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Rare Amethyst Crystal Discovery Made In South Carolina!
2 days ago
Super Rare Discovery was made by Bryan Major aka: The Crystal Collector with some of his crew. At for now, private location, ...
The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!
2 years ago
Travel with The Crystal Collector to two amazing world class amethyst locations! One in South Carolina called "The Ellis Mine" ...
Herkimer Diamond Mining | Gem Crystals | TROPHY DIG @  Ace of Diamonds New York
3 months ago
Mining Herkimer Diamond Crystals at the "Ace of Diamonds" in New York! This is a world class premiere location! This time we ...
Collecting Giant Quartz Crystals in Arkansas Avant Mine | World Class Mining
Year ago
On this episode we are in Arkansas! Digging for quartz crystal clusters that are some of the largest in the world! You will see from ...
The Crystal Collector: Amethyst & Aquamarine @ Cunningham Farm South Carolina
7 years ago
The Crystal Collector goes to Due West in South Carolina to the Cunningham farm, in the search of Amethyst & Aquamarine ...
Digging Quartz Crystals Under FULL MOON in Arkansas! | OPEN TO PUBLIC
5 days ago
Went on a wild adventure under a full moon in Arkansas digging some quartz crystals!! Had an awesome time and they do this a ...
Ruby & Sapphire Crystal Mining @ Cherokee Mine in North Carolina
5 months ago
Having loads of fun! Digging legit ruby & sapphire from unsalted buckets! The Rhyolite Garnets are also very nice! This place is ...
Hitting The Amethyst Motherlode  @ Purple Heart Mine Part 3
9 months ago
Hitting a mother load of amethyst in South Carolina at a private location called Purple Heart mine! This is the third episode of this ...
Diamond Hill Mine Documented Crystal Pocket Mining
3 years ago
Mining at Diamond Hill Mine. The video shows cluster after cluster being pulled from the thick gooey mud! They are not shown ...
Found HUGE Amethyst  Crystals in Canada with Special Guest: DALLMYD
10 days ago
Found huge rare amethyst crystals in Thunder Bay Canada! Whaaaaaat! This is a private location for now, if it opens I'll for sure let ...
HUGE Amethyst found in Canada! | NEW LOCATION! | Quartz Crystal Mining
Month ago
So I set off for the unexplored areas of Canada in Thunder Bay! This location had been checked out before but not well enough.
World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig in Arkansas
Year ago
OPEN TO PUBLIC LOCATION!!! People travel from all over to participate in this annual event in Arkansas! You too can join in on ...
Geodefest 2018 Keokuk Festival & Geode Crystal Dig
10 months ago
OPEN TO PUBLIC LOCATION!!! This is the 2018 Keokuk Festival Crystal Dig event! Its a huge 3 day event that many people come ...
The Best Amethyst Pocket Ever Found! Purple 💜 Mine Part 4
7 months ago
On this episode of The Crystal Collector we are once again back at the Purple Heart Mine in South Carolina. This is a private ...
Crystal Collecting In Geode Heaven! TOP SECRET Location | Digging Quartz in Missouri
Month ago
Once again teamed up with "Rockhound Rob" Geode hunter and checked out his best most top secret location!! WHaaaaat!
Finding Yooperlites on the Beach of Lake Superior in Michigan | Crystal Collecting
2 months ago
Yooperlites were just discovered recently back in 2017 by Erik Rintamaki. Took him a year or so to figure out what they were but ...
Finding The RARE Pudding Stone Rock Crystal on Island in Michigan!
17 days ago
Went out to find some Pudding Stones!! Heard no more was around to be found, possibly a waste of time... Was told it could not be ...
The Crystal Collector Digs Crystals @ Graves Mt in Georgia
3 years ago
OPEN TO PUBLIC LOCATION!!! Finding awesome crystals in Georgia! CHeck out Graves Mountain on Facebook, there you will ...
Digging Rainbow Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals in New York
2 years ago
Digging for the famous "Herkimer Diamond" You can see why all throughout this video why these quartz crystals are dubbed ...