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Nastya turned into a boy
3 days ago
Nastya accidentally turned into a boy and began to act like a boy. She plays toys for boys with dad. Subscribe to Like Nastya ...
Nastya and stories about not healthy sweets
2 days ago
Nastya, like all children, loves to eat sweets. But eating them a lot is unhealthy. These stories will tell you that you can’t ...
Like Nastya and her birthday 6 years
17 days ago
Nastya celebrates her birthday, she was 6 years old. Nastya invited friends and received many gifts. Subscribe to Like Nastya ...
Nastya shows dad tricks
5 days ago
Nastya wants to become a magician and decided to arrange a performance for dad. Nastya shows him super magic tricks. Subscribe ...
Nastya and dad - a story for kids about harmful sweets and candies
25 days ago
Nastya and dad made a chocolate challenge. They try unusual sweets and sweets. But their stomach hurts and their teeth have ...
Nastya as a bride and princess
8 months ago
Nastya wants to be a bride, dresses a wedding dress and arranges a real wedding. Then Nastya and her dad decide to go to the ...
Nastya and educational songs for kids
5 months ago
Funny songs for children about school and the rules of behavior in the pool, as well as an educational song about the ...
Nastya and dad Pretend Play with Musical Instrument Toys
8 months ago
Nastya and dad staged a talent show. Nastya plays different musical instruments.
Stacy does good deeds so dad rewards her with sweets
3 days ago
Nastya wants a little sweet and asks her dad to treat her. Dad only gives candy for good behavior. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog ...
Nastya as a princess is not laughed at
2 months ago
Nastya decided to command her dad, he wanted to run to fulfill her wishes, but he changed his mind in time. He imagined what ...
Swimming song - Stacy pretend play Nursery Rhymes & Kid's songs
6 months ago
Nastya and dad are learning how to swim in the pool. They learn to swim, to use sunscreen and goggles for scuba diving ...
Nastya Plays Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Haul
4 months ago
Nastya loves Halloween. She puts on a suit and goes to collect sweets to the neighbors. Trick or Treat? At the end, dad and ...
Nastya pretend play at the indoor playground for kids
Year ago
Nastya pretend play at the indoor playground for kids
Nastya turned into a kitten
Month ago
Nastya played with her kitty and she scratched her. Nastya turned into a cat and began to behave strangely. Subscribe to Like ...
The Boo Boo Story from Nastya and Papa
8 months ago
Daddy is the best person to make you feel better when you have a boo boo! Nastya also learned to help each other when they ...
Nastya and dad decorated the car in pink
4 months ago
Nastya and dad received an invitation to a pink party. Nastya imagined that it would be cool to dress up in pink costumes and ...
Swimming song - Stacy and dad are taught to swim
5 months ago
A fun children's song will teach you how to swim in the pool. What rules need to be observed while swimming in the pool.
Nastya thought that dad should disappear
7 days ago
Nastya does not listen to dad and makes a wish for him to evaporate. The desire immediately comes true and Nastya remains ...