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Nastya and stories about not healthy sweets
2 days ago
Nastya, like all children, loves to eat sweets. But eating them a lot is unhealthy. These stories will tell you that you can’t ...
Nastya turned into a boy
3 days ago
Nastya accidentally turned into a boy and began to act like a boy. She plays toys for boys with dad. Subscribe to Like Nastya ...
Like Nastya and her birthday 6 years
17 days ago
Nastya celebrates her birthday, she was 6 years old. Nastya invited friends and received many gifts. Subscribe to Like Nastya ...
Nastya and dad have fun in the indoor playgrounds
Month ago
Nastya and dad love to have fun, they often visit interesting places and playgrounds for children. Subscribe to Like Nastya ...
10 000 000 subscribers on Like Nastya channel
Year ago
There are 10 million subscribers on our channel! We decided to recall how everything was and reproduce it in a fairy tale.
Nastya plays chocolate vegetables with dad in challenge
15 days ago
Nastya made chocolate vegetables and decided to play. Someone will get a real healthy vegetable, and some will get chocolate ...
Nastya and dad bathe their cat
Month ago
Настя и папа любят чистоту, они заботятся о чистоте игрушек. Но и про гигиену животных забывать нельзя. Они решили устроить ...
Настя показывает новый дом в Паттайе
3 years ago
Какая вилла лучше? Нам предоставили на выбор по счастливой случайности два огромных дома с бассейном. Влог...
Birthday Nastya! 4 years and Zoo as a gift
2 years ago
Nastya is celebrating her birthday and she is 4 years old. Friends of Roma and Diana came and presented gifts. A live zoo ...
Nastya made a crash experiment with slime and antistress toys
5 months ago
Nastya and dad decided to conduct an experiment. What will happen if you drive a wheel on some toys. Nastya and dad took soft ...
Nastya received 2 DIAMOND buttons and a BAG OF GIFTS
Year ago
Like Nastya Vlog channel has 13 million subscribers. We will show you two diamond buttons and how Nastya received a huge bag ...
Nastya shows dad tricks
5 days ago
Nastya wants to become a magician and decided to arrange a performance for dad. Nastya shows him super magic tricks. Subscribe ...
Nastya and Margarita - funny events
2 months ago
Nastya and Margarita are friends, but on one not very happy day, incidents happen to them. Friends help each other and their ...
Nastya and a fun story about a splinter in the finger
3 months ago
Nastya is crying and sad, and dad is trying to find out what happened. Dad goes with Nastya to a toy store, buys dresses and ...
Насте 5 лет! День рождения
Year ago
Насте исполнилось 5 лет и её пришли поздравлять друзья. Целый день ребят развлекали "Море Шоу" - bit.ly/2EjwhO2.
Nastya and friends play with snow and sculpt a snowman
Month ago
Nastya went to play with the snow with her friends. They blinded a snowman and got into an exciting adventure. Subscribe to ...
Nastya and fun outdoor active games for kids
Month ago
Nastya and her friends watch cartoons, and dad tries to explain to them that this is harmful and suggests playing outdoor ...
Настя и истории про кошечку
7 months ago
У Насти появилась кошка и она очень любит сниматься в видео для детей. Настя и папа придумывают разные смешн...