Nastya and dad - the best series about princesses
Month ago
Nastya likes to dress up as a princess and play fictional stories. These stories will show how to behave properly for children ...
10 000 000 subscribers on Like Nastya channel
11 months ago
There are 10 million subscribers on our channel! We decided to recall how everything was and reproduce it in a fairy tale.
Nastya and friends went on a trip to America
Month ago
Nastya with her friends Katya and Diana, as well as Maxim and Roma went for a walk around Los Angeles. They played in an ...
Nastya and funny story at night
3 months ago
Nastya is getting ready for bed, but she hears strange sounds . She calls Dad to help and he hangs out her flashlights. But ...
Nastya and papa Pretend Play Making Satisfying Colorful Glitter Glue Slime
4 months ago
Nastya wants to earn a little and opens a factory of slime. Dad also wants to play and they do multi-colored slime and hand ...
Nastya and dad bought a kitten
4 months ago
Nastya received a kitten as a gift. They go shopping with him and to the beauty salon for animals.
Nastya dresses up for Diana's  birthday
5 months ago
Diana is 5 years old and Nastya is preparing a gift for her. They celebrate a birthday with friends
Funny Story of Cinderella by Like Nastya kids channel
Year ago
Funny Story of Cinderella by Like Nastya kids channel
Nastya and her new room in the style of Princess Elsa
23 days ago
Nastya decided to make repairs in her kid's room. She really loves Princess Elsa and the cartoon Frozen. Dad buys furniture ...
Nastya and her new cool room
10 months ago
Nastya bought furniture and decorated her new room for girls.
Go to school song - nursery rhyme for kids about first day of school
28 days ago
A song about the first day of school. A song for kids who are going to school for the first time and are worried. Nastya and ...
Nastya and educational songs for kids
25 days ago
Funny songs for children about school and the rules of behavior in the pool, as well as an educational song about the ...
Swimming song - Stacy pretend play Nursery Rhymes & Kid's songs
Month ago
Nastya and dad are learning how to swim in the pool. They learn to swim, to use sunscreen and goggles for scuba diving ...