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Lie Detector (Short Comedy Sketch)
7 years ago
Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there's a lie detector present at his job interview! *BEEP* ...
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)
5 years ago
Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: bit.ly/laurisb Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an ...
Top 10 GREATEST British Comedy Sketches
Year ago
Top 10 British Comedy Sketches Subscribe: bit.ly/2tVCcUH We Brits have sketch comedy down to a fine (and very funny) art.
Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!
4 years ago
Kevin Bridges, Scottish stand up comedian, put himself on the map in 2009 at Michael MacIntyre's BBC Comedy Roadshow in ...
Kenny Sebastian & Kanan Gill | Comedy Sketch - Flat Lime Soda
4 months ago
The first sketch from the hilarious live sketch comedy show 'Sketchy Behaviour', We join the extremely frustrating waiter Trishul as ...
4 months ago
F R U S T This sketch is a part of a Sketch that is part of SKETCHY BEHAVIOUR a full live sketch comedy show! The full video and ...
Rowan Atkinson Live - Dirty Names
5 years ago
A classic bit by comedian, Rowan Atkinson. A teacher does roll call with a class register full of hilarious dirty names. Whether ...
Harry Potter: Hermione Growth Spurt - SNL
5 years ago
The wizards of Hogwarts can't get over Hermione's summer growth spurt. Aired 05/01/04 #SNL Subscribe to SNL: ...
Rob Spence visual comedy sketches
8 years ago
A compilation of sketches from Rob Spence's TV show "Rob's Comedy Club" filmed in 2000 in Zürich for TV3. In total Rob created ...
Is This Free? (Short Comedy Film)
5 years ago
A whimsical comedy about creating remarkable situations from a most unremarkable question. Subscribe for more funny short ...
Do You Speak English? - Big Train - BBC comedy
10 years ago
Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France.
"Interview With An Applicant" - Sketch Comedy
8 years ago
Sketch comedy "Interview With An Applicant" Starring: Jill Butterfield as The Applicant Melisa Breiner-Sanders as The Interviewer ...
Iraq Insurgent Subtitles | Sketch Comedy | SkitHOUSE
3 years ago
The battlefield is already tough enough without having to worry about the quality of your English skills. Subscribe over here to ...
Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)
4 years ago
A funny phone conversation illustrating how hard it can sometimes be to follow 'simple' directions. Subscribe for more short ...
Progression (Short Comedy Sketch)
4 years ago
'Our progression knows no limits. Nor does our stupidity.' A funny sketch showing the potential problems of our not so distant ...
The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)
Year ago
Square Project Ep3. Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world! Another day ...
Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) in religious comedy sketches
2 years ago
Mostly religious sketches by or including Rowan Atkinson, pus one or two tenuously related clips like a wedding and a reading of ...
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele
6 years ago
While taking attendance, inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle-class white ...
'Are we the Baddies?' Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Scetch
7 years ago
'Are we the Baddies?' Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Scetch Full scene high quality world war two humour hilarious hitler ss allies ...