• 外国人看华晨宇平凡之路
【華晨宇】 外國人看花花《平凡之路》LIVE 反應 REACTION!
Year ago
華晨宇這大陸歐巴不是很帥麽!? 4個直男已經愛上他了ㅡ⊙ 在《江南站2號出口》多多溝通~ ☞ 關註嗶哩嗶哩頻道: bit.ly/2p9hnB1 ...
Hua Chenyu - Ordinary Path | Singer 2018 Ep. 11 | 华晨宇《平凡之路》| REACTION
Year ago
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ABC看华晨宇《平凡之路》反应 reaction!
Year ago
听完热泪盈眶,你们呢? 我们的CP耳机: amzn.to/2LgWdL8 Reaction Video 定期看華晨宇最新演出。 歌手视频版权 ...
《華晨宇-平凡之路》韓國人的反應如何?:Korean React To Huachenyu -The Ordinary Road 【朴鸣】
Year ago
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A lot of you have been asking us to share more of our favourite Chinese songs as well as share more chinese songs :) today we're ...
Hua Chenyu - Ordinary Path (平凡之路) Reaction | FIRST TIME reacting to the voice of HuaHua (华晨宇)!
5 months ago
Hua Chenyu AKA HuaHau rose to fame after winning a singing competition a few years ago and is one of the most influential ...
Ordinary Path - Chenyu Hua - EP. 11 of "Singer 2018" REACTION  - 华晨宇仪式感演绎《 平凡之路》-《歌手2018》第11期
11 months ago
Hi guys! Yesterday we reacted to another performance by Hua Chenyu. ♥ You can recommend what you want us to react to next ...
Hua Chenyu《平凡之路》Ordinary Path// LATINA REACTS
8 months ago
Hello and Welcome to another video! Today is all about the amazing and talented Hua Chenyu! DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK ...
Hua ChenYu - Ordinary Path 《平凡之路》 "Singer 2018" Episode 11 Reaction
Year ago
HuaHua`s voice is from another world, loved this. If y´all can excuse the poor-quality vid & my accent, I hope you can enjoy this ...
reaction video | 华晨宇 Hua chen yu《平凡之路》ordinary road 歌手2018 Singer2018 |老外的反应
Year ago
Hua Chen Yu Ordinary Road Singer 2018 Reaction Video Visit our website willandmatt.com/ Like us on Facebook ...
REACTION TO - Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) - Ordinary Path (平凡之路)
Year ago
Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) performing Pu Shu's (朴树) "Ordinary Path (平凡之路)" on a 2nd season of Chinese rebranded version ...
7 months ago
大叔听华晨宇唱的《平凡之路》,自己模仿,好听极了My uncle listened to Huachenyu's "Ordinary Road" and imitated it by himself.
2 years ago
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Hua Chenyu - Ordinary Path || 华晨宇 - 平凡之路 (Reaction)
Year ago
Huà Chényǔ performing “平凡之路” (“Ordinary Path”)~! This is a performance that I really adore. It has an distinct artistic feeling ...
SHOCKING REACTION HUA CHENYU ORDINARY PATH |SINGER 2018| 华晨宇仪式感演绎《 平凡之路》-《歌手2018》第11期 |Nolo Lopez TV
Year ago
NoloLopezTV I AM SHOCKED! Hua Chenyu could be an international superstar!!!! WOW! 华晨宇仪式感演绎《 平凡之路》-《 ...
11 months ago
Our 10 Reactions to Hua Chenyu on Singer 2018 (平凡之路, 齐天, 孩子, 双节棍, 我管你, 易燃易爆炸, 山海, 假行僧, 我, 呐喊)
5 months ago
These are our Reactions to Hua Hua on Singer 2018. Since we have a New Chinese Reaction Channel we have put everything ...
Hua Chenyu - 平凡之路 / Ordinary Path [Performance Reaction]
Year ago
Reaction starts at 0:49 VK: vk.com/a.tonkikh Twtter: twitter.com/KKisNotBatman Facebook: ...
华晨宇 Hua Chenyu 《平凡之路》Ordinary Path "Singer 2018" Episode 11 REACTION
9 months ago
华晨宇Hua Chenyu #china #opera #asia REACTION to 华晨宇Chenyu《平凡之路》Ordinary Path "Singer 2018" Episode 11 ...