• Family fun pack pizza
3 years ago
For our celebration of hitting 2 million subscribers here on RUvid, we got the WORLD'S LARGEST PIZZA. No kidding, this is ...
11 days ago
The kids decide to try going through the magical door in Alyssa's room again. They wonder if they wish to go somewhere if it will ...
Slime Pizza!!!
3 days ago
Haven't you always wanted a slime pizza and other slime food???!! Ok, maybe not, but it sounds fun to play with at least!! Today ...
Kid Size Cooking: Broccoli Cheddar Soup
4 years ago
After TONS of requests for the dinner we made in this video: ruvid.net/video/video-oV4egHXL3No.html Here it is! Hope you all enjoy it.
Kid Size Cooking: Pita Bread Pizza
4 years ago
Our kids love to help in the kitchen when they can. This is currently Alyssa's favorite meal to make. She asks almost every day if ...
Family Fun Pack SUPER FUN at White Water Park
3 days ago
We visited WhiteWater Water Park and it was open till 10 PM!!! How cool is that? Most water parks close fairly early, but not this ...
World's Largest Rice Krispie Treat - Math Skills with Rice Krispie
4 years ago
Why not learn some math when you have something extra large that needs to be shared??! We got the kids a surprise for ...
Kids React to First Happy Meal
Year ago
Although we have eaten out many times, we have never purchased a Happy Meal for our kids. Main reason? Too expensive/not ...
Heart Shaped Pizza is the BEST!! Family Fun Pack 24 Hour Valentine Special
2 years ago
We had our best family Valentine's party ever this year! We stayed home and did everything from making heart shaped pizzas to ...
Rainbow Tacos Celebration!
Year ago
Thanks for helping Family Fun Pack reach another milestone of subscribers! Enjoy watching our Rainbow Tacos Celebration.
Slime in my PIZZA?!
Year ago
It's a day with friends and we had a pizza and slime party together. We blew bubbles in slime, played with crunchy slime, ate good ...
Kid Size Cooking: Cupcake Cones
3 years ago
This is a super fun and easy dessert to make. We got the recipe and some of the ingredients from a kit that was sent to us from ...
Letting the Person in Front of Me Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours Challenge
3 months ago
Letting the person in front of me decide what I eat for 24 hours....This was the best and worst idea!! We had SO MUCH FUN, ...
GIANT Birthday Piñata & Pizza Party
2 years ago
Zac & Chris chose to have a pizza party for their family birthday party. We went to John's Incredible Pizza and ate pizza, rode all ...
Wet Head Challenge EXTREME!! || Family Game Night
3 years ago
When Family Fun Pack plays a game, we do it right! We decided to take the Wet Head Game Challenge to the next level, and we ...
We Opened an Ice Cream Shop! Earning Real Money!
Year ago
Ice cream! Hot dogs! Come get your snacks after shopping at Alyssa & Michael's grocery store. In the afternoon, the pet shop ...