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Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno... Bald Eagles are ANGRY!
9 months ago
Oh boy, is that the bald eagle machine I hear?? NEW NEIGHBOR "We're On Fire" SHIRTS!! Get yours here: goo.gl/EtcnDM ...
RUBY -vs- Bald Eagle Machine! Does Removing Your Hood Actually Make You Faster??
18 days ago
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Can My 841hp C7 BEAT a 1000hp Supra!? BALD EAGLES vs. PANDAS!
2 years ago
Cleetus McFarland's 800hp ProCharged C7 Corvette!
3 years ago
My FIRST Vlog! Check out a quick walk around of the C7 and Subscribe to my channel, should be posting videos like crazy ...
How I Modified My Car To OVER 900hp!
3 years ago
Twin Turbskies” Cleetus/1320Video Shirts - goo.gl/PJtTyW As you guys know the C7 just recently made 841 horsepower to ...
3 years ago
Was out jackin around in the C7 when I did a pull past this Cop! He wasn't messing with my Eagles ;)
My Bald Eagle Machine..
2 years ago
Owners review. What's this car did with power and something's I may do! And one thing I don't like.
Jim Tom's Bald Eagle Machine
2 years ago
Jim Tom shares his Bald Eagle Machine. Shocker Productions 2017, an ET Industries company. Twitter.com/rayshauwn ...
The C7 is Getting a 100% Billet FREEDOM Intake! + Neighbor Gets Cop Lights!
Year ago
NEW Shirts Bundle available now!! - goo.gl/DWHJa3 The Bald Eagle Machine didn't see it coming... Cooking with Cleetus ...
CNC Machining Titan's Eagle
4 years ago
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Bald eagle machine!
5 months ago
5.0 #mustang #baldeaglemachine.
Cleetus and cars 2018 bald eagle machine burnout c7 vette
Year ago
Cleetus procharged vette burnout.
Bald eagle machine fabrication update
2 years ago
The plans for the eagle machine and all the fab work were gonna do this weekend.
Cleetus in the bald eagle machine
2 years ago
Cleetus drag racing at fl2k.
The Bald Eagle Factory is EXPANDING!!! *Freedom Boost* + Leaving for LS Fest!
3 months ago
Cleetus Merch - www.cleetusmcfarland.com Really excited about the new shop space, but for now we're heading to LS Fest ...
Going over 100 mph in a new c7 Corvette bald eagle machine "filmed in Mexico"
2 years ago
In this video I will show you the power of the 2017 c7 zr1 Corvette bald eagle machine "filmed in Mexico"
SKULL SHAVER HEAD SHAVE - *Pitbull Gold review
9 months ago
headshave #skullshaver #pitbullgold Skull Shaver available here: amzn.to/2Rw5Fhu My Favourite Head Shaving and ...
Machining TITAN'S Titanium Lion
Year ago
What started almost a year ago has culminated in the most EPIC CNC Machining video of all time. We're excited to bring it to your ...