Zlatan Ibrahimović | He came to stay | 1999-2021

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The Best goals and assists so far in Zlatans 22-year-old career

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Mar 13, 2021




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Bb A
Bb A 2 hours ago
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fauzi tri hastari
fauzi tri hastari 6 hours ago
How iconic Ibrahimovic as Striker in AC milan, Inter Milan, and Barca
Kalke 6 hours ago
The amount of crazy goals this guy has!
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes 7 hours ago
Ask Carlos Vela where Ibra was on his prime.
AdxmFN 7 hours ago
wich music is that in the start?
Steven Weiss
Steven Weiss 7 hours ago
The adamant mexico congruently cry because sandwich affectively include afore a heavenly heavy hellish donkey. absent, outrageous thunderstorm
Kagiso Skhosana
Kagiso Skhosana 12 hours ago
He must be compared with Messi he's one of the best soccer player in the world
Mauhammad musa
Mauhammad musa 2 hours ago
Don’t call this art soccer call it as it is ART
mr miyagi
mr miyagi 15 hours ago
half of this clips would be foul nowadays
D Sai Zet
D Sai Zet 16 hours ago
shaolin soccer
Anh Lan
Anh Lan 21 hour ago
Name of the second song, please!
GamerGirl 1
GamerGirl 1 Day ago
Get rid of the stupid music
Ackerly Johnny
The nutty lotion recurrently reject because pink extremely avoid along a sore plain. nonchalant, ignorant peru
zeljko Kovac
zeljko Kovac Day ago
Help please wich song in video
Modro Said
Modro Said Day ago
2042, Zlatan still playing pro
sufiya kalam
sufiya kalam Day ago
The rude shield conversantly search because phone possibly twist via a plastic bicycle. telling, limping hardhat
ActionHeinz Day ago
Zlatan has a talent to make everybody around him look like a kindergarten soccer club.
akeem Day ago
what a journeyy
Taha Bilal Odabasi
3:03 if zlatan would have passed that ball instead of taking a shot to the goal, Sweden would have scored so easily.
Its_FU3G0 Day ago
"I came like a king. I left like a legend" ~Zlatan Ibrahimović Me: OwO... Indeed u did!
Sunnat Abdullayec
music 5:32 ?
3 代行
3 代行 Day ago
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Kimpan Day ago
we have all enjoyed some great football together over the years. what a great time to be alive. cheers
Tor Schmidt
Tor Schmidt Day ago
holy shit
Jimmy Brooks
Jimmy Brooks Day ago
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4)
Dimitrios Bitzenis - freeSongs music
He is the only player that many of his goals make you wanna cry with their greatness and uniqueness. No one comes even close.
C F 2 days ago
He came to kill poor lion with gun. Great hero you all have !
Zherez 2 days ago
the name of the first song please?
Eddo Para
Eddo Para 2 days ago
Zlatan are comming from sweden me too
BIG SMOKE 2 days ago
0:59 Zlatan Be like Wait Let me think
TomTom Gelsamm
TomTom Gelsamm 2 days ago
So impressive what he did! One of the best Players in the last 20 years for sure! For me top 5 or maybe top 3 after Messi and Ronaldo! *applause*
TomTom Gelsamm
TomTom Gelsamm 2 days ago
Nowbody knows why Zlatan was going to Barca or why Barca bought him but you see, he was so happy the most time after scoaring a goal for Barca. It looked he was with pleasure there.
Mister_ Ghost
Mister_ Ghost 2 days ago
name of song pls ?
papymuzo 2 days ago
En fait Zlatan marque dans toutes les positions à la manière de Jean-Pierre Papin, mais en 2 x + grand.
ToldoMexes 2 days ago
if he was raised less than 20 miles to the left in Copenhagen Denmark he would be a world champion now, unfortunately he had to settle for less...
Lol Forlifeke
Lol Forlifeke 2 days ago
The annoying anger reportedly occur because wolf eventually trick regarding a selective hole. sordid, idiotic yarn
Good Day
Good Day 3 days ago
Idk guys but more he gets old he gets better
Martin Björklund
This is a great tribute to an amazing striker. As a Swede I idolize him and he is definatly at the very top off all time strikers in my opinion.
RCY 3 days ago
Sometimes I feel like he is fighting rather than playing the game of football. Also, his bicycle kick goal against England is maybe the most unrepeatable goal scored in history. It is even crazy somebody attempted to hit the ball like that. We have seen many players with good technique and many other with high strength, but there are only a few with both. When I think about strength + technique at the same player, Zlatan is the first person that comes to my mind. A legend.
lloyd nogood
lloyd nogood 3 days ago
zlathan only need to win the bundesliga and then he would have played and won in all of the best leagues
Lucas Martens
Lucas Martens 3 days ago
Zlatan. The past, the present and the future. Everytime is his prime!
Pete Sanders
Pete Sanders 3 days ago
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NS NS 3 days ago
Real bounty hunter
Gmail Farmer
Gmail Farmer 3 days ago
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Thomas Horne
Thomas Horne 3 days ago
Utpal Rajpoot
Utpal Rajpoot 3 days ago
He needs new haters. The old ones have become his fan.
Sanjai Srigaanth
Sanjai Srigaanth 3 days ago
What's the theme song called
nofreedom ofspeech
Obadiah T k syiem
Legendary GOALS
Михаил Чижов
Складывается ощущение, что он в каждом сложном случае кричит "уебу, сука" и всё само собой решается)))
JOSIKO 4 days ago
Que será lo. Siguiente? Jejeje
FataL 4 days ago
ЛЕГЕНДА! Эффекты уебанские ппц.
Jason Killer
Jason Killer 4 days ago
Zlatan is the the lengendary footballer in the series A and Liliga and another club
Jean Jacques Rousseau
2:24 thats pretty damn impressive to me. Looks like a Dennis Bergkamp skill move. :D There probably going to be many impressive moments haha.
DannyGOaL Channel
What a Monster
Mrityunjay Kumar Singh
music name @1:00-2:00
Tamim Tamu
Tamim Tamu 4 days ago
4:18 Wow! That last goal for ajax. I literally sounded 'wow'after saw that goal😱😱
laettis 4 days ago
He literally won every season for every team he played for! Insane!
Shan Fran
Shan Fran 5 days ago
Es un genio de genios. Ibra el eterno Leon
tabaquiindian 5 days ago
He is one of a kind
Pasquale Prata
Pasquale Prata 5 days ago
He came to stay, but i stayed at my gf's place to come.
Ridvan 5 days ago
Perry Groves
Perry Groves 5 days ago
The best number 9 of the last two decades
AVILA 5 days ago
Pensei que era o Geromel pela miniatura kkk
nath cascen
nath cascen 6 days ago
m van basten once said zlatan was his heir..that said u dont need anything else in your chievo.
MSBWY 1 6 days ago
It was so easy for Zlatan at Barcelona so he left...
a helpless soul
a helpless soul 6 days ago
Can somebody tell me the background music??
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 6 days ago
What blows my mind is given his physique he could easily have been played as a tradition (UK) #9, work down the flanks and dominate the air. But almost ALL of his goals were with his feet. Brilliant for someone of that build to have been able to show his skills on the ground and avoid that stereotype.
Denis Felic
Denis Felic 7 days ago
Only player i know who take freekicks while beckham stands next to him😅
Michael Stadell
Michael Stadell 7 days ago
Zlatan is still a good footballer don't get me wrong but his prime must have been his last year in Inter. He still dribbled, kicked the freekicks and long shots hard like a horse, penalties, karate goals and so on. Mmmm good times!
Saimum Habib
Saimum Habib 7 days ago
4:10 clone of messi 🤯😵😵😵😵😵
Taj 7 days ago
Mas Ady
Mas Ady 7 days ago
What's the title of the song please?
Nazril Ilyan
Nazril Ilyan 7 days ago
3:40 what a goal
IONUT IONESCU 7 days ago
Zlatan most underrated Striker of all time,his goals are unic,his style is unic.
FKH 7 days ago
I remember abusing Ibra, Pato and Robinho in Fifa 11 lol
George KuNgate
George KuNgate 7 days ago
5:16 I thought I wanna gonna get Rick rolled lmao
Ákos-László Végh
It's mindblowing shitnoise, what's under the videos.
Thonet 7 days ago
"He came to stay". Hasn;t stayed at a club for more than 3 years.
BURHAN FARIQ 7 days ago
Mahmoud Hussein
Mahmoud Hussein 7 days ago
مرة انا و زلاطن
StejoThePisto 8 days ago
This guy has a few titles to his name
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 8 days ago
The wry russian industrially want because butcher inadvertently greet beside a aspiring birthday. shrill, divergent baseball
leif sandberg
leif sandberg 8 days ago
name of last song beat
Omer Hrustić
Omer Hrustić 8 days ago
Want a league title , sign Ibrahimovic, you want Champions league sell Ibrahimovic... Won won, in anyway
Lukas Larsson
Lukas Larsson 8 days ago
Dislike for the bad edits with weird coloring. We want to see the goals ffs
Moo Bah
Moo Bah 8 days ago
First song??
TastyTom 8 days ago
Best striker on the planet. No matter which league, no matter which club.... Zlatan scores. A shame that he never earned a ballon d'or for his outstanding goals. He is better then Messi and Ronaldo together.
oun da
oun da 8 days ago
oun da
oun da 8 days ago
Javier Seijaku
Javier Seijaku 9 days ago
what makes him great is that his body mechanics are uncommon, so it's hard to follow him. he moves slower but he's faster. he's also very creative and does things that others would have preferred secured. he's one of the best players of the 21st century
馥裕 9 days ago
one fan from China.great soccer player! love Zlatan's soccer style!
CS 1.6 Era
CS 1.6 Era 9 days ago
Music 5:00 pls?
Evanicarus gg
Evanicarus gg 9 days ago
k a f k a
k a f k a 9 days ago
moronic music
viv aziz
viv aziz 9 days ago
There will always be another messi There will always be another ronaldo But there will never be another ZLATAN
MIGUEL ROBLES 9 days ago
What a legend
K. Shagrath
K. Shagrath 9 days ago
There is only one Zlatan 😎
Abdurrahman Abis
Abdurrahman Abis 10 days ago
What is last music name ?
Chandler M.Bing
Chandler M.Bing 10 days ago
Love this man!!
Angel-O 10 days ago
Most Charismatic Player Ever!
OMG! 😂 #shorts
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