ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga, G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Travis Scott,Dr. Dre,50 Cent,Offset [Nitin Randhawa]

Nitin Randhawa
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Kodak Black - ZEZE Remix - Featuring Eminem, Tyga, G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Offset, Kodak Black [Nitin Randhawa]
#AskNitin Episode 3
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Oct 16, 2018




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Comments 100
Nitin Randhawa
Nitin Randhawa 2 years ago
*Follow me on Instagram* - instagram.com/nitin_randhawa/ Added 1 more version of ZEZE on my channel with links below. 1. ZEZE Remix Pt. 2 - Without Kodak Black. With Chris Brown's Uncensored verse - ruvid.net/video/video-N_loQt6_618.html Have fun listening to them! Subscribe, Hit the Bell Icon and share the video :) *Edit* Uploaded my 2 remixes for ZEZE on SoundCloud. Check em out. 1. soundcloud.com/nitin-randhawa/zeze-remix-pt-2-eminem-tyga-swae-lee-chris-brown-g-eazy-nitin-randhawa-remix-1 2. soundcloud.com/nitin-randhawa/zeze-x-taste-tyga-travis-scott-offset-kodak-black-nitin-randhawa-remix
My ppl.m
Rewi Lord
Rewi Lord Day ago
Rewi Lord
Rewi Lord Day ago
Rewi Lord
Rewi Lord Day ago
Rewi Lord
Rewi Lord Day ago
Warren Dunaway
Warren Dunaway 2 hours ago
Licensing yougoboy
Muhammed TAN
Muhammed TAN 3 hours ago
Green Tea
Green Tea Day ago
Can you make one that isn’t “clean” - with all the swear words 😂🥺
kenne the mop
valle412 Morten
this is one off my fav songs rigth now
Deskpop Risk
Deskpop Risk 2 days ago
Free kodack
Максат Алдажар
Yoda Luni
Yoda Luni 3 days ago
Cartola Sgp
Cartola Sgp 3 days ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhw!!! God Songs
Theneonguy 3 days ago
Wow, just, wow
Brandon Matthews
Brandon Matthews 3 days ago
Darth Blunt
Darth Blunt 3 days ago
Nitin is Master of the fusion!!! Rumor has it Chicken and Waffles were 1st combined after he thought about it and put it in a mix!!! Love your work bruh its fire 🔥
T_iiagoo 3 days ago
tyga do be off beat doe
NaThan salazar
NaThan salazar 4 days ago
antonio brown
DãTacóShaq :
DãTacóShaq : 4 days ago
The OG’s make it their own song
Cedieqt? 5 days ago
i thought this is official because im shocked that tyga and travis scott is in one music
DJ cinnamon rolls
This bing,s back memories
Prince Pronto
Prince Pronto 5 days ago
ah yes 2018 vibes
Pham Ha Trang
Pham Ha Trang 5 days ago
Holy fucking shit i've been looking for this
Matilda Fuenzalida
uuuuuuuuuuu brouuuuuu7uuuuuuuuuwu
vitor lopes garcia
Slk mano ficou zika
Dana Yankanich
Dana Yankanich 6 days ago
USA FF 6 days ago
Lyric Helmbright
Lyric Helmbright 6 days ago
Eat u out zeze got u bad my g💋
Jordan Daboss
Jordan Daboss 6 days ago
this is so fire i thought this actually happened and i got excited! you earned my sub!
Skylicity 6 days ago
uploaded 2 years ago today, 71million views later - still one of the best remixes on youtube
jordan romo
jordan romo 6 days ago
best thing ever
Gu Gamer 1
Gu Gamer 1 6 days ago
David Huhn
David Huhn 6 days ago
Playing the Violin being All
G-SOBER 7 days ago
When all Bully Backbenchers one seat
Uday Saxena
Uday Saxena 7 days ago
The surround effect you added. Splendid man...that echo effect after some words!!!!awesome
Muhammad Habibullah
ini lagu keren abis pokoknya mantap lah
Bianchi Lima
Bianchi Lima 7 days ago
que musica foda demnais
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 7 days ago
What about Desiigner
Reginaldo Santana
Brian 81
Brian 81 7 days ago
Shout-out Tom my son Marshall and my wife Siobhan love you's both forever.xxxx xxxx💪💯🙏🌈
bigcokee Utley
bigcokee Utley 8 days ago
1:10 thooo
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Si voy a un concierto de post malone poste me recibe bien posteado se que el me recibira mas bien que arcángel
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Alll rigth
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Is end si ist then si
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Arc angel aaaaaahhhh
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Ar arc gel ahhhh
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Ist end si ist then si
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Arcangel ahahahaha
Dustin Garcia
Dustin Garcia 8 days ago
Arcangel aaaahhhh
progang jc
progang jc 8 days ago
This song is so cool godbless you
Khalaf Alenezi
Khalaf Alenezi 8 days ago
Like for Eminem.
kmk clan
kmk clan 9 days ago
Omg dis fackig gud😁
Gnew LasT
Gnew LasT 9 days ago
Wahid Warraich
Wahid Warraich 9 days ago
In love❤❤
Shaheen Akhtar
Shaheen Akhtar 9 days ago
Ayo dis song dope
Emiljan Bajrami
Emiljan Bajrami 10 days ago
6224 comment
Isabel Yong
Isabel Yong 10 days ago
Chirindza Silvestre
The song🙌💃
Skyler 10 days ago
how come i only see this in 2020 like.....0-0
Bryan Onkoba
Bryan Onkoba 10 days ago
Lukin lyk I still do fraud.,,🤓🤓
LuizeiraFF 10 days ago
Digas 11 days ago
sempre amei essa trackkkkkkkjjjj
Warley Juneo
Warley Juneo 6 days ago
hahahaha, conheci a pouco tempo e todo dia estou aqui desde então.
Fabie Plonquet
Fabie Plonquet 11 days ago
Fire remix omg finnaly
Don Liddy
Don Liddy 11 days ago
god G eazy is so trash compared to the others lol
Andy g
Andy g 11 days ago
This is good bro
Big Yachty
Big Yachty 11 days ago
Amdusias Fairchild
Amdusias Fairchild 11 days ago
Wtf lol
R3N4XxX 11 days ago
DaRCScent 11 days ago
dr0ke 12 days ago
maram tariq
maram tariq 12 days ago
N. B🐜
javo javo7
javo javo7 12 days ago
hold on
Mazlum INCE
Mazlum INCE 13 days ago
which rapper is he at 03:50
rvh 13 days ago
Anyone still listening to this today??
James Winters
James Winters 13 days ago
It's that ze shyt
fapkin 13 days ago
Raped replay
Francisco Montoya
Francisco Montoya 13 days ago
brimi atin bros akirenpacais atudefra asken frondemoni anleros asmama anyupapa tutausen tueni tueni bringen atin bases fronmarakliastan
Francisco Montoya
Francisco Montoya 13 days ago
yukimedebon antu milian garos andrigen brimi degels anyos
Lil keemie Boy
Lil keemie Boy 13 days ago
the best collab ever in EVER👌
Brandon Booker
Brandon Booker 14 days ago
EliteSpartnOPS1 14 days ago
this guy doesn't get enough credit. You awesome bro!!!!
ARenzity 14 days ago
lol 69m views
Adrian Portillo
Adrian Portillo 14 days ago
Cna somone put this on spotify
Wlad 14 days ago
69m views, ha funny
Darius Hyper
Darius Hyper 14 days ago
One random people who like this will be Rich in 2 Years
Darius Hyper
Darius Hyper 14 days ago
One random people who like this will be Rich in 2 Years
Darius Hyper
Darius Hyper 11 days ago
Mr.smiley idk i postes cause i want to see how many likes i can get lmao 😂😂🤣🤣😅
jeannette smith
jeannette smith 12 days ago
@Mr.smiley fr
Mr.smiley 13 days ago
commenting the same thing 3 consecutive times, now the question is what do u get from RUvid likes?
Darius Hyper
Darius Hyper 14 days ago
One random people who like this will be Rich in 2 Years
Darius Hyper
Darius Hyper 14 days ago
One random people who like this will be Rich in 2 Years
Adam Madrouni
Adam Madrouni 15 days ago
David Posadas
David Posadas 15 days ago
chimgem a toda su ,adre
David Posadas
David Posadas 15 days ago
fuck you
opulent pancake
opulent pancake 15 days ago
spartacus gladiatos
mds como eu vim par aaqui #spartacus ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, na briza n da pra escuta , v o da uma cabeçada na parede :0
Venom Ruins
Venom Ruins 16 days ago
This shi sound so real no cap
Carlos Díaz
Carlos Díaz 16 days ago
do gucci manes song with anuel and put in young dolph and keyglock would be hard asf @nitin Randhawa
Botond Nagy
Botond Nagy 17 days ago
From 7:13 Which song is it? :(
Lucas Renda Online
Lucas Renda Online 17 days ago
ficou braba demais slc
Austin Wright
Austin Wright 17 days ago
this song is awesome my bro
Tiago Gomes
Tiago Gomes 18 days ago
Chapada de loca essa música
Emrullah Şahin
Emrullah Şahin 18 days ago
Oh, my got
F.R.G 13 days ago
selamün aleyküm
Emrullah Şahin
Emrullah Şahin 15 days ago
@andres._covers veryy muchh
andres._covers 15 days ago
Awesome rigth?
Joaquín Valenzuela
tema culiao weno x la ctm
g. money
g. money 19 days ago
clair de lune
Akash G
Akash G 19 days ago
Do one with life is good too!
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