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Actor Dean Winters on "Battle Creek," a new take on police drama
4 years ago
Winters and Josh Duhamel made their marks on Hollywood, and are now teaming up in CBS' new crime drama, "Battle Creek.
Dean Winters Has Strange Romantic Tastes | People
4 years ago
Plus: The "Battle Creek" star reminisces about a famous past role. Subscribe to People ▻▻ po.st/SubscribePeople Stay on ...
Dean Winters' Inspiration Story | DREAM SCHOOL: NYC Episode 5
4 years ago
Actor Dean Winters talks about overcoming his own personal battles and explains how he found his career later in life. All new ...
The Truth About Allstate's Mayhem Commercial Guy
Year ago
If you're new, Subscribe! → bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Allstate's series of "Mayhem" commercials is one of the most ...
'Battle Creek' Stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters Reveal Their Favorite Buddy Cops of All Time
4 years ago
Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters are the latest stars to step into a cop drama in Battle Creek, only this one promises to be a bit ...
Dean Winters -  Day in the Life
7 years ago
Day in the life of Dean Winters. It was shot during the final season 6. Found at www.bthere.tv/story.asp?sid=474.
Behind the Scenes with Dean Winters
5 years ago
Marie sit's down with Dennis..... i mean Mayhem..... I mean Dean Winters and talks about his career on great TV shows and ...
Dean Winters Worst Job EVER! | TMZ
5 years ago
Actor Dean Winters didn't last very long at his worst job ... being a WINDOW WASHER! SUBSCRIBE: po.st/TMZSubscribe ...
Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker | 'Flashbacks' (HD) | Dean Winters, Doug Bradley | 2002
Year ago
Struggling to understand, Trevor's hallucinations begin to take over his life. In this scene: Trevor (Dean Winters), Gwen ...
Allstate Commercials - Dean Winters HQ
8 years ago
Allstate Commercials - Dean Winters HQ.
Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker | 'Kind Of Weird' (HD) | Dean Winters, Doug Bradley | 2002
Year ago
Trevor's mind continues to play evil tricks on him. In this scene: Trevor (Dean Winters), Tawny (Jody Thompson) About Hellraiser ...
Watch What We Just Did to Actor Dean Winters
5 months ago
No mayhem here. Actor Dean Winters wants to make sure you have a secure plan in place for your animal companions the next ...
The Artie Lange Show - Dean Winters (in-studio) Part 1
5 years ago
The Artie Lange Show - Dean Winters (in-studio) Part 1.
Battle Creek: Dean Winters Exclusive Interview
4 years ago
SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/mHkEX9 FOLLOW US: goo.gl/7SoFjW LIKE US: goo.gl/6srxoU Check out Movie Behind the ...
Dean Winters & Josh Duhamel Preview New Show
4 years ago
Get a sneak peak at the new CBS show "Battle Creek"
Law & Order: SVU: Dean Winters Season 15 Episode 12 On Set Interview
5 years ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The Vulture Gloats in the Office (Episode Highlight)
5 years ago
The Vulture, a detective (guest star Dean Winters) from Special Crimes, gloats about wrapping up everyone's nearly solved ...
Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker | 'A Weird Day' (HD) | Dean Winters, Doug Bradley | 2002
Year ago
Trevor goes back to his apartment, and starts spitting a massive amount of water. Finally, a hideous eel-like creature's head pokes ...
Dave Stevens talks with Actor Dean Winters
10 months ago
Mayhem is everywhere! And today he was at the UNTUCKit store in Soho - I sat down with Actor Dean Winters to talk about Oz ...
Allstate mayhem commercial - Dean Winters as Teenage Girl in Pink Truck
9 years ago
"I'm a teenage girl. Now, I'm emotionally compromised. I'm all... OMG! So, get Allstate. You can save money and be better ...