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YChina Year in Review 2019
4 months ago
Our YEAR IN REVIEW is finally here! Listen to Raz as he takes you through the highlights of the year and explains the logic and ...
Year ago
The Most Popular Chinese Songs on YouTube | Reading funny comments!
2 months ago
The funniest comments on the most popular Chinese music on RUvid! You'll be surprised to see what are the songs! Music is ...
Lisa, KUN and Esther Yu: why is YouthWithYou the most POPULAR Chinese show on YouTube?
10 days ago
Have you watched this show? if YES, then who is your personal favorite candidate? if NO, then what is your favourite Chinese ...
Year ago
b站搬运工喜欢的请关注和点赞哦! 欢迎留言告诉我们想看什么类型的视频.
2 years ago
By 歪果仁研究协会本家: 最假歪果美女采访视频: 我只是搬运工,请支持原作者,侵权秒删! 歪果仁研究协会和全球距离最远的街坊 ...
Year ago
和我一起做澳洲早餐!太好吃了吧! --- 网上还有好多地方可以找到我呢! 微博:@贝乐泰B站:@贝乐泰是冠军小红书:@alistair (贝 ...
Year ago
Year ago
When you realize that there are more than 50 Chinese dialects...
2 years ago
When you realize that there are more than 50 Chinese dialects... SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and COMMENT to get the most entertaining ...
Why the first impression of China is always KUNG FU?
4 months ago
We took on the streets to figure out an answer for this burning yet question: why is KUNG FU the main impression of China among ...
Hilarious! You won't believe what they ask about China on Quora!
4 months ago
Raz and Lila's special: reading comments on popular international websites! Today we bring you the most popular questions ...
The World Stopped for 30 Days. What did People in 30 Countries Have to Say?
Month ago
Anger, Emotion, Helplessness, and Hope. What are all these people feeling? How do you feel right now?
Year ago
10 months ago
歪果仁第一次去中国的过山车是什么样的体验? 千万不要让别人毁你最理想的假期!Take over你自己的假期! 记住:Whatever ...
Leading China expert breaks your conspiracies on Made-in-China | Y-Talk Ep.1
2 months ago
Welcome to our new series "Y-Talk" where we invite prominent China Experts to discuss the most current issues! For our first ...
Ychina Music | “Another Day In China” RAP
2 years ago
Dylan Jaye's new single “Another day in China". A song about daily life in China through the eyes of a foreigner. SUBSCRIBE ...
It is rumoured that China has the WEIRDEST snacks...
Year ago
What's your favourite Chinese snack? or what's the WEIRDEST snack you ever tried from China? Please comment below! It is ...
2 years ago
Hong Kong Today: What do the people have to say?
8 months ago
In the fourth episode of our Hong Kong series, we discuss the effects of recent events on small business owners around Hong ...
《快乐大本营》精彩看点: 外国友人特辑 - 颜值高到挪不开眼 给中国通们疯狂应援! Happy Camp Recap【湖南卫视官方版】
2 years ago
订阅湖南卫视官方频道Subscribe to Hunan TV RUvid Channel: goo.gl/tl9QpW】 ▫ 湖南卫视《快乐大本营》官方全集Happy ...
Year ago