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Bare and Scared | Flint Laces
4 years ago
Be prepared for the worst with Flint Laces, boot laces you can use to create a flame. Buy here: ...
Flint Laces put to the Test
3 years ago
Flint Laces - amzn.to/2jPG9TN DISCLAIMER: In this video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on ...
Peep This: Flint Laces | Ep. #4
4 years ago
Members of the Vat19 video team take a first look at one of our newest products, Flint Laces: From Foot to Flame! Make sure to ...
Flint Laces - What are they? Every Day Carry
3 years ago
Flint Laces - What the heck are they? Awesome is what they are! Made from 550 Paracord and Ferro Rods. They are wearbale ...
Flint Laces | Ferro Rod Laces | Cold Weather Gear
2 years ago
Flint Laces | Ferro Rod Laces | Cold Weather Gear www.rattlerstrap.com/products/rattlerstrap-flint-laces-with-striker-plates ...
Flint Laces - Start A Fire With Your Boot Laces
5 years ago
Get a pair now at RATTLERSTRAP.COM Matches are wet? Lighter doesn't work? Lost your firesteel? With Flint laces you always ...
Bare and Scared | Aquabot Water Bottle
4 years ago
Versatile and unique high-pressure water bottle. Buy here: ...
Rattlerstrap flint laces
5 years ago
Building a Steam lodge Tepee | Flint Laces
3 years ago
Experiment with a FREE pair of our latest Flint Laces! www.flintlaces.com Some experimentation with a teepee sweat lodge along ...
FlintLaces:  Start a fire with your shoelaces
3 years ago
Can you really make fire with shoelaces. Rattlerstrap has done it! US: amzn.to/2ktSfV7 Canada: amzn.to/2shGqVR UK: ...
Never Tie Your Shoes Again
4 years ago
Hickies Laceless Shoe Fasteners: Transform any pair of lace-ups into slip-ons! Buy here: ...
Flint Laces put to the Test
3 years ago
FAN MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER P.O. Box 49 Waynesville, NC 28786 Main channel CrazyRussianHacker ...
Shoe Laces that Save Your Life!
4 years ago
Get your Survival Laces and Lace Escape Tool at: www.scamstuff.com/products/survival-laces-lace-escape-tool Didn't win ...
FDF - 7/29/11 - Emcee Battles: Top 8 - Laces VS Flint
7 years ago
Funky Dope Fridays Emcee Battles Gainesville, FL Top 8: Laces VS Flint Winner: Goes to Tiebreaker.
FDF - 7/29/11 - Emcee Battles: Top 8 - Laces VS Flint TIEBREAKER
7 years ago
Funky Dope Fridays Emcee Battles Gainesville, FL Top 8 Tiebreaker Winner: Laces.
Flint Laces: Create Fire 🔥 With Your Laces
2 months ago
When camping or hiking 🥾 it's ideal to carry less for comfort. These laces offer a built in way to start fire with the dual purpose of ...
Fire Starting Boot Laces? Fire Laces!
4 years ago
A friend stopped by to show me these new laces and I figured we should do a video and testof them. Now you can prepared for ...
How to Lace 550 Cord
2 years ago
Ever heard of the phrase "Pushing Rope"? Many manufactures provide shit laces with their "tactical" boots. Also, it's a nice idea to ...
Survival Shoe Laces, Replace your laces with this and here's why.
5 months ago
Shoe Laces! Replace then with "Fire Paracord" because it's stronger, last longer and makes catching fish and making fire so much ...
Lace job airjodan 13 flint 2010
26 days ago
airjordan #airjordan13flint #2010 #lacelab #3msaphire #laces #13s #js #kicks.
How I Lace Jordan 6's | Featuring 2014 "Carmine" 6's
5 years ago
Here is a tutorial on how I lace my Air Jordan Retro 6's, as requested by a couple of you. - Nothing too fancy. Hope you guys enjoy ...
Fire Laces Install
4 years ago
Fire Laces Install Facebook - facebook.com/midtnoutdoors Twitter - twitter.com/patrickkntn69 Instagram ...
FireStash Mini Keychain Lighter (Waterproof!)
9 years ago
This miniature, high-quality flint wheel lighter is merely two inches long and features a dark chrome zinc alloy exterior, ...
18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a credit card!
5 years ago
Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja. Buy here: ...
Fire Steel Lace Ends - A Concept & Product Review
2 years ago
Rich from the Bush Lore Survival School discusses the novel idea of secreting a fire steel (ferrocerium rod) into the ends of your ...
Flint & Tinder Blue Lace Project Unpackaging
6 years ago
I helped with the Kickstarter campaign and this is just my little review www.flintandtinderusa.com/bluelace.
Survival Kit in a Flashlight
4 years ago
VSSL is a sleek and compact vessel for survival gear. Buy here: ...
Fire Starting Shoe Laces with Hidden Ferro Rods
2 years ago
Shoe Laces with Ferrocerium Ag-lets that can spark to start fires. Great everyday wear item for emergency use. Stealth tool that ...
Fire Laces - Coolest Survival Gear of the Year - Firestarter Videos
4 years ago
These Fire laces from the folks at Survival Frog are the coolest boot laces I have ever seen. They are made of 550 paracord with ...
Start A Fire With Your Boot Laces
2 years ago
Get a pair of laces in your boot size. www.rattlerstrap.com.
cutting laces
9 years ago
Claidhbh cutting rawhide laces with flint knife.
Year ago
In this video I will be a tutorial on how to lace your Air Jordan 6! You guys like the tutorial, how to's, and style videos so please ...
How To Lace Jordan 13s (3 Ways w/ ON FEET) | Featuring 'Cap and Gown' (THE BEST WAY!)
11 months ago
In this video I show you the BEST WAY to lace the Air Jordan 13s! This is my go to lacing styles for my Jordan 13s! Thanks For ...
The 7-Year Pen
6 years ago
Buy here: www.vat19.com/dvds/seven-year-pen.cfm?adid=youtube Please subscribe to our channel: ...
My Wife Lost Her Job - Update
3 years ago
Just giving you all a heads up of whats been going on. You all have been so very supportive of my Channel, My axes and Knives, ...