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Jimmy Surprises Blake Shelton with a Serenade of "I'll Name the Dogs"
2 years ago
Jimmy teases Blake Shelton about his album Texoma Shore, his bar and restaurant Ole Red and serenades Blake with his own ...
Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi
3 years ago
Blake has never tried sushi before, so Jimmy takes him to Nobu to broaden his horizons. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show ...
The Whisper Challenge with Blake Shelton
4 years ago
Jimmy and Blake take turns guessing random names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones. Subscribe NOW ...
Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy How to Milk a Cow
3 years ago
Jimmy has never milked a cow before, so Blake takes him to a farm to teach him how it's done. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve
Year ago
Jimmy teases Blake Shelton about pretty much everything as Blake explains how he and Kelly Clarkson made Adam Levine cry ...
Caramel Apple Russian Roulette with Blake Shelton
Year ago
Blake Shelton and Jimmy take turns taking a bite of caramel desserts that look like caramel apples without knowing which are ...
Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy How to Treat His Truck
5 years ago
Jimmy gets advice from Blake Shelton on proper truck upkeep. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ...
Charades with Kit Harington, Rose Byrne and Blake Shelton
3 years ago
Jimmy and Blake Shelton face off against Rose Byrne and Kit Harington in a game of charades. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
Jimmy Serenades Blake Shelton
4 years ago
Jimmy tries to impress Blake Shelton with knowledge of his hits by singing "Neon Light" and "Good Ole Boys." Subscribe NOW to ...
Jimmy Fallon Gives Blake Shelton a Tour of "Race Through New York"
2 years ago
Jimmy takes Blake on a tour of his brand new ride at Universal Studios, "Race Through New York." Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
Random Object Football Toss with Blake Shelton
5 years ago
In honor of the NFL season kicking off, Blake Shelton and Jimmy compete in a football toss with random objects, including a bowl ...
Gwen Stefani Reacts to Blake Shelton Not Recognizing "Hollaback Girl"
26 days ago
Gwen Stefani celebrates the end of her Las Vegas residency, Just a Girl, with a surprise for the audience, shares how her ...
Blake Shelton Is the Best Coach on The Voice
5 years ago
Jimmy talks to Blake about his 11th album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, and coaching on NBC's The Voice. Subscribe NOW to ...
Blake Shelton Nearly Puked on Jimmy's Tonight Show Ride
2 years ago
Blake Shelton is terrified of roller coasters and gives Jimmy a hard time about his Universal Studios "Race Through New York" ...
Gwen Stefani Isn't Afraid to Block Blake Shelton on The Voice
27 days ago
Gwen Stefani talks about the magical vibe of returning to The Voice and using her block button against fellow-coach and boyfriend ...
Gwen Stefani on Blake Shelton's Sushi Fame and First Trip to Disneyland
2 years ago
Gwen Stefani talks about Blake Shelton's newfound sushi fame and returning to The Voice as a coach. Subscribe NOW to The ...
Jimmy Fallon & Blake Shelton Piña Colada Song Universal Orlando
2 years ago
On the Music Plaza Stage at Universal Studios Orlando, Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton sing songs after the end of the show.
Blake Shelton Plays Kinky or Drinky with Ellen
Year ago
People's Sexiest Man Alive gets down and dirty in a game of Kinky or Drinky. If it's drinky, Blake must take a shot. Bottoms up.
Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Music Superstars Sing "We Are The Champions" (A Cappella)
4 years ago
In honor of the Super Bowl, Jimmy and the Roots join Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Usher, ...