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James Cameron on memorable scenes in 'The Terminator,' 'Titanic,' 'Aliens,' 'Avatar' and more
5 months ago
Director James Cameron talks about his famous films including 'The Terminator,' 'Alien' series, and 'Titanic.' Cameron talks about ...
James Cameron Addresses Titanic, Terminator and Avatar Rumors
7 months ago
James Cameron puts to rest some rumors about Matthew McConaughey and Titanic, hints at Terminator and Avatar sequel news ...
Farmer Jim
3 months ago
James Cameron is a Hollywood legend. He's the director behind 'Terminator', 'Titanic' and 'Avatar'. He's also a Kiwi farmer.
"They crushed it!" James Cameron on how Team Avatar built Alita: Battle Angel.
7 months ago
Watch Part 1 for more of James on Titanic: ruvid.net/video/video-HmMvgisxymE.html And see James Cameron: Movies That Made Me in full ...
James Cameron Made No Money From “Titanic” (1997)
15 days ago
Two days before “Titanic” hit theaters and broke box office records, director James Cameron sat down with Howard and told him ...
Wo Kon Tha # 08 | James Cameron Biography | Director of Titanic and Avatar | By Faisal Warraich
7 months ago
JamesCameron is one of the greatest story tellers and film makers of all times. #DekhoSunoJano has created his biographical ...
James Cameron Wins Best Director: 1998 Oscars
11 years ago
James Cameron wins the Oscar for Directing for Titanic at the 70th Annual Academy Awards. Warren Beatty presents the award.
Before Avatar ... a curious boy | James Cameron
9 years ago
www.ted.com James Cameron's big-budget (and even bigger-grossing) films create an unreal world all their own. In this ...
James Cameron Answers Sci-Fi Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
Year ago
Director James Cameron uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about the science fiction genre. James ...
James Cameron on Terminator's True Meaning, the Film's Origins and More | On Directing
16 days ago
subscribe to Guru ⏩ ruvid.net/u-BAFTAGuru Director James Cameron talks about Terminator's true meaning, the ...
James Cameron's first footage from the deep sea floor
7 years ago
James Cameron releases the first ever video footage of the bottom of the Mariana Trench seven miles below the ocean's ...
‘To a future filmmaker’, by James Cameron
7 months ago
To a future filmmaker, your film must speak to many with a singular voice. Ask yourself what you have to say, and then say it in ...
The Best James Cameron Film?
2 years ago
How would you rank Cameron's films? LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE - that would help me out a lot. xx And if you're wanting to ...
James Cameron's Top 10 Rules For Success (@JimCameron)
3 years ago
He's a Canadian filmmaker, inventor, engineer, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer. He first found major success with the ...
James Cameron's story of science fiction [Ep1: Alien's Life]
7 months ago
It consists of interviews and discussion of many great artists like Christopher Nolan, Spielberg, Ridley Scott, George Lucas and ...
The Life Aquatic with James Cameron - Mariana Trench Dive
7 years ago
This is a montage of James Cameron's record setting solo dive to the Mariana Trench, set to music from "The Life Aquatic.
Long Way Down: Mariana Trench | National Geographic
7 years ago
Seven miles is a long way down... more than a mile deeper than Mt. Everest is up. To reach the deepest part of the Mariana ...
James Cameron's last Avatar meeting
4 months ago
James Cameron keeps asking for more time on Avatar 2. ↓look down here for lots of cool stuff↓ - SUBSCRIBE TO JACKSFILMS: ...
Titanic - The Sinking - New Theory 2012 (by James Cameron)
7 years ago
100 years later, James Cameron and his team show us a second sinking theory. (by National Geographic) The Ship of Dreams ...