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Yungblud’s new single “Weird!” is out now: YUNGBLUD.lnk.to/Weird

Director: Tom Pallant/YUNGBLUD
Producer: Gavin Gottlich
Director of Photography: Mike Dones
Editor: Tom Pallant
Coloring/VFX Robert Simmons
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Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Weird!. © 2020 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Interscope Records


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Apr 27, 2020




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Comments 80
ThePermsBand 2 hours ago
Just discovered Yungblud. Really like it
Videógrafo haro
Videógrafo haro 2 hours ago
yo pense que ya se habian muerto los EMOS
Stephanie Clos3
Stephanie Clos3 2 hours ago
Well Domonic. I'm 10 years old and I wanna go to one of your concerts but it's over 14's. Idk why i'm complaining like, cuz my parents won't even let me come they dissaprove of you :( Idfc im still listening
Queenbee 2003
Queenbee 2003 3 hours ago
I love your song
Sydney Huffman
Sydney Huffman 6 hours ago
Yungblud i like your hair color and your outfit and your voice and vocals i really like this song a lot it is a good one i love your dancing in the video this is a good one
Natalie Stephens
Natalie Stephens 10 hours ago
sounds exactly like give yourself a try by the 1975...
Koda Norman
Koda Norman 10 hours ago
Nice Youngblood ❤️
Brittany Killen
Brittany Killen 11 hours ago
A perfect song for right now i love this song so much and the video is very fun
she crimson
she crimson 14 hours ago
Meg Bowman
Meg Bowman 17 hours ago
Love you
reptilelover123 savage
Compared to other song I've listened to that are by u this is soft core
Alectra Ossh
Alectra Ossh Day ago
I wanted to fkin kill myself being 700k into a mortgage and car loans but after listening to this... i feel like i might pull through. Thankyou yungblood u may have just saved my life... 🤝
It’z Zoe
It’z Zoe Day ago
I really like his sweater
Yume Day ago
I think i'm in love
Александр Николаев
Lil peep на минималках и в 2007
A top maiih
A top maiih Day ago
Música perfeita♥️
GalaxiArt 101
He could literally sing about tortilla chips and i would love it
Diana Sparks
Diana Sparks Day ago
Anyone else having a bedroom concert with all his music playing and dancing it up 😁🎤
Eva Day ago
kari jenice
kari jenice Day ago
thank you for being genuine. it’s hard to find that these days.
Brittany Dunlop
He can really just turn my whole mood around, if I’m having a bad day, I can watch one of his videos and it just makes everything better. 💕🤘🏻
Hannah Taylor
Love this guy love his music and love his style he is an true inspiration to me and many other people love you 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Elif Celik
Elif Celik Day ago
SAD BOY 22 Comes last
omg I love it 👍❤
Manahil Maryam
I love that hair
Tommy Cornela
Tommy Cornela 2 days ago
Who Is The Person Talking In The Beggining
The sky is blue
The sky is blue 2 days ago
He is emo Harry Styles and that is everything my emo self wants. Thank u
mate msp
mate msp 2 days ago
samee aha
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson 2 days ago
millennial blink-182 is what this sounds like, it's perfect X3
Klaudia Wieczorkowska
Lyrics: I can't sleep at this time I got Jesus on my mind And everybody seems to like him I can't think, I can't lie I feel anxious all the time If I smiled I would be lyin' Only those who are asleep Don't make mistakes, get no critique Seems everybody's worried 'bout things that we are thinkin' And when the remedy's the enemy You hide self deprecation up your sleeve And self-serving friends who leave when you are sinkin' Come hold my hand Hold it tight We're in a weird time of life Don't wreck your brain It'll be alright We're in a weird time of life I want luck, I want love Sharing earphones on the bus And wake up next to you in Glasgow Some days I'll laugh, one day I'll cry See my mum and father die But the sun will shine tomorrow Only those who are awake Will make mistakes and learn to face Everybody worried 'bout things that we are thinkin' And the enemy's the remedy Take the self deprecation from up your sleeve And say fuck the friends who leave when you are sinkin' Come hold my hand Hold it tight We're in a weird time of life Don't wreck your brain It'll be alright We're in a weird time of life Weird time of life Weird time of life
James Handford
James Handford 2 days ago
yungblud: creates song called weird* me: damn straight
Donut12 3
Donut12 3 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-oOWBsmgjmPo.html best song ever
Kimberly Graham
Kimberly Graham 2 days ago
Mouth attitude eyes
Kimberly Graham
Kimberly Graham 2 days ago
Not the color
leah bruce
leah bruce 3 days ago
Master piece 😘👌
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen 3 days ago
Mouth is too big xD
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 3 days ago
Just hyped because he shouted out Glasgow in the song
Millie Wild
Millie Wild 3 days ago
So glad I found Dom on my fyp on tiktok over a year ago now. He's completely changed my view on music in a good way :)
Shady Kitty
Shady Kitty 3 days ago
everything i like turns to shit
Charliix3x 3 days ago
It is me matthewhulk could Matthew
Wisnu Prihantara
Wisnu Prihantara 3 days ago
how may time yungblud head hit the ceiling?
Sukhi Gains
Sukhi Gains 3 days ago
Yee peeps dont wreck ur brain u only have one!
Josh Lowery
Josh Lowery 3 days ago
Yungblud should tour the uk with Creeper, Well Being and Hot Milk🤘🤘🤘
glitch dragon101
glitch dragon101 3 days ago
H 3 days ago
gaming tv
gaming tv 4 days ago
I love you yougblud
Banditø BlurryTrenchTop
The sun will shine tomorrow but wait wait wait tomorrow is the end of the world 😳😂
Camille J
Camille J 4 days ago
First of all, kudos to Tom for making this bomb ass video 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍Also, man I love Dom, Adam and Tom so much I can't get over it😭
It's your Boi
It's your Boi 4 days ago
i thought he said "ive got cheez-its on my mind" instead of jesus at first 😭😭
Carly Barker
Carly Barker 4 days ago
I'm still on my mums phone
Carly Barker
Carly Barker 4 days ago
I panted my names black because of yungblud
Carly Barker
Carly Barker 4 days ago
I'm still on my mums phone
Gacha life
Gacha life 4 days ago
cool -_-
cath salazar
cath salazar 4 days ago
F in is what I mean damn keyboard spells wrong even when typed right wtf ❤️👍😻🔥🇺🇸☮️🥵🦋🙏
cath salazar
cath salazar 4 days ago
Fooling amazing awesome great groovy far out live it love u !.......... meow cat calling ya purrs to ya hotstuff !....🔥🔥❤️👍😻🙏🐱🇺🇸☮️🥵🦋
cath salazar
cath salazar 4 days ago
Love ya Don u is the real music of this generation thanks 4 being so fooling awesome!........ meow 🐱❤️❤️👍👍😻😻🇺🇸🙏☮️🔥🔥🦋🥵
Zach M.
Zach M. 4 days ago
CHLOE SABOUNE 4 days ago
YUNGBLUD me and my sister have asthma too
ellie Pearce
ellie Pearce 5 days ago
Matthew Hulk
Matthew Hulk 5 days ago
Can be trans
Matthew Hulk
Matthew Hulk 5 days ago
Coll Domke
Sarah Ketcherside
How old is he? Bc he's really cute.
H 3 days ago
He's gunna be 23 on August 5th
Abbi Jay
Abbi Jay 4 days ago
I think hes 22
Yatharth Rana
Yatharth Rana 5 days ago
This is soooo underrated !!
Cafezinho com Bolacha-3-
So eu que amo o Dom e sou do Brasil sksksk? ❤️🇧🇷 Te amoooooooo YUNGBLUD ❤️
Marina Tschritter
You my friend are as wierd as it gets. But you tell it like it is and dont give a shit what anyone thinks. Need more like you
No Life Sloth
No Life Sloth 5 days ago
I’ve listened to this song so many times but it’s first time seeing the video to it and it’s mint proper vibey
Lunna 5 days ago
OSTAPCHUK 6 days ago
Every time I feel bad, this song make me a little happy 🖤
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 6 days ago
Why is this douche famous?
Melissa Boerlage
Melissa Boerlage 6 days ago
the 1975 vibes anyone?
Peyton Gilbert
Peyton Gilbert 6 days ago
Some body tell me how to play gatair bc idk and also I can state bord dat it Edit: I said that at like 5 in the morning
kenny hipps
kenny hipps 6 days ago
you tube
Anna Ge
Anna Ge 6 days ago
Listening to that song makes me so happy😊💗
natyvt 6 days ago
YUNGBLUD nunca decepciona
April V
April V 6 days ago
He seems like one of the nicest ppl ever
Marshy Playz
Marshy Playz 6 days ago
Omg omg omg this was premiered on my birthdayyyyyyy
the kiki girl life
i found him 30 minutes ago and i already know all his songs
April V
April V 7 days ago
plush world master
Doms hair during this: ↙️↖️⬆️⬅️↙️↖️⬇️⬅️↘️↗️➡️⬅️⬆️
Lucian Activate
Lucian Activate 7 days ago
Why is yungblud soo good🖤👍😳
Maruša Kašnik
Maruša Kašnik 7 days ago
Am I the only one that really wants him to collab with Louis Tomlinson? I just think it would be awesome, their voices and accents are so similar❤️❤️
Michel Niaga TV
Michel Niaga TV 7 days ago
Keep roxking and save the Rock in Roll Scene..
Mary-Anne Grünberg
I instantly fall in love with his smile, why the fuck is he so hot
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