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Nastya and Why it is harmful to watch cartoons for a long time
10 days ago
Nastya watches cartoons for a long time and does not notice anything around. Dad tries to play with her, but Nastya again ...
Nastya and dad have fun in the toy museum
13 days ago
Nastya and dad found a new funny and interesting museum. There you can treat yourself to sweets and play in the huge pool with ...
Nastya made a crash experiment with slime and antistress toys
2 days ago
Nastya and dad decided to conduct an experiment. What will happen if you drive a wheel on some toys. Nastya and dad took soft ...
Nastya and dad - funny stories for children
Month ago
Watch your favorite stories for children from Nastya and Papa. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog - is.gd/gdv8uX https ...
Nastya and dad - the best series about princesses
Month ago
Nastya likes to dress up as a princess and play fictional stories. These stories will show how to behave properly for children ...
Nastya and a compilation of new series about friends
4 days ago
Nastya and new series about her friends. Funny stories about friendship between girls and the relationship between children ...
Nastya and educational songs for kids
22 days ago
Funny songs for children about school and the rules of behavior in the pool, as well as an educational song about the ...
Nastya and Dad in the Museum of Selfie
Month ago
Nastya and dad have fun in the museum of selfies and take funny photos as a keepsake.
Моё утро перед ШКОЛОЙ Как Настя и Саша учатся есть роллы Наш вечер после школы
2 days ago
Моё утро перед ШКОЛОЙ MY MORNING ROUTINE Собираемся в школу Настя и Саша учатся есть роллы в ресторане Наш ...
Nastya and dad play funny plots
5 months ago
Nastya and dad love to make up stories and play story games for children.
Swimming song - Stacy pretend play Nursery Rhymes & Kid's songs
Month ago
Nastya and dad are learning how to swim in the pool. They learn to swim, to use sunscreen and goggles for scuba diving ...
Nastya and dad play in the amusement park - Vlog
15 days ago
Nastya and dad love to travel, this time they went to Los Angeles to the Legoland amusement park. Swam on a fabulous river and ...
Nastya decorated the house for Halloween
10 months ago
Nastya decided to decorate the house for the Halloween holiday, set everything up and waited for her father. But dad did not ...
Nastya - It's Me - song for kids (Official Music video)
4 months ago
Nastya - This is me - a song for children about a girl Nastya. INSTAGRAM instagram.com/like_nastya_vlog/ Subscribe ...
Nastya and papa Pretend Play Making Satisfying Colorful Glitter Glue Slime
4 months ago
Nastya wants to earn a little and opens a factory of slime. Dad also wants to play and they do multi-colored slime and hand ...
Настя и истории про кошечку
2 months ago
У Насти появилась кошка и она очень любит сниматься в видео для детей. Настя и папа придумывают разные смешн...
Nastya as a bride and princess
3 months ago
Nastya wants to be a bride, dresses a wedding dress and arranges a real wedding. Then Nastya and her dad decide to go to the ...
4 days ago
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Nastya and learning videos about the right behavior
27 days ago
Nastya and dad will tell how to behave to children. Children's video teaching the rules of behavior in the house and outside ...