Zidane HUMILIANTING Brazil | World Cup 2006 HD 1080i

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Enjoy the magical performance from the frenchman Zinedine Zidane against Brazil at the World Cup 2006 quarter final.
English Commentary.
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May 6, 2020




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Bob Bulat
Bob Bulat 9 hours ago
I remember this world cup. The French team at the time was generally made up of old players many thought were past their prime. The coach was basically hated by everyone and the whole team was basically on auto pilot with little input from their coach. Somehow they made it to the final where Zidane's and the French team's tragedy, and the Italian Renaissance concluded. Iconic stuff
Guilherme Freire
Guilherme Freire 11 hours ago
I remember watching this match at the age of 10. Even as a Brazilian, I can't be totally sad, seeing the legend Zizou's performance!
Máximo Xavier
Máximo Xavier 23 hours ago
O Brasil queria jogar contra a França de Zidão sem fazer marcação. Deu nisso aí que os senhores viram.
Mr:Dome Malitong
Kashif Rehman
Imagine his market value if he was playing in his prime today
Franco Mauceri
Franco Mauceri 2 days ago
2006 sorridi zizu.. 😂😂😂
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique 2 days ago
Uma pena que ele não foi campeão. Pior ainda que perdeu a cabeça na final. Jogava muito. Cristiano Ronaldo e Messi jogam muito, mas não dá pra comparar.
Vince The Prince
Vince The Prince 2 days ago
3:44 Patrick Vieira clearly heads the ball Commentator: "Almost for Thierry Henry" GG
Xoxo H
Xoxo H 3 days ago
The beauty of the world cup is zidane
Egrin 3 days ago
The commentator sounds like he's 200 years old.
Junior Scalvi
Junior Scalvi 4 days ago
Cruzou uma bola que deu gol incrivel nossa...
Alexandre Sarmento
I'm Brazilian and i have to say that this Guy played a WC match as he has been Just having Fun with his fellas
Crudy Barfy
Crudy Barfy 6 days ago
er ist hier um euch eine lektion zu erteilen
Fã dele
Kkkkk zidane
Viker G
Viker G 6 days ago
Fantastic player with one hell of a headbutt...
The Rhino
The Rhino 6 days ago
Zidane did nothing close to humiliation!
Faysal Zidane
Faysal Zidane 7 days ago
Matheus do Carmo
Matheus do Carmo 7 days ago
Porra, já basta ter visto isso em HD na época agora ter que ver em Full HD ferrou... kkkkkkk
Mouloud Deffoune
Mouloud Deffoune 7 days ago
La nature reprend ces droits vive Zidane et la France RN 🐖🐽🐷🐖🦓🍋
Lee Legendre
Lee Legendre 8 days ago
The man humble r9 n kaka,let them know wat time it is
memory&chaos 8 days ago
Aussie accent #aus 🇦🇺💯😂🤗
Ren Zo
Ren Zo 8 days ago
Зидан 2 раза хоронил бразильцев на ЧМ
Claudio Casemiro
Claudio Casemiro 8 days ago
Que espetáculo...
LordVaderX dotPy
LordVaderX dotPy 8 days ago
Some stupid childish tecnics and just back off !!!
LordVaderX dotPy
LordVaderX dotPy 8 days ago
Terrible TV camera :/
LordVaderX dotPy
LordVaderX dotPy 8 days ago
Honestly , I don't see any Humilation !!!
Muhammad Riza Abdillah
Performance is temporary, but class is forever..
Terry Westmorland
Unique... The Emperor.
MorganGamer 04
MorganGamer 04 9 days ago
And then he umiliated ital... ah no ahahah
Because I'm BATMAN!
Zidane is the true GOAT. Messi VS CR7 has been fun to watch, but Zizou has achieved so much as a player and coach.
mrcool guy
mrcool guy 9 days ago
Because of a**hole materazzi and his dirty mind zizou couldn't win the world cup Edit:I really love italian football team of 2006,but we all expected zizou's france to win. Like if u agree
ART MAO 9 days ago
Nao foi humilhaçao nenhuma por que nao foi ganho no campo,o Brasil com o time que tinha jamais perderia pra frança.
Dore ibyo utaruzi k'umunyamuziki STEVIE WONDER👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-c2JyNFEnZmw.html
djpeppe18 9 days ago
Yosafat Kushariandi
I remember 2006 WC like yesterday. France had a rough start in the cup but when Zidane start playing, oh boy did he shows why he's one of the best player there. He carried France on the cup
I thought the definition of humiliating brasil is 1:7😅
Irfan Efendi
Irfan Efendi 10 days ago
Amazing ZieZou
MOORLA'S STUDIO 10 days ago
why do all people think this video is cool: ruvid.net/video/video-W6WGlfknZ7c.html
anônimo 10 days ago
Ney mato grosso
Elirah Ramon
Elirah Ramon 10 days ago
One of the Best in history
Autonomia Masculina '
Jogou demais tinha 9 anos que saudade da minha vida que sumiu....
Felipe Fidelis
Felipe Fidelis 10 days ago
Roberto Carlos desgraçado kk
Sijan Bhatta
Sijan Bhatta 10 days ago
In modern football no player will be allowed that much time and space especially at a bigger stage.
Fue un partido cerrado, dónde la diferencia fue un gol. No veo la humillación.
Muscab yare
Muscab yare 10 days ago
World class player
Sher A Bangla
Sher A Bangla 10 days ago
4:31 why did carlos stop and not mark Henry?
The orange carrot
The orange carrot 10 days ago
this wasn't a humiliation..... just some good skills and ball control
Binary1001 10 days ago
He was like Roy Keane but better at football
EDWARDSS15 10 days ago
2k 10 days ago
Zidane can easily control the ball but can't control his temper.
fighting force
fighting force 10 days ago
자다깬다 10 days ago
지단이 이끌던 프랑스를 한국이 지려밟고한 단계 올라갔더랬죠 ㅋㅋ
Mohd Shazwan
Mohd Shazwan 10 days ago
Brazillian nightmare..zidane
platinumUser7 10 days ago
Fake title
AD FO 11 days ago
They thought he was done
Jeep Pattanadej
Jeep Pattanadej 11 days ago
Football as fine art
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez 11 days ago
Por supuesto que Zidane es el mejor jugador francés de la historia, por encima de Platini.
javier lucero
javier lucero 10 days ago
no estoy de acuerdo
Tamal Nandi
Tamal Nandi 11 days ago
For people saying it was just ordinary stuff🙄. Zidane came back from 2 bad seasons and merely managed into French squad.At 34 he was cracking open the Brazilian defense and attracting defenders towards himself henceforth making it easier for other strikers. it was impossible to snatch the ball from his feet.For all his tricks, he did the simplest things better than anyone. For his glorious career, he is mostly remembered for this match. Legend stuff
J H 11 days ago
Zidane is a real French man. May not be perfect, but he’s hard.
He is african
Fahmi Irmansyah
Fahmi Irmansyah 11 days ago
The Greatest Footballer I Ever Knew.
Jord Broad
Jord Broad 11 days ago
Before Messi there was Zidane
Al Wallace
Al Wallace 11 days ago
Seriously? Who ever poisoned Ronaldo's food deserves Man of the tournament. The best player of the year was Ronaldo and the 1998 XI would have to include Brazilians, but Ronaldo was the KEY
Pooya Shirazi
Pooya Shirazi 11 days ago
i watched this match live and to this day it's one of the best games I have ever seen. Zidane dismantled Brazil.
Sandro Leite
Sandro Leite 11 days ago
Ao menos não foi 7x1🤣🤣🤣
AFix 12 days ago
subsribe to my channels for footballs series stories ruvid.net/video/video-UXXDBy_wU30.html
Diego Díaz
Diego Díaz 12 days ago
Soy del 82', y excepto por Maradona en 86' y el burrito Ortega en 98', nunca había visto a un jugador marcar taaanta diferencia con el resto en un partido como Zidane contra Brasil en 2006. Increíble!. Una pena que como entrenador sea tan prejuicioso y dejara fuera del Madrid a un fenómeno como James.
Alan Torres
Alan Torres 12 days ago
Majesty Zidane❤
Damidas 12 days ago
Zidane looks like a villain from a 90s movie
JuAlenzi 12 days ago
Its not humiliation at all.
Zai Fonnn
Zai Fonnn 13 days ago
5:00 simple touch. But for me thats so beautiful
Abdul Fattah
Abdul Fattah 13 days ago
The GOATS: Zidane, Jordan, n Khabib.
Sozib Rahman
Sozib Rahman 8 days ago
Nice list....why not Valentino Rossi and Michael shumacher
S T 13 days ago
Almost as good as Peter Weir.
Michael Kovacev
Michael Kovacev 13 days ago
ziden is soooooooper fugly
zizou hd
zizou hd 13 days ago
This day Brazil played in white
Ash Geo
Ash Geo 13 days ago
Some of these skills have become so outdated
What's my name ??
What's my name ?? 14 days ago
He finished his career at the top,🔝 and is so difficult👍, absolute legend❤️, best midfielder ever 😎, no doubt 💪
Brandon Vice
Brandon Vice 14 days ago
I thought this was the headbutt game
Mr. Master
Mr. Master 14 days ago
Zidane breaths Commentator be like:- OMG Zidane is storming the ground
MoSSad Jewish CIA
MoSSad Jewish CIA 14 days ago
he didnt humiliate nobody
Murilo Domingues
Murilo Domingues 14 days ago
Brasil salto alto total, Zidane jogou pra cacete não merecia terminar a carreira daquele jeito.
Antal B
Antal B 15 days ago
This Brazil team was stacked :O Imagine if a team with Zidane, Henry, Thuram, Vieira and the young Ribery are huge underdogs
Kokakoka 36
Kokakoka 36 10 days ago
I think france was favorite over brazil in that match
Zw jAq
Zw jAq 15 days ago
Zidane se aposentando e colocando o Brasil no bolso. O homem estava só a caveira e ainda assim protegia e limpava o lance como ninguém.
Relax Beat
Relax Beat 16 days ago
Pone a James calvo hp🤣
Yacine Boukecha
Yacine Boukecha 16 days ago
8 / W
Gustavo 16 days ago
O melhor jogador da história o resto é conversa fiada.
Ahmed S
Ahmed S 16 days ago
Zidane serving his French masters, after stealing Algerias resources
Caoimhín Ó Caoimh
Back when sponsor boards weren't TVs
jeampier 16 days ago
selección de los pelados
bb Bb
bb Bb 16 days ago
zidane et la gravite ne font qu 1✌.......quel controle emente quel vista.....je pense que c est le reste du minerai que la FRANCE a pille dans ses pieds!
Fabricio 17 days ago
2:31 Ese codito en el cuello para ganar la marca, es lo mas lindo del mundo. Que viva el futbol Zizuuu
Soldier of Christ
Soldier of Christ 17 days ago
I keep falling for these RUvid bait videos. I didnt see how he humiliated Brazil.
Tamal Nandi
Tamal Nandi 11 days ago
Zidane( coming back from retirement) literally toyed with the players of this legendary brazilian team who were also the defending champions. That's how Brazil team were humiliated.😉
David Dona
David Dona 14 days ago
Well wake up, you will see how.
Jabraan Media
Jabraan Media 17 days ago
Missed the good old days, what is the name of the commentator?
Adelaide Colman
Adelaide Colman 17 days ago
ZIZU Brincou com o Brasil passou por cima Zuou HUMILHOU SEM PENA NEM PIADADE KKKKKKK PARECIA UM adulto No meio das crianças
urogbho Cop
urogbho Cop 18 days ago
Humiliating is a stretch
Maes to Rock 76
Maes to Rock 76 18 days ago
@everbloom nih
Ro Qu
Ro Qu 18 days ago
Humilliating don't think so he only do a couple of good moves
Mostafa Khaial
Mostafa Khaial 18 days ago
It is the best football match in the history
Filippo Cuomo
Filippo Cuomo 18 days ago
Marco materazzi HUMILIANTING Zidane
JX REPUBLIC 18 days ago
Zidane should have won this world cup
matias macina
matias macina 21 day ago
Cuando me hablan de Ronaldinho me pregunto si habrán visto a Zidane
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