ZELDA Breath Of The Wild 2 Official Trailer (2020) E3 2019 Nintendo Game HD

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ZELDA Breath Of The Wild 2 Official Trailer (2020) E3 2019 Nintendo Game HD
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 804
lara is cool
lara is cool Day ago
I ship legend and Zelda
pk pro
pk pro Day ago
WIND WAKER 2 i need it
EmmaLlove Day ago
Anyone scrolling through the comments to find out the date of release?😂😂😂
Julius cotton
Julius cotton 3 days ago
What if Gannon gets his hands on Majora's mask....could you imagine how powerful he would be then with the triforce.....man.
adam adam
adam adam 3 days ago
Ghanggher ii et larbinatory
But is not in WII U
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 days ago
You don’t say...?
Puffy Puff
Puffy Puff 8 days ago
Are you sure that's not a horror game..?
Sniperdiaper Girl
*randomly sees video* *clicks* Me: hmm I wonder what this i- HOLY FRICKING CRAP?! WHAT?! I DIDNT KNOW THIS FOR 3 MONTHS?! *3* MONTHS?! *scream intestifies*
Ice Berry Wolf
Ice Berry Wolf 9 days ago
Eeeee! This gives me the creeps! And the other thing that is off t could be a coincidence but In breath of the wild 1 Me and Zelda had long hair at the exact same length and I got my hair cut to my shoulders and than a week later this trailer came out and Zelda's hair got cut to her shoulders too! This funny but weird! 😂
I've never played a Zelda game ever in my life but this... looks frankly like I want to give it a try.
ATShadow x1
ATShadow x1 18 hours ago
@Love Stomping well, the switch does have a handful of games with checking, dark souls remastered (but only if you didn't play the original) hollow knight is also a pleasant surprise for metroidvanias and is perfect introductory game to the genre (and in my opinion one of the best games on switch) and plenty of ports have been announced, such as the witcher 3. so I dunno, the switch is off to a promising life as a console.
Love Stomping
Love Stomping 8 days ago
Bro i bought a switch for the sake of playing the first one and it wqs worth. Sadly the switch doesnt have alot of other games that make me want to buy the console but this right here is the deal breaker
Kitty girl83
Kitty girl83 11 days ago
It's gonna be fricking cool
[DATA EXPUNGED] 11 days ago
Zelda has cut off her hair? Why?
•_ᖴIᖇE _•
•_ᖴIᖇE _• 11 days ago
*If u can choose Zelda this time im choosing Zelda ._.*
DespicableMatt ッ
DespicableMatt ッ 14 days ago
Take my money Nintendo...
An Aldmeri Dominion Enforcer
The cartoony cel shaded kiddy art style is bad! I want the dark atmosph- 0:58
Ricardo Cox
Ricardo Cox 16 days ago
Is Zelda the guy or the girl?
Ice Berry Wolf
Ice Berry Wolf 9 days ago
Zelda is the beautiful women!😀
RXTOTX 17 days ago
When are they going to make a zelda twilight princess style :(
Pike Sike
Pike Sike 17 days ago
0:56 was disgusting
Coded Waffle
Coded Waffle 20 days ago
That’s freaking creepy- the way his head snaps towards the camera - and oh god the sounds ugh shskeivsnwidbb
Gronenberg López
Gronenberg López 14 days ago
I'm freaking out XD. I'm very excited
Nate Patterson
Nate Patterson 21 day ago
If we're getting Ganondorf back I wholeheartedly want Riju or Urbosa's ghost to be in the main story.
Sumbae 7
Sumbae 7 23 days ago
Nightblade Hawk
Nightblade Hawk 23 days ago
So Ganondorf returns and by the looks of it Link and Zelda are in BIG trouble.
park ;
park ; 24 days ago
pega todo meu dinheiro logo
shade 88
shade 88 25 days ago
Sooo ima gonna be sick from work for a good month when this comes out lol I think I've got a chest infection
arturo subero
arturo subero 27 days ago
Esto parece una pelicula de terror con esa cancion v,. de satanas
Овощечист 28 days ago
Ahh shit here we go again.
Robert Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman 29 days ago
All I wanted to do was explore hyrule castle without being shot at, now ganondorf stole the mother fucker
Hubris 29 days ago
Why do I feel like that's Ganondorf's body? Do any of you think that!?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 27 days ago
It is his body, red hair, Gerudo jewellery, Gerudo symbols, malice, it’s definitely Ganondorf
Richard IJames
Richard IJames Month ago
Cant wait.. great game
Viktor Lecter
Viktor Lecter Month ago
should have been a DLC, but yay! only 4 more years.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 27 days ago
It’s using the same engine as BOTW, it’ll probably be out in two years at most
hejter popular 1.0
Boaz Russell
Boaz Russell Month ago
Just gonna point out- at 1:05 Hyrule Castle starts to rise. Is it possible that a corrupted form of the Tower of the Gods rests beneath? After all, where you fight Calamity Ganon first after the divine beast forms resembles that in which you fight the boss there in Windwaker...
Cayla Campbell
Cayla Campbell Month ago
Alert SydCat
Alert SydCat Month ago
The fact that I went 3 months without realizing that this was gonna be a thing angers me, how dare I not stay up to date with this. Shame on me (XD)
Tristan Month ago
don’t repost a trailer that doesn’t belong to you for views everyone here go watch the official nintendo video
Belnardo Castelo
I want an underwatet exploration just like the experience we got from mario oddysey.. Link can either drink a potion or wear an armor with fins in order to atay longer underwater.... Please make this happen nintendo
z Month ago
Who's ready for "The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf's Rehydration"
PuppyOmatic Month ago
The music made chills run down my spine! D:😰
Nintendo player
Nintendo player Month ago
wait.. ganon was sleeping in the basement? then who did i kill in the 1st game?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Month ago
A puppet created by him most likely
Pham Hoangnam
Pham Hoangnam Month ago
Maja Löndahl
Maja Löndahl Month ago
I've played Zelda Breath of the wild 1. And I love it. I've cleared the game twice. Now I reacently have that weird motorcykle. I can't wait till Zelda Breath of wild 2 comes out now x3
purple Seok
purple Seok Month ago
dude, this rather seemed like it'll be a horror game- but i like it 🤩
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Month ago
I can expect the game of course to have light hearted moments. But I mean, we definitely need some creepy. This is success to creepy. Honestly reminds me of all those messed up caves like the one housing Bongo Bongo. Which alsi happened to house Dead Hand- I WANT DEAD HAND BACK
Holy crap I CANT WAIT
Alex Humphrey
Alex Humphrey Month ago
David Month ago
I might as well buy a switch just for that. As long as they make cooking less tedious. The animations and the "throw it in the pot" mechanic were fun the first 3 times, but a bit annoying afterwards in my opinion.
Lucas James TV
Lucas James TV Month ago
Is this gonna come out 2024?
Why? Why i have to wait after 2020
Lazer Blast
Lazer Blast Month ago
Fire Ant
Fire Ant Month ago
(PP) Very Hard.
Thomas James
Thomas James Month ago
ive cum my pants thanks nintendo
Mimi Month ago
Thanks to Eric who translated the Song
ritchie brown
ritchie brown Month ago
I’m so so damn excited for this I can’t even describe I played the living hell out of breath of the wild and majoras mask is one of if not my favourite Zelda game So seeing breath of the wild getting the dark and gritty treatment majoras mask did is honestly gonna make me cry with happiness
KryptKicker5 2 months ago
Well, I guess it's time for me to actually beat the first one XD
conall murray
conall murray 2 months ago
i still have not beat botw 1
Leviatra 2 months ago
How do they want to make a new Map if its still playing in Hyrule? I really Hope they doesnt want to use the same Map then its simply an DLC
Fatima Benida
Fatima Benida 2 months ago
Your not nintendo
stuart gilmour
stuart gilmour 2 months ago
My God the bad guys creepy
Sid Pirate
Sid Pirate 2 months ago
Hello, I would like to be in a Legend Of Zelda MOVIE... ENTITLED: The Legend Of Zelda: The Myth Of Gannon ALSO I would to help CREATE the NEW video game for this movie... This IDEA is for the NEW country of HEAVEN... The idea for the movie/video game is ME, Link comes from Hyrule from HEAVEN to stop Gannon from evilness... The movie/video game also will FEATURE: Walking horses, a DARK Link at the beginning... and THE STAR vehicles, other than riding on horses to get around the land of Hyrule... Thanks let me know soon... For HEAVEN COUNTRY awaits us ALL...
Raven L. Twilight
Raven L. Twilight 2 months ago
I just hope that zelda doesn't get the "Kairi Treatment" like in kingdom hearts 3 in BOTW 2
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