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Button up yer bungholes boys n’ girls-Baba Beijing’s bringing the badass-China Rising Radio Sinoland
9 months ago
Russia is king of the global military mountain, but China is more than anything that NATO could imagine throwing at it. I'm not ...
Canadian recently arrested by Baba Beijing works for the Soros-CIA front group, ICG
3 months ago
Left, behind Michael Kovrig's cute, pixie smile is the mask of a cold, calculating spy. Right, ICG is a mercenary Soros-CIA front, that ...
US empire increasingly desperate vs Baba Beijing. Intimidation will backfire. C. R. Radio Sinoland
5 months ago
Pictured above: it is not a question of which side has good or bad leaders. It's all about the difference in civilizational systems of ...
Headlines say it all-Baba Beijing's vision leads citizens into 21st century-C. Rising Radio Sinoland
Year ago
You only have to look over this graph to see that communist-socialist China has the world's best participatory democracy, best ...
Baba Beijing and Big Bear smack down Uncle Sam in Iran and Venezuela China Rising Radio Sinoland
Year ago
Ahh... What happened to the good old days of the Cold War, when rich, imperial America was doing battle with poor, agrarian ...
Baba beijing
Baba Beijing tames the debt dragon. Western capitalism can’t. China Rising Radio Sinoland 180527
Year ago
Westerners' unwillingness to stop putting capitalism on its rose-colored, idealized, fantasy pedestal, like it is a perfected dogma or ...
Baba Ramdev Wrestling and beating Olympic Medalist Andriy Stadnik
2 years ago
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev defeated Beijing Olympic silver medallist Andrey Stadnik 12-0 in the exhibition bout in Pro Wrestling ...
Beijing in 1989 (Yoshiro Baba)
Year ago
1989年春,北京の天安門広場で一人の少女がきれいな花束を持ち,英雄記念塔に向かって歩いていくのを私は見ました。少女は,中国 ...
Baba Beijing is going to shove ZTE way up Uncle Sam’s backside. China Rising Radio Sinoland 180425
Year ago
In the long term, what the Trump administration did may be the best thing that ever happened to China. A good comparison is ...
Baba Beijing Is Sick and Tired of the West Using Hong Kong to Overthrow the CPC-CR Radio Sinoland
Year ago
Baba Beijing Is Sick and Tired of the West Using Hong Kong to Overthrow the CPC-CR Radio Sinoland Source article with all the ...
Watch Baba Ramdev Wrestling and beating Olympic Medalist Andriy Stadnik
2 years ago
Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev defeated Beijing Olympics silver medal-winning Ukranian wrestler Andriy Stadnik 12-0 in the ...
Speaking with students in Beijing
6 months ago
Speaking on the process of learning from one another.
In just 7 weeks, China’s petroyuan has captured 12% of the world’s market. C. Rising Radio Sinoland
Year ago
I suspect even Baba Beijing can't believe what has transpired over the last 50 days. China's petroyuan has charged out of the ...
BABA TALKS episode 05
6 months ago
Save Black Boys | Burning Money in Beijing | Shout outs to ISB staff and students.
60 Seconds over Sinoland-Beaten ‘n stripped by Chinese cops? Forensics of the Big Lie in action.
7 months ago
Give me China's very transparent, state-controlled media any day of the week. At least Baba Beijing is open and honest about its ...
Baba Videos / China, Forbidden City Penny Board Cruising POV
4 years ago
Cruising in Beijing inside The Forbidden City on my Penny Board. Shot with a Gopro 4 black Edited with FCPX Subscribe if you ...
Khan Baba Restaurant Beijing Wudaokou Video 4
3 years ago
Baba Beijing to start using blockchain technology for official business, China Rising Radio Sinoland
Year ago
Global banks are fearful of blockchain, since it can cut them out of financial transactions and allow the buyer and seller to do ...
Tony Cartalucci-Land Destroyer talks about Baba Beijing on China Rising Radio Sinoland 171102
Year ago
I have been a big fan of Tony's for several years now and enjoy getting his email alerts. His articles are always insightful and ...