Zach LaVine won’t be well-rounded only shooting 3s and layups - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby have a problem with the Chicago Bulls telling Zach LaVine to eliminate the mid-range jumper from his arsenal.
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Published on


Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Pranav Venutur
Pranav Venutur 6 hours ago
I'm a bulls fan and I hate to say this but Lavine needs to switch teams if he wants to be recognized Either that or he needs help on the bulls
Censored 1
Censored 1 2 months ago
Blame his coach not Zach
Jimmy KGB
Jimmy KGB 2 months ago
LaVine is a beast! He should change NOTHING at all!!!
Bryant Portis
Bryant Portis 3 months ago
Didn’t kobe drop 81 on him? And he wanna talk about contesting shots😂😂😂 do better Jalen Rose😭😭
iiozzyii 3 months ago
He also does mid range, dunks and can handle the ball. Your point?
Matthew Boettcher
Matthew Boettcher 3 months ago
Even Steph isn't allergic to mid-range. If he has an open mid range he will take it and he will take it to get into a rythym if necessary
codejjm 3 months ago
Oh please, non of you voted for Devin Booker to be an all star and he is the best from mid range this season.
Don P
Don P 3 months ago
However if you can hit the three with great percentage shoot away by all means
Don P
Don P 3 months ago
The reason mj and Kobe were so fun to watch was because they could hurt anywhere on the court, and the way they Maneuvered in the paint with the mid range was like art on a canvas so smooth and fluid, showed how crafty and athletic they were, anybody can jack up twenty threes a game, eventually you’re gonna score if you just jack up threes
Jomina Mejbon
Jomina Mejbon 3 months ago
Yoo i don't understand what u trying to say white boy..
Glenn Stacks
Glenn Stacks 4 months ago
I guarantee you that the Bulls will never ever win a NBA championship with John Paxton and Gar Forman in charge of that team !
Myron Jr
Myron Jr 4 months ago
Not one mid range shot Zach? 🤔
Kashaun Morris
Kashaun Morris 4 months ago
You should be scoring from everywhere. To be real
kendrick santiago
kendrick santiago 4 months ago
Trae young , Zion Williamson , Giannis , Luka Donik future of nba
Russell Moore
Russell Moore 4 months ago
What Jalen Rose said in the piece should be Emmy worthy. It was that good, for those that have played the game of basketball. This is why I like Kobe above Lebron. Kobe can shoot free throws, shoot threes, and his short game was amazing. To me this is why Lebron will have a problem offensively as he gets old. Great job Jalen, outstanding comments.
Antonio 4 months ago
Crazy how one of if the best player Kawhi gets most of his points in the mid range.
Celab Williams
Celab Williams 4 months ago
im not really trying to watch a sport that involves passing it in bounds and then passing it one more time to shoot and either miss and have the opposition throw the ball to the three point or paint and repeat. Its just way to simple and childlike. At that point NBA might as well be 3 on 3 if you're only shooting 3 pointers or just laying it up for safety.
Sam Hartje
Sam Hartje 4 months ago
The only problem is that Zach is not very good at shooting mid rangers
Devine kemp
Devine kemp 4 months ago
Zach lavine is on another level honestly 💯
What else is he suppose to do Jalen... Jalen must be mentally unstable... A two point jumpshot is the worst shot in the book and should only be taken as the last result moron. Smh...
Bailen Ganeshappa
Bailen Ganeshappa 4 months ago
With the high school basketball court it’s weird cause almost no one shoots in the midrange cause they court is too small. I feel it should be extended but too many courts already at 74
Bailen Ganeshappa
Bailen Ganeshappa 4 months ago
They ain’t making it to the playoffs tho
Bailen Ganeshappa
Bailen Ganeshappa 4 months ago
Bruh he has a mid range
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo 4 months ago
He need to get out of Chicago
JayJuiceonthebeat 4 months ago
eduardo pardo
eduardo pardo 5 months ago
Do not move back the 3 point line and do not take out the corner 3 That’s dumb
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 5 months ago
At this rate will the half-court line just become the 3 point line. My thought is college and pros (men and women both) should just use the FIBA line and be done with it
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 5 months ago
Analytics is good and bad at the same time, its relationship with players and coaches is similar to an Engineer and a Machinist. An Engineer may come up with a perfectly efficient product or component during the design phase but it may not be able to be machined to specs in the real world, therefore communication is needed between the two to find the best design which is realistic and is a "winning product"
cubicq1 5 months ago
Crawford come back to the Bulls🤙
Tony Toledo
Tony Toledo 5 months ago
The biggest criticism on LaVine's offensive game has been his tendency to take long, step back 2's. He's eliminated them from his game. So they want to complain that he stopped now?
VladJimir Pierre
VladJimir Pierre 5 months ago
This is literally why LeBron is 3-6
O'Malley Jefferson
O'Malley Jefferson 5 months ago
He needs to put on weight and strength but he's fun to watch
SLY Balence
SLY Balence 5 months ago
Well this didint age well
Tori Temple
Tori Temple 5 months ago
Lets be clear Lavine does DUNKS not layups. Seondly, Ricky davis and JR Smith both made entire careers doing this exact thing. Nobody takes mid range shots anymore except AD he does everything
Ryan Dunham
Ryan Dunham 5 months ago
I think LaVine is probably the most well rounded player in the game
Zebra Dino
Zebra Dino 4 months ago
He's super good just needs to lead the team better like Karl Towns make teams fear them n they'll be alright well n the Bulls seem to be 2 players away from something special.
1 2
1 2 5 months ago
true. he might end up like James Harden if he does that
jamez woodz
jamez woodz 5 months ago
Why wong chicago go get Jamal Crawford?
Warlock Magic
Warlock Magic 5 months ago
Leave asap Zach LaVine. Bet he wants to, I would. Good job Bulls. You have one guy killin it for your team. Then you want to tell him to adjust his game?? How about the rest of the team adjust their game. Go get 3 point shooters if that's what you want. Zach does it all, you don't ask him to adjust. You can ask the man to try and get a couple extra 3s if he can. If that's what you want. But to change your game, that's disrespectful in my eyes. You as an organization need to get your heads right and make some noise in free agency. You don't have to get all the big names right now. You just need to get everyone else. Then get the big name. You guys have no core group of anything substantial.
SHMISH SMOSH 5 months ago
Because they are holding roster spots for your come back, Jalen Rose
cbfbmc 6 months ago
well if u couldn`t hit the 3 leave Zach alone.seth curry made a living of it.
L Mitchell Jr.
L Mitchell Jr. 6 months ago
So it's ok for James harden to not shoot mid range but zach Lavine has to?
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Easy 6 months ago
Lol if your point starts with Kevin Durant is injured then anything after that is moot. The 3 ball is now and the future, because most of the time it’s an open shot because of ball movement. Most midrange shots are being contested, in the post or during ISO’s which all slow down the game or momentum. Not saying it should be gone with entirely.
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice 6 months ago
"You cant shoot 3s and lay ups" Me:' so am I supposed to kick the ball and use my feet?"
Kim Lennard C. Garbin
zach: hold my buzzer beater and 13 threes
Bob Guru
Bob Guru 6 months ago
This is stupid, half of teams are shooting 3's all the time, nothing to see, boring game. You don't need to move the line further you need to return to the olympic standard (closer). Team USA was bad in China (even tho it had the best players by far) because of the way NBA is beying played nowadays. They could't adjust to the European fight type of basketball instead of a shootout. USA better come as the Dream Team to Olympics otherwise Yannis, Jokic, Gasol (who is still a beast but suffers from the new game) Luka and such are going to humiliate you again. :-)
King Trawal
King Trawal 6 months ago
People in the Midwest are just not as intelligent. There is a brain drain to the coast for a reason. Only the stupid people remain in the Midwest. That’s why you get bullshit like this
ragnarocking 6 months ago
To tell an athlete to limit himself to one a dimensional attack is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Statistics are for accountants and the board room. Good scorers attack from all angles and keep their opponents guessing. I really wish he didn't light the Hornets up for 13 threes, because it kind of plays into their request.
Şahin Rzalı
Şahin Rzalı 6 months ago
shut up j rose
I Graham
I Graham 6 months ago
Midrange will always be a good shot.
Josh Stewart
Josh Stewart 6 months ago
I love you two so much better than stephen yell and shanon yell...You guys are awesome.
dewzs for headphone
dewzs for headphone 6 months ago
These new gen of fans are addicted to numbers they don't think about the heart
Coupe Dizzle
Coupe Dizzle 6 months ago
That's what all these players are being told to do though. Midrange shots are seen as a waste. But I totally agree with Zach Lavine.
Neville Walker
Neville Walker 3 months ago
A true baller does it all just like Zach Lavine. Keep hooping young 🌟
Gabe W
Gabe W 6 months ago
Who’s better, Devin booker or Zach lavine?
In4mous 1
In4mous 1 6 months ago
Zach need some real help Over here in Chicago
Zebra Dino
Zebra Dino 4 months ago
Besides Porter always injured they are I think 2 players away!
Zebra Dino
Zebra Dino 4 months ago
A Pair of Black Airforces
Well we’ll well
astheskylarksings 6 months ago
This didn’t age well yo
BlackSkully 6 months ago
This didnt age well...
chris chance
chris chance 6 months ago
Bryce Smith
Bryce Smith 6 months ago
Of course this lame finds a way to hate... your career high jalen?? We know how much has been dropped on your head but have u ever even come close to 49? Stop hatin so much dude.
Zebra Dino
Zebra Dino 4 months ago
Yeah he had!
Works for harden, he has 3 moves , shoot a 3. Left handed layup and if he drives right , it's a lob to capp. That's it....3 moves...and no D. ... That's the new nba.
y tho
y tho 6 months ago
Hold up ... 13 3s, 49 points
Abuna Jones
Abuna Jones 6 months ago
Who’s here after Zach Lavine buried 13 threes against the hornets 😂
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 3 months ago
@KJG you still can't be predictable. That's why Houston hasn't won a ring yet.
LA Nice
LA Nice 3 months ago
Cubicle not in playoffs foo... all the great scores from everywhere on the court
KJG 3 months ago
LA Nice it’s a different era now, you can’t live by the mid range anymore, it’s all about threes now
LA Nice
LA Nice 3 months ago
munene mathenge you the fool, ask Kobe, MJ, TMac, KD, Kyrie, AI, Ingram if the midrange is important in your game when you’re a hooper
Darius Tate
Darius Tate 6 months ago
Am I high or does thumbnail look like ironman
leo 6 months ago
what about now that he hits 13 3 pointers to win the game? is analytics destroying the game still? This guys doesnt know what they are talking about
Rah-Saan Naga
Rah-Saan Naga 6 months ago
Stop it please.
Mohamed Edris
Mohamed Edris 6 months ago
Terrance Campbell
Terrance Campbell 5 months ago
The overreaction is real lol
Edward Herring
Edward Herring 6 months ago
That's one game. A great scorer can score in all areas. Get a clue.
Godwin Shonecan
Godwin Shonecan 6 months ago
Spectra Phantom
Spectra Phantom 6 months ago
Makes no sense to not shoot midrange shots. It’s literally 80 percent of the floor, control the midrange, you control the game
adrain tucker
adrain tucker 6 months ago
At work watching
SGTSayz 6 months ago
Show me 150 players in the league that are better than J Crossover and I got $50 for your cash app.
Coolkidz Media
Coolkidz Media 7 months ago
I don’t see a issue with Lavines game all the best players had a nasty mid range game
bigarj2 7 months ago
Rose is on point!
jodog31 7 months ago
The three is not ruining the game. Did the Toronto raptors win relying on 3s? The league is wide open this year and years to come.
Wesley Kipp
Wesley Kipp 7 months ago
Adding onto the players that thrive from mid range: Kawhi Leonard. A large amount of shots he takes are from that area, whether it be from the post or with a pull-up, and he's considering one of the better scorers now. As much as 3 pointers and paint scoring is important, it isn't everything.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 7 months ago
Forgot that he also shoots dunks
G. Coleman
G. Coleman 7 months ago
Love when Jalen gets all excited before he makes his spot on point. If you time it perfectly, you can see this little bright shiny light in his eye before answering a Q with somma dat Knowledge, it's Great. All i can say is, that's Passion folks
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 7 months ago
Analytics want the league de-Kobe-fied.
ArchtopNYC 7 months ago
1) He ain't MJ or Kobe or KD 2) He's not playing in the 90s/early 2000s 3) his game is already dunks/layups and 3s 4) we don't know exactly what the analytics dept told him - it may have just been the graphic they put up here - his mid range shooting % is not good
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq 7 months ago
This mid-range game is a game changer. Seriously
DannyT 28
DannyT 28 7 months ago
Garpax at their finest.
bojo perez
bojo perez 7 months ago
guards dont know how to post up anymore.. before from the smallest to the tallest knew how to post up
JADiaz10 7 months ago
Our staff is ruining Dunn too. He’s a midrange shooter and they are saying eliminate the shot. Stupid.
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