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Lori & Monte Go to Bridal Fashion Week | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Year ago
Lori & Monte love attending Bridal Fashion Week, they get to see all the new designs and even pick their favourites for the store.
The Best 'Wow' Moments in Bridals by Lori | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Year ago
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Lori Surprises Bride with Tragic Story | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Month ago
A bride with a tragic story arrives at the shop. Her groom suffered an accident and since then her life turned upside down. With the ...
Jimmy Stanley Proposes & Organises Bridal Appointment for Fiancée | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
10 months ago
Lori & Monte help Jimmy Stanley with his surprise proposal and then they help his fiancée find the wedding dress of her dreams.
Lori Takes Her Bridal Boutique to the Hospital!  | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Year ago
Kevin reached out to Lori and Monty about his fiancé Alyssa, who is hospital bound due to kidney failure. Touched by her story ...
Sparkle or Lace? | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Year ago
Every bride has to make a decision when shopping at Bridals by Lori, Sparkle or Lace? Which do you prefer? Watch Full Episodes ...
Lori Gets Her Daughter in Law Three Custom Dresses For the Wedding | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
9 months ago
As a gift to Becca, her future daughter in law, Lori gets three custom dresses made for her to wear at the wedding. Which one is ...
Monte & Lori’s Most Impressive Wedding Dress Picks | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
11 months ago
We break down some of the most impressive and dazzling wedding gowns picked by Monte and Lori on ...
Say Yes To the Cure Lori's Fight : I Have Cancer
7 years ago
Lori Allen owner of Bridals by Lori receives news that changes her life forever, her doctor tells her she has breast cancer. So many ...
Lori's Wedding | Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta
7 years ago
Ever wondered what a professional bridal consultant's wedding looks like? Fridays @9pm on TLC | For more visit ...
Lori & Monte's Best Moments | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
Year ago
The experience at Bridals by Lori would not be the same without Lori & Monte. Watch the best moments of this lively duo from 'Say ...
Lori and Monte's 15-Year Friendiversary Celebration | Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
5 years ago
Lori and Monte have been best friends and business partners for 15 years! Take a look at some of their funniest moments filming ...
Kelly Ripa Is A Guest Bridal Consultant For The Day | Say Yes To The Dress US
Year ago
Kelly Ripa joins Kleinfeld to attempt to be a bridal consultant for the day! However, she quickly finds out it's not as easy as she first ...
Lori Allen and Monte Durham with Bridals by Lori make over Three Deserving Moms
6 years ago
In the spirit of giving, Bridals by Lori provided three deserving moms a makeover to attend a very special awards gala hosted by ...
Monte & Lori Surprises Bride Who Recently Lost Her Son | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
10 months ago
Monte & Lori get on the road to surprise a bride who didn't have time to buy a wedding dress as she was dealing with the loss of ...
Cory and Becca's Wedding | Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
3 years ago
Lori steps out of the bridal shop and into the chapel to celebrate her son Cory's wedding to bride Becca. Subscribe to TLC: ...
TLC Give A Little: Lori's Battle
4 years ago
Lori Burns Allen, of 'Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta' spoke out in honor of TLC's Give A Little TLC campaign.
Lori's Cancer Battle Update | Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
6 years ago
We follow up with Lori Allen since her battle with Cancer. | For more, visit ...