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The voices behind Microsoft’s $500 million affordable housing initiative
6 дней назад
First responders, teachers, police: These are some among the many critical people who contribute to the health of our communities in Seattle and the Puget ...
How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem
4 месяца назад
Singapore had a severe housing shortage decades ago. But it developed one of the world's best public housing programs, which has also allowed a huge ...
Housing Through the Centuries
3 года назад
Throughout human existence, homes have varied drastically in scope, size, and design. Cob houses originated in the eleventh century, are made from straw and ...
The Future Of Residential Housing - Zero Energy Housing
7 лет назад
The concept of insulated panels has previously been used in commercial building projects only. Bondor has now developed an insulated panel InsulWall® ...
Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty
Месяц назад
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Housing and Moving - U.S. Culture & English Vocabulary
5 лет назад
Level: low intermediate to advanced Playlist title: Language Notes Lesson 11 Topic: Housing and Moving STUDENTS: Please visit my website for more practice.
Why is HOUSING so EXPENSIVE in SPAIN? - VisualPolitik EN
10 месяцев назад
House prices are rising in almost every country. While the general trend in the rest of the industries is to lower the prices for the goods (food, clothing or ...
Rethinking affordable housing | Adam Walls | TEDxGrantPark
2 года назад
Why are underinvested communities underinvested? Adam Walls shares the history of laws preventing investment in certain neighborhoods of Chicago and his ...
Affordable Housing
4 года назад
This short film examines some possible policy responses to the shortage of affordable housing supply in the UK. It argues that a large increase in house building ...
How to better your chances of getting into affordable housing
Год назад
Local housing authorities can't build affordable homes fast enough, so private investors are stepping in.
Alternative Housing Options: How do you want to live for the next 10 years?
Год назад
If you are thinking of buying, renting or moving house, WAIT!!! You are in a unique time of your life to think about how you want to spend your time and money on ...
A Proposed Low-Cost Eco-Housing Project
5 лет назад
A PROPOSED LOW-COST ECO-HOUSING PROJECT Irisan, Baguio City A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Architecture of the ...
The Housing BUBBLE Is BURSTING! - Experts Predict MASSIVE CRASH!
13 дней назад
Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the very real potential of a continued massive crash of the housing market in the ...
Год назад
www.jbsolis.com/2016/01/deca-homes-affordable-housing-loan-plan.html If you are looking to purchase low-cost or affordable house in a subdivision, one ...
Future Housing Concepts
11 месяцев назад
There are three companies looking to redefine what houses are, how they are powered, how they're built, and how they fit within the environment. The first ...
Why did we build high-rise public housing projects?
Год назад
In the spring of 2007, the Chicago Housing Authority demolished the last of the 28 buildings in the Robert Taylor Homes housing project. Robert Taylor Homes is ...
High housing prices hard on millennials
5 месяцев назад
High housing prices in Canada are hitting millennials hard, with new data showing that current wages don't match those from a previous generation while home ...
How to Solve the Housing Crisis
8 месяцев назад
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HOUSING MARKET IN 2019 (Real Estate Investors Buy or Sell?)
26 дней назад
What does the housing market in 2019 look like? Should real estate investors buy or sell as we move into next year? What do the real estate market signs point ...
U.S. Housing: What’s Changed 10 Years After the Financial Crisis?
4 месяца назад
Sep.10 -- Nela Richardson, senior investment strategist at Edward Jones, and Sheryl Palmer, chairman and chief executive officer at Taylor Morrison, examine ...
GHOST CITY - Inside the Chinese Housing Bubble
2 года назад
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Buy the dip in the housing market in 2019: Dolly Lenz
22 дня назад
Dolly Lenz, founder of Dolly Lenz Real Estate, and Fred Glick, founder and CEO of Arriva discuss the state of the housing market heading into 2019. » Subscribe ...
Reframing Housing Development: Designing More Affordable Housing
9 месяцев назад
What can be done to reduce the cost of housing, particularly in the United States? To help answer this question, we will bring together a diverse mix of people ...
Ana Kasparian On The Millennial Housing Crisis
3 месяца назад
www.tyt.com/join Ana Kasparian takes on a millennial bashing article criticizing their willingness to buy a home on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on RUvid ...
Experts Predict US Housing Crisis As New Home Sales Plunge
Месяц назад
Natasha Sweatte reports on predictions of major changes to the US housing market, as unsold homes climb to the highest level since 2009, when the US was in ...
11 месяцев назад
Real life tour of Army on post (base) housing in Wiesbaden, Germany. If you are a milspouse or military family who is getting ready to PCS to Wiesbaden, ...
2019 Housing Market Predictions - Economic Insights
25 дней назад
With 2019 almost here we had our chief economist Danielle Hale give her predictions of the 2019 housing market. See all of Danielle's housing market ...
What is the future of Australia's housing market? (Part 1) | 7.30
Месяц назад
For years now the real estate discussion has been all about rising house prices in Sydney and Melbourne and how hard it is to buy a house or find an affordable ...
Год назад
GIVEAWAY CLOSED** In this video we talk ALL ABOUT DCP HOUSING! I cover all four of the Disney College Program Housing Complexes which are: Vista ...
Housing Bubble 2.0 - New Home Sales Crash & Burn - Negative Comments Affecting Housing & Tampa Event
8 дней назад
Time for another Housing Bubble 2.0 News of the Week Video ! Please watch: "Housing Bubble 2.0 - Luxury Home Losers - California Inventory Wave Surges" ...
Priced Out: The Bay Area Housing Struggle
2 месяца назад
KTVU Fox 2 News takes an in-depth look at the problems faced by homeowners and renters who live and work in the Bay Area. This half-hour special report ...
Government Shutdown Threatens Section 8 Housing
8 дней назад
Government Shutdown Threatens Section 8 Housing.
The housing crisis shows how broken and unjust the UK is | Owen Jones talks ...
Год назад
The social order in the UK is broken, bankrupt and unjust and the housing crisis sums that up better than anything else. Home ownership is in a state of collapse, ...
Death spiral for the housing market
2 месяца назад
East Coast residential property continues to fall as credit tightens, but in this interview, Charlie Jamieson, CIO at Jamieson Coote Bonds, warns that property ...
Bricks and slaughter: Part one - Exposing Australia's housing crisis | 60 Minutes Australia
4 месяца назад
It's no secret that Australia is experiencing a downturn in the property market. But for Aussies who own their own home or have a mortgage, there's worse news.
Sky-High Bay Area Housing Costs Prompt Backyard Construction Boom
5 дней назад
The high cost of housing in the Bay Area is splitting families apart as young people find they can't afford to live in their own home towns. Some are finding that a ...
The challenges facing the housing market
2 месяца назад
Former Fannie Mae executive Tim Rood on the state of the housing market.
Buy, Sell or Refi: Your Housing Playbook for 2019 | Fortt Knox
Месяц назад
CNBC's Diana Olick, Realtor.com CEO Ryan O'Hara and co-star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Josh Flagg join Jon Fortt to detail your 2019 ...
FFXIV: Botanist's Garden Housing Item
9 часов назад
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Tim Rood discusses housing
15 дней назад
Tim Rood, The Collingwood Group Chairman, discusses the housing market and what to watch in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. » Subscribe to CNBC: ...
Housing Bubble 2.0 - NYC Market Crash - Record Construction Layoffs - December Housing Stats
18 дней назад
Time for another Housing Bubble 2.0 News of the Week Video ! Please watch: "Housing Bubble 2.0 - Luxury Home Losers - California Inventory Wave Surges" ...
Housing Britain: Moved miles away from home - BBC Newsnight
5 месяцев назад
Expensive houses for sale, unaffordable homes to rent, a lack of social housing, a growing population and all at a time of squeezed council budgets. Subscribe ...
Housing Homeless Veterans in Los Angeles | HuffPost Reports
8 часов назад
Across Los Angeles County, thousands of homeless veterans live in the streets. U.S. VETS works to get every veteran off the street and into permanent housing.
Section 8 Secret - How to get Section 8 Housing Assistance
Год назад
section8secret.com Watch Michael McLean discuss his book on how to get Section 8 Housing Voucher fast.
iPhone 6 Complete Tear Down and Rebuild with Custom Housing
2 года назад
How to completely disassemble your iPhone 6 to replace the housing and buttons, You can find similar parts in a variety of colors at: ebay.to/2kW0kUo ...
U.S. Housing Market Struggles With Rising Rates, Prices
2 месяца назад
Nov.21 -- Nela Richardson, senior investment strategist at Edward Jones, and Sheryl Palmer, chairman and chief executive officer at Taylor Morrison Home, ...
Innovative housing for the urban poor | Rhea Silva | TEDxGSMC
Год назад
Affordable housing is a challenge globally faced today, with about 235 million households worldwide suffering with housing poverty. Working on the same, Rhea ...
Sentiment finally changing in CDN housing
13 часов назад
If you've been following me for almost the past 2 years, you'll know it's for all the reasons I mentioned Comps that show Toronto condos have started a decline- ...