ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn (Official Video) ft. Sia

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Sep 7, 2017




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Comments 99
Olive Ohar
Olive Ohar 2 hours ago
Legendary song ever best viedo and best collection and best song of year
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz 2 hours ago
Queo loco con este temazooooooooo😍🥵
Nami Lion
Nami Lion 2 hours ago
Legendary King and Queen
Rliv 2 hours ago
I used to think, he sang “like a paparazzi” in chorus.
قرأني في قلبي
يا عرب مليار مشاهدة 😂😂😂😂😂
Sandra Schuchhardt
Sandra Schuchhardt 3 hours ago
aswin raj
aswin raj 3 hours ago
Love Jaguar💖
Bot 2 BS
Bot 2 BS 3 hours ago
anyone here in may 2021?
Spector Gaming
Spector Gaming 4 hours ago
Sharukh Khan love this guy
Nicolas 4 hours ago
I love you Zayn❤️
Mariel Angeles
Mariel Angeles 4 hours ago
That high notes is 27 seconds
Emili ColqueR
Emili ColqueR 4 hours ago
Alguen que venga de tik tok 2021!?
Seven Crystals
Seven Crystals 4 hours ago
Why Zayn follows Justin Bieber?? 🤔🤔
Alberto Escalante
Alberto Escalante 5 hours ago
This song inspired me!!!
User Name
User Name 5 hours ago
Shimanto Ashik
Shimanto Ashik 5 hours ago
1.6B View
Umair Ansari
Umair Ansari 6 hours ago
What Was In The Suitcase Man ?🙄
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 6 hours ago
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 6 hours ago
Wilson Perez
Wilson Perez 6 hours ago
Sia has the angelic voice in this song ❤❤😍
I love dogs And all animals
*sad twerking*
נועם שנקר
נועם שנקר 6 hours ago
nana jk
nana jk 6 hours ago
Zayn FAM attendance
Goldfield Mines
Goldfield Mines 7 hours ago
As long as I am not the only one listening in May 2021... I feel Blessed ❤️❤️❤️
Úrsula Vitória
Úrsula Vitória 7 hours ago
PQP o zayn é tão lindo
NINJA GAMER 7 hours ago
Music beatifull
Leah Ramo
Leah Ramo 7 hours ago
Seeing zayn 3years of making his own music makes me happy seeing him happy and i think he is not suffering from depression anymore. Thanks to those who are there and truly understand him...
Erika Santos
Erika Santos 7 hours ago
Fast and furious Zayn's version
Roxy Celis
Roxy Celis 8 hours ago
Aqui mayo 2021 y la sigo escuchando alguien mas
M&B Squad 4L
M&B Squad 4L 8 hours ago
This song is everything💗
S S 8 hours ago
rehana akhter
rehana akhter 8 hours ago
zayn in also familier in bangladesh 🌸
Nicolás Romero
Nicolás Romero 8 hours ago
un genio
Balram Mishra
Balram Mishra 8 hours ago
Medicine of heartbreak 💔
Rakshitha A.S.N
Rakshitha A.S.N 9 hours ago
Is there is any army here
Who’s that girl?
3 TYPES MOVIES 9 hours ago
Goosbooms stars from sia 1:20
Ernő Kiss
Ernő Kiss 9 hours ago
Who's here in 2021? 👀
GressyMagd 10 hours ago
dusk till dawn only this song is on my mind.
Renàta Németh
Renàta Németh 10 hours ago
Hinata Fox
Hinata Fox 10 hours ago
Привет народ Мне просто интересно Здесь есть русские?
Meryeme Ab
Meryeme Ab 11 hours ago
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Τζασπρίτ Σίνγκ
He looks like Gay
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Ssss official
Ssss official 11 hours ago
Shafim 332
Shafim 332 11 hours ago
He have wao voice but people get jealous and didn't give him good songs lot but look where he is now
Elisampeta Gkolikai
Elisampeta Gkolikai 11 hours ago
Even after 3 years it is still my favourite 😍
nita meita
nita meita 11 hours ago
I like it👍👍👍
DESERT 12 hours ago
This song reminds me of this song
DESERT 12 hours ago
Un crocodil cuminte,pășește înainte Cu spatele pe drum,un elefant e acum Un pinguin aparte,pășește într-o parte Iar eu cu bicicleta merg în cealaltă parte
Ahmed Da Rapper
Ahmed Da Rapper 12 hours ago
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Amira Hamzeh
Amira Hamzeh 12 hours ago
Stuck in my head
Rafid Shuvo
Rafid Shuvo 13 hours ago
When I see Zayn.. I always remember 1D
Harshmani Raturi
Harshmani Raturi 14 hours ago
Harshmani Raturi
Harshmani Raturi 14 hours ago
Adyan khan
Adyan khan 14 hours ago
Comment are more than dislike s
Sr Gokuzinh ꤶ
Sr Gokuzinh ꤶ 14 hours ago
CADE OS BR EM 2021?🇧🇷
Jatin Kannar
Jatin Kannar 14 hours ago
Zayn 🎸🌠
Fan Ronaldo and pes
Fan Ronaldo and pes 14 hours ago
good song ☺️☺️
Namita Borah
Namita Borah 15 hours ago
Let me know in the comments who loves his voice 💖
P R Ë D R Ã T Ø R 文 ØP
Seeing now 2021 .... Please attendence by lit the like bottom 👍
lion heart
lion heart 15 hours ago
Sripriya K
Sripriya K 16 hours ago
Can we just agree that Zayn has one of the most desirable vocals in the music industry, like DUDE HE HAS SUCH AMAZING VOCALS!!!!!!
Kendrick 16 hours ago
GaGo Ke
GaGo Ke 17 hours ago
This mix is a century hit🔥!.
Gerald Chungu
Gerald Chungu 17 hours ago
2021 we here again > will forever come back here :)
Lawson Tuladhar
Lawson Tuladhar 17 hours ago
I still get the chills!
Mihir Bhosale
Mihir Bhosale 17 hours ago
This song of Zayn hits differently!! :^)
J e n n i e
J e n n i e 17 hours ago
Soy Kpopers y al escuchar esta cancion desperto en mi varios recuerdos de dolor que he vivido durante mi infancia...He vistos varios videos de mas kpopers usando esta musica y por fin la pude encontrar. Para mi esta musica es de los mejor. ♡︎
H B 16 hours ago
Enna lang.ithu
Sam Lucinder
Sam Lucinder 18 hours ago
We can take it to 2 billion views, the speed of increasing views here is good, let's just do it, but st3eam it, zayn deserves it and we have to do it for Zayn 💪🔥
_aesthetic_ 18 hours ago
Listen everyday🌟
CJ Mikael Christyr Omandac
I came here for tiktok lol
Harina Jaylyen
Harina Jaylyen 19 hours ago
I like to zayn
suyanny silva
suyanny silva 19 hours ago
Quarta-feira 12 de Maio,02:13 2021 ❣
Prathima S
Prathima S 19 hours ago
the one and only...💑💑💑
siss 20 hours ago
I'm obsessed with this song
Kshitija Chimote
Kshitija Chimote 20 hours ago
Me searching for 3 years old comments
Creación Play
Creación Play 20 hours ago
✨De que país eres 🇵🇦✌🏻✨
Creación Play
Creación Play 20 hours ago
✨Y por fin encontraste un comentario en español verdad ✌🏻✨
hara nath
hara nath 20 hours ago
I need a V X Zayn collab Please 😭🙏
Shahriar hassan Tazim
One of my favourite song💖🔥🖤
Showbiz Industry
Showbiz Industry 20 hours ago
He is Muslim and he said in British media interview refuse to be called a Muslim. Very shameful.😡
HoseokJin97 21 hour ago
omg no sabía que había llegado al B
Gionardo Zakiasaputra
Sarbesh Adhikari
Sarbesh Adhikari 21 hour ago
First one minute I didnt feeled the song but the another minute My heart reached its maximum limits of happiness ❤🔥😅
Milind Padvi
Milind Padvi 22 hours ago
I love zayn
YouTube Abraham Ken Channel Pemula
7 years I was looking for this song finally found it too
Feitan God
Feitan God 22 hours ago
Live every day like it’s ur last...
Cielo 22 hours ago
iconic, no puedo creer que tenga más vistas que take me to church? tuvo tanta promo que se sintió su impacto, en cambio zayn sin promo...
Calyx NS
Calyx NS 23 hours ago
killing voice😇😇😇😇😇
FluphyHD 23 hours ago
Sabrina JA
Sabrina JA 23 hours ago
Still listening in 2021❤️
Sladjan I
Sladjan I 23 hours ago
Bebi always love you❤️SiN
Gabriela Wanderley
Kevin Carrillo
Soyy la única colombiana y que habla español parece🇨🇴
Laaibah Fatimah
Girl voice is more beautiful than Zain
Trucks are getting out of hand
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