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A holiday to Andromeda - Becky Smethurst  (FameLab 2014 UK Final)
5 years ago
2014 FameLab UK Final presentations on 23 April 2014 at Bloomsbury Theatre in London.
Where is all the antimatter? | Unsolved Mystery in Physics
2 days ago
Anti-matter and matter were both made at the same time in the Big Bang - so why is everything around us now made of matter?
Making a Mark - Sixty Symbols
3 years ago
Astronomer Dr Becky Smethurst is our new "Sixty Symbols Ogden Fellow". Leave a comment on any topics you'd like her to cover ...
5 Reasons Why Astrophysicists Care About Imaging a Black Hole
10 months ago
The image of M87's supermassive black hole released by the Event Horizon Telescope on April 10th 2019 is not just a pretty ...
A newly discovered, unexplained Fast Radio Burst | Night Sky News February 2020
9 days ago
It's night sky news time again - and there's so much for us to talk about! From overturning how we think the solar system was ...
Dr Becky Smethurst - Sixty Symbols Ogden Research Fellow
2 years ago
Dr Rebecca Smethurst is an Ogden Trust Sixty Symbols Fellow at the University of Nottingham. Her research focuses on galaxies ...
Galaxies can die?! | Quenching 101
16 days ago
Galaxies are made up of billions of stars. And stars can die. So - does that mean a galaxy can die? Technically yes, if you stop it ...
Astrophysicist Ask Me Anything | 50 thousand subscriber celebration!
3 months ago
Passing 50000 subscribers was a HUGE milestone for my channel, one which I am so grateful for. So I wanted to open up the floor ...
Why There Are 10 Things You Should Know About Space With Dr. Becky Smethurst
4 months ago
What are some of the currently unanswered questions about space. The unknown objects in space, such as. What is beyond the ...
How I became an Astrophysicist | 2004-2020
Month ago
I get asked a lot, especially by students, how I actually became an astrophysicist. So I thought I'd outline my path from high school ...
The Milky Way is warped and its black hole is flickering | Night Sky News August 2019
6 months ago
It's Night Sky News time again where we recap everything that's happened in space news this past month and everything to look ...
The Cartwheel Galaxy | Space is Weird
7 months ago
Another #spaceisweird all about how we think the Cartwheel Galaxy formed - similar to Hoag's Object it has a ring but also these ...
Unsolved Mystery in Physics | Fast Radio Bursts
Year ago
One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in astronomy right now is the origin of Fast Radio Bursts. Let's chat about when they were ...
A day in the life of an Oxford Astrophysicist
3 months ago
When people find out I'm an astrophysicist - I often get asked: “So, what do you actually do all day?” The easiest way to answer ...
What if Planet 9 was a primordial black hole? Could we detect it? | Night Sky News October 2019
4 months ago
It's Night Sky News time again where we recap everything that's happened in space news this past month and everything to look ...
Dr. Becky | Welcome
Year ago
Welcome to my new channel! I figured it was about time I started posting my own fun science packed videos regularly on RUvid ...
How do we know there's a black hole in every galaxy centre? | History of Supermassive Black Holes
Year ago
At the centre of every galaxy, there is a supermassive black hole (a million to a billion times bigger than the Sun). But how do we ...
Bizarre Units used by Scientists - Sixty Symbols
Year ago
From nanomaggies to SNUBS... Featuring Dr Becky Smethurst. More links and info below ↓ ↓ ↓ More Becky: ...