Zombie Apocalypse In Moscow !!

Viktor Drago
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Zombie Apocalypse In Moscow !!
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Jul 20, 2016




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Comments 2 927
Viktor Drago
Viktor Drago Year ago
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Melva Pineda
Melva Pineda Month ago
Is this real ???
Dany Nader Khazne
Dany Nader Khazne 2 months ago
is this a prank?
Sol Ou
Sol Ou 4 months ago
Alhomsi good funny prank haha
Don Rossco Joe
Don Rossco Joe 5 months ago
You guys need Jesus
deadpool_6544 6 months ago
is that real?
LaLa Virnaya.
LaLa Virnaya. 14 hours ago
There is a Green throw up
Paul Pham
Paul Pham Day ago
until someone pulls out a gun and shoots these prankers...
Wenjie 3030 ‘
Is real? 😕
esrarengiz profil
Cehennemin tipi
bigdaddygun Day ago
Everyone gangsta when coronavirus will make this possible
RIPPEN Day ago
Pls dont do these things ... Imagine someone might have killed you thinking its true
Смешно и забавно
Jun Lavarias
Jun Lavarias 2 days ago
I think there are few zombie that is alive
svetlana klimashina
buzzard472 justin
There all so chill this is why it gets out of control so fast lol
Juan Ignacio López
Ramalaxmi Narayanan Thevar
Is it real
Geeboy GamingTV
Geeboy GamingTV 3 days ago
Them : How to be safe? Me : Be a camera man. Pls leave a like.
Keysha gacha UwU Miawmiaw
That is real?
Дмитрий Чичкин
Kys XOXO 4 days ago
Is the zombies REAL?
Lyle Lobo
Lyle Lobo 4 days ago
Guys dont joke if your going to make a prank like this NO its very bad do not do this a prank im Warning you guys dont please its like if this is real others wil think its a prank so many people will be affected by this zombie appocalypse this is NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!😖😖😖😭😭😭😠😠😠
Lyle Lobo
Lyle Lobo 4 days ago
Oh gosh i feel like this is real i saw the man bite the other man and the man that got bitten got blood flowing out his mouth thank goodness some of ya survive😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lyle Lobo
Lyle Lobo 4 days ago
What the heck if this is really real im so dead i feel like this vid is true though
Nickolas Borges
Nickolas Borges 5 days ago
人生甘い 5 days ago
A ri la
A ri la 5 days ago
Л е о н т и й
Sarazin Ottoman Dog*prod
Sexual pervers!!
Wuwarrior 2917
Wuwarrior 2917 7 days ago
Burger King sends zombies to McDonald's to stop people from buying their food
Anigma Horror Stories
I love how everyone in the restraint just froze and watched. Human *LOGIC* 1.0
AmericanLauncher 9 days ago
Plot twist: It were actually russians biting zombies
Pinkpoo blob
Pinkpoo blob 10 days ago
this looks dumb af
Hailey Jung
Hailey Jung 10 days ago
Dot dot dot.....
ML Nation Gaming
ML Nation Gaming 12 days ago
Allyneko Kawaii chan
This is prank because why have camera? and their must call the police
Jose Ananias
Jose Ananias 12 days ago
ficou um pouco legal
Junior Inyallie
Junior Inyallie 14 days ago
So much... CRINGE
Game Troller
Game Troller 18 days ago
They dint watch Resident Evil movie
Paul Blume
Paul Blume 18 days ago
They just beat the zombie up
Priyanka Katara
Priyanka Katara 18 days ago
Make more zombie prank please
Critical PalYt
Critical PalYt 18 days ago
Humans:*Runs* Gamers:I been ready for this
Pamela Dominguez
Pamela Dominguez 19 days ago
Please_ Help_me
Please_ Help_me 20 days ago
And the camera man managed to survive
KSIBIVALON 20 days ago
Блть это не страшно это смешно
Kid Games
Kid Games 21 day ago
Pls make more I love this
demir can
demir can 22 days ago
Angel Lozano
Angel Lozano 22 days ago
Lol and some people is like Bruh lol, directly to instagram and tik tok xddd
Septon Sephgreiafield
should be a crowd of zombies , not just few people.
Irmish Khan
Irmish Khan 24 days ago
I like zombies I wish one day zombies come to world 😉😊
Johana Campos
Johana Campos 25 days ago
Johana Campos
Johana Campos 25 days ago
Jijah Bonie
Jijah Bonie 26 days ago
This is obviously a prank because why he fliming with his camera and he will be scared?!
gaming with kirsten
Is tis real?
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 28 days ago
QU4Ntum beast
QU4Ntum beast 28 days ago
In soviet russia you eat the zombies!
Tyler Cruz
Tyler Cruz 28 days ago
Maybe it’s a prank
Dino Zidaric
Dino Zidaric 29 days ago
You are awesome
itsblackplays 123
itsblackplays 123 29 days ago
Wtf is it a prank or is it real??!????
DrainbowTheDragon 121
Should I be genuinely concerned...
Oh ye
NewYorkGuy28 Month ago
If you do this prank in America you get shot Because the USA has the amount of guns as the people and everyone Opencarries In the USA
A a
A a Month ago
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