Zach LaVine won’t be well-rounded only shooting 3s and layups - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby have a problem with the Chicago Bulls telling Zach LaVine to eliminate the mid-range jumper from his arsenal.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 536
Spectra Phantom
Makes no sense to not shoot midrange shots. It’s literally 80 percent of the floor, control the midrange, you control the game
adrain tucker
adrain tucker 4 days ago
At work watching
SGTSayz 11 days ago
Show me 150 players in the league that are better than J Crossover and I got $50 for your cash app.
Coolkidz Media
Coolkidz Media 12 days ago
I don’t see a issue with Lavines game all the best players had a nasty mid range game
bigarj2 14 days ago
Rose is on point!
jodog31 14 days ago
The three is not ruining the game. Did the Toronto raptors win relying on 3s? The league is wide open this year and years to come.
Wesley Kipp
Wesley Kipp 15 days ago
Adding onto the players that thrive from mid range: Kawhi Leonard. A large amount of shots he takes are from that area, whether it be from the post or with a pull-up, and he's considering one of the better scorers now. As much as 3 pointers and paint scoring is important, it isn't everything.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 days ago
Forgot that he also shoots dunks
G. Coleman
G. Coleman 15 days ago
Love when Jalen gets all excited before he makes his spot on point. If you time it perfectly, you can see this little bright shiny light in his eye before answering a Q with somma dat Knowledge, it's Great. All i can say is, that's Passion folks
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 16 days ago
Analytics want the league de-Kobe-fied.
ASR-10 Beats
ASR-10 Beats 17 days ago
Hope he goes to the Pistons! They need a 2 Guard.. Plus Drose is gonna ball regardless
ArchtopNYC 17 days ago
1) He ain't MJ or Kobe or KD 2) He's not playing in the 90s/early 2000s 3) his game is already dunks/layups and 3s 4) we don't know exactly what the analytics dept told him - it may have just been the graphic they put up here - his mid range shooting % is not good
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq 17 days ago
This mid-range game is a game changer. Seriously
DannyT 28
DannyT 28 17 days ago
Garpax at their finest.
bojo perez
bojo perez 17 days ago
guards dont know how to post up anymore.. before from the smallest to the tallest knew how to post up
JADiaz10 18 days ago
Our staff is ruining Dunn too. He’s a midrange shooter and they are saying eliminate the shot. Stupid.
mrmacross 18 days ago
You LIMIT midrange shots but don't ELIMINATE them. Even Steph Curry, the NBA's most prolific bomber, shoots 25% of his shots not as layups or 3's. If you can score from anywhere, you have to be defended everywhere. It's like running the football in the NFL. You get fewer yards per play than passing, but by committing to the run in the first half, the defense has to honor the run and it will eventually open up the passing game. And then in the second half, if you're winning you have to be able to run out the clock and wear out defenses. That said, LaVine needs to stop bricking from midrange, because he takes a bunch of contested midrange shots that kill the team. Last year he shot 26% from 3-10 feet, 30% from 10-16 feet, and 38% on long twos. That won't get it done. He's gotta stop shooting in traffic.
jdv 86er
jdv 86er 19 days ago
I blame Steph Curry for this
Kevin Crater
Kevin Crater 19 days ago
Analytics didn't ruin baseball, it gave smaller markets a chance to compete.
Cuckhead McGee
Cuckhead McGee 19 days ago
You can make millions off a strong midrange game. Smh ridiculous
WSL 19 days ago
Why are they trynna force him to not be himself. Kawhi is killing it rn and he's a mid-range beast
Eloy Robles
Eloy Robles 19 days ago
thank you jalen rose this all these new bullshit stats are ruining basketball mid range is not dead
Mark A
Mark A 20 days ago
I was wondering what happened to Jamal Crawford... he is another who should be signed
Jacob Rosenberg
Jacob Rosenberg 20 days ago
Mid range is good, deep 2's are bad.
wassup 20 days ago
Zach , keep being versatile
wassup 20 days ago
Bulls need Phil Jackson
Simply Timm
Simply Timm 20 days ago
I can't believe Pax is with this. It's just so idiotic. It's like if MJ played today and you tell him to lose the mid-range game. A player is what he is....
The Chill Opinion
The Chill Opinion 20 days ago
It aint the analytics, its how you interpret and apply them. Analytics have truly revolutionised the game in a better way. If rockets are loosing it's just because of misinterpretaion of data.
Unknown 20 days ago
The Analytics department should just let the guy do his thing. His a great talent. Just shoot whatever you feel is open or confortable.
MrFuchew 20 days ago
Good god hire crawford
Corey Mungo
Corey Mungo 20 days ago
Analytics are definitely killing the game
TheGalaOne Muza
TheGalaOne Muza 20 days ago
kawhii is a top3 player in the NBA and he takes midrangers constantly
First Last
First Last 20 days ago
Stats don't really mean nothing. Because a bench player can make a game winning shot just as much as the so called go to guy can.
ThA MAN C MAcK 20 days ago
Yea the Bulls are trippen. Lavine is underrated and The Bulls just need to let him Go. Let him do what he does on the court. Don’t start messing with dudes head as he’s stepping into his prime.
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 21 day ago
He's a scrub!
deprogrammer 21 day ago
WHAT? IF ZACH CAN SHOOT 3'S AND EASY LAYUPS AND DUNKS THEN WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? HE CAN SHOOT MIDRANGE..BUT WHY IF HE CAN GET TO THE RIM AND DRAW A FOUL? Not many guys who can shoot the 3 like a mid range jumper and also soar like MJ..He's got midrange game but why does it matter? Draw the fouls for the and 1..DUH...
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox 21 day ago
Numbers shouldn’t dictate your strategy. Welp I’ll turn this off
Chidi Okonmah
Chidi Okonmah 21 day ago
If I were Zach, I would say "trade me". This is ridiculous. He is "THE STAR" of the bulls. The NBA just approved his all star chip this off season. Every NBA player who is good gets a chip for all star. When the league decides, they will we make him an all star. There are players who average 20+ points. It's not about if you are good. If you are great your rookie year and the talent is undeniable, then you have to ascend. At the end of the day, it's not about talent (Jamal Crawford) or money (Gilbert Arenas). You have to play the game and I'm not talking about basketball. If you dont believe, just look at Jamal Crawford.
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara 21 day ago
Mid range is the easiest shot due to the fact that it's rarely contested by defenses.
Exillens 2.0
Exillens 2.0 21 day ago
How is KD regarded so much for his scoring when LeBron has a higher career scoring average? The one thing KD does great LeBron is better than him at
Venne V.
Venne V. 18 days ago
Exillens 2.0 Lebron can’t even make it as far as KD did in the West 😭😭
Exillens 2.0
Exillens 2.0 18 days ago
@Venne V. You're reaching to find something. KD choked against the Warriors after being up 3-1 he shot 36%fg the last 3 games and choked the series away before joining the team he couldn't beat. See, we can all bring up facts. KD's best thing is scoring and LeBron beats him at that. KD never even made an all defensive team. Man LeBron is truly great. Wow
Venne V.
Venne V. 18 days ago
Exillens 2.0 KD did hit 2 game winners 2 years in a row in Lebron’s face. KD has serious injuries that mess his numbers up. Lebron couldn’t even guard Jason Terry or JJ Barea in the 2011 finals with a healthy Wade and Bosh
Exillens 2.0
Exillens 2.0 19 days ago
@Venne V. Doesn't matter. Scoring isn't even LeBron's main focus and he still averages more points for his career. That's why KD doesn't have 4 MVPs and 3 rings either. KD's best thing LeBron is better at. Truly great. Wow
Venne V.
Venne V. 19 days ago
Exillens 2.0 Lebron still isnt a 4 time scoring champ regardless
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 21 day ago
This is simple, if Lavine wants to keep shooting from the mid-range he needs to start shooting better at mid-range. If there was a player who wouldn't stop jacking up threes when he has a bad percentage at the three-point line, Jalen would saying that he needs to stop shooting threes.
Piosan Salvare
Piosan Salvare 21 day ago
Analytics can be ignored. Please let’s all ignore them. The day that a player that shoots 3s and ley ups can’t pull ups from mid range, people will start saying how incomplete that player is. So let’s just all ing ore those dumb mathematicians and enjoy the skilled dudes that can score from anywhere
keema315 21 day ago
I love the mid range. I'll knock that down all day
It's sad how the Bulls have tried to silence good players Thats ok watch when they trade him he's gonna be something special on a contender!!!
VrQz Silent #Bulls2022Champs
Trust me, LaVine’s midrange will be useful whenever the Bulls make the playoffs.
We Are The 99
We Are The 99 21 day ago
Let those nerds play, see if the Bulls win one?
Vargas 21 day ago
Jalen's right
Vargas 21 day ago
Analytics destroyed baseball
West Side
West Side 21 day ago
Zach need to go to the warriors as there small forward he would fit well there have sombody that can attack defend n hit the 3 wen needed he need to go help them for 2 years
will liam
will liam 21 day ago
Analytics has been abused, most notably by Morey of MIT MIT must be cringing in shame
will liam
will liam 21 day ago
Melo is out because of his egotistic attitude not his ga me
xandre 21 day ago
What Jalen Rose won?
will liam
will liam 21 day ago
They mis using analytics And morey is from MIT, how shameful
Gabe Mancino
Gabe Mancino 21 day ago
That’s why they say curry ruined the game. He’s so efficient and so good from three, able to win championships and MVPs shooting threes and now everyone wants to do it.
Young Page
Young Page 21 day ago
If you live by the 3 you will die by the 3 - Charles Barkley It's funny he was talking about golden state when he made that comment years ago
Craig Dillon
Craig Dillon 21 day ago
I agree to disagree with the analytics.
Nathan Mccumber
Nathan Mccumber 21 day ago
Too bad Jalen Rose couldn't played defense. Gave up 81
Peter Coyle
Peter Coyle 21 day ago
Any analytic stating mid range and mid post buckets don't matter, go back and watch the Raptors title run
Wobba Fett
Wobba Fett 21 day ago
analytics is stupid and daryl morey poisoned the world with video game balling ( 3-dunk-lay in ) speaking as a geek myself who happened to play semi-pro ball in my athletic days
Gonig Bratal
Gonig Bratal 21 day ago
if you score you score, everything else is bullshit
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