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Fines And Facial Recognition - BBC Click
4 days ago
The Metropolitan Police have been trialling the use of facial recognition in different parts of London, using cameras to scan ...
What’s Going On With Facial Recognition? | Untangled
Month ago
The accuracy rate of facial recognition depends on the data its fed. With enough good data, the accuracy rate could be almost ...
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6 months ago
China is the world leader in facial recognition technology. Discover how the country is using it to develop a vast ...
Forget about privacy: Facial recognition tech is everywhere
Day ago
Legal and Media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media joins Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in on the evolution of facial recognition ...
Facial recognition technology will change the way we live | The Economist
Year ago
Facial recognition technology will transform the way we live in 2018. Machines that can read and recognise our faces will go ...
San Francisco bans facial recognition technology | DW News
6 days ago
San Francisco is banning facial recognition technology. Once signed into law, it will be the first American city to make it illegal for ...
Facial Recognition: What you need to know about tech that knows you
2 months ago
The emerging tech of facial recognition is both awesome and scary. We take a look at how it works, where you'll find it and what it ...
Video on Face Recognition Solutions - NeoFace [NEC official]
2 years ago
A video on NeoFace which is for access control. It is the world fastest and most accurate face recognition technology Learn about ...
OpenCV Python TUTORIAL #4 for Face Recognition and Identification
Year ago
OpenCV with Python Series #4 : How to use OpenCV in Python for Face Recognition and Identification Sections Welcome ...
Python Face Recognition Tutorial
Month ago
In this video we will be using the Python Face Recognition library to do a few things Sponsor: DevMountain Bootcamp ...
iPhone X Review: Testing (and Tricking) FaceID
Year ago
The number one new feature on the iPhone X is its facial recognition system. WSJ's Joanna Stern put it to the test with masks, ...
China: "the world's biggest camera surveillance network" - BBC News
Year ago
China has been building what it calls "the world's biggest camera surveillance network". Across the country, 170 million CCTV ...
Is Big Brother Watching You? - BBC Click
8 days ago
Police deployment of facial recognition is happening across the globe. But the tech is fraught with issues such as civil liberties.
Inside Huawei And 5G - BBC Click
13 days ago
We travel to the Huawei campus in Shenzhen, China and find out their plans for 5G. Subscribe HERE bit.ly/1uNQEWR Find ...
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15 days ago
The future is 5G: from race tracks to connected cows on the farm. Plus a look at Chinese company Huawei's leading role in ...
Deep Learning Facial Recognition Solution FacePRO :WV-ASF950 Concept
Year ago
FacePRO™ Facial Recognition System now with Deep Learning Technology The FacePRO™ Facial Recognition Solution ...
Chinese Street surveillance.  Object / Face Recognition.
Year ago
Part of the "sense" line of real time video analysis. Click Here To Subscribe!
How Does Facial Recognition Work? | Brit Lab
3 years ago
Greg Foot explains how computers can recognise our faces by looking at us and what we might be able to do with it in the future.
Should You Worry About Facial Recognition? | AJ+
11 months ago
AJ+ explores the risks and benefits of facial recognition software. We traveled to the Mexico-US border as Trump vows to ...
Problems With Facial Recognition Technology फेसिअल रिकग्निशन तकनीक Current Affairs 2019
2 days ago
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