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Trump Is Trying to Get America to Break Up with Him | The Daily Show
14 hours ago
Dulcé Sloan explains how Trump's strategy to get America to dump him is eerily similar to a tactic used by her boyfriend, Marvin.
LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show
Day ago
LeBron James gets involved in the conflict between the NBA and China, Gina Rodriguez apologizes for using the N-word, and ...
So Much News, So Little Time: Trump Scandal Lightning Round | The Daily Show
3 days ago
Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi trade barbs, Mike Pence announces a skimpy cease-fire in northern Syria, Gordon Sondland ...
2020 October Democratic Debate in Ohio | The Daily Show
5 days ago
Trevor went LIVE after the Ohio 2020 Democratic primary debate between Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie ...
Trump’s Mideast Move Creates Mayhem | The Daily Show
6 days ago
Trump's military moves keep wreaking havoc in the Middle East as Turkey attacks Kurds in northern Syria and ISIS fighters escape ...
Nepotism In and Around the White House | The Daily Show
4 days ago
Trump's sons attack Hunter Biden for nepotism and his role in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, all while benefiting ...
White House Admits To Ukraine Quid Pro Quo | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
2 days ago
U.N. Ambassador Gordon Sondland strengthens the impeachment case against Trump and acting Cheif of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, ...
Leo Deblin's Family Fill-In | The Daily Show
2 days ago
Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) offers a solution for families who are left behind while a parent or spouse is campaigning for president.
Trump Thinks He Bought America | The Daily Show
3 days ago
Neal Brennan floats a theory about why Donald Trump has been so uncooperative with the congressional impeachment probe.
Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition | The Daily Show
3 days ago
Trump takes on his biggest critic: himself. #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...
New California Law Allows Drivers To Eat Roadkill | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
2 days ago
A brainless, blob-like organism with 720 sexes baffles scientists, 20 ancient coffins are discovered in Egypt, and a California law ...
Donsplaining | The Daily Show
2 months ago
The Daily Show puzzles over some of Donald Trump's most baffling attempts to explain how the world works, including his takes ...
Crazy Rich Nation | The Daily Show
Month ago
The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft's prostitution ...
Will Smith - Playing Young in “Gemini Man” and Getting Fearless on Social Media | The Daily Show
4 days ago
Will Smith discusses evolving as he ages, playing a younger version of the same character in “Gemini Man” and using social ...
Chaos Unfolds After Trump Gives Kurds the Cold Shoulder | The Daily Show
10 days ago
After Trump pulled U.S. troops out of northern Syria, Turkey attacked Kurdish forces, leaving detention centers holding ISIS ...
A Crime You Admit To… Is Still a Crime - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
18 days ago
"Just because you admit to your crime in public doesn't mean it's not a crime.” Why are people confusing Trump's honesty for ...
What in the World? | The Daily Show
5 months ago
The Daily Show revisits outrageous news stories from around the world, including a pole-dancing controversy in China and ...
INSPIRING: Man Keeps Imaginary Friend For Entire Life | The Daily Show
12 days ago
Where's Zippy? #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...
Trump Stops Sondland’s Testimony & Dems Protect the Whistleblower | The Daily Show
12 days ago
The White House bars U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland from sharing information on Trump's Ukraine dealings with ...