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YUNGBLUD - lonely together (a short film about belonging)
He comes on like punk rock never died, delivering an attack that conjures both Johnny Rotten and Andrew WK at their fiercest. The roar of energy that marks YUNGBLUD's music can be blistering, and as his songs reveal their intentions you find out that the 22-year-old has a dedication to fighting the power and putting the bad guys on blast. Long story short, our new LIFT artist has an incisive way of venting frustrations often shared by his fans, who are often similar in age and who YUNGBLUD holds in high regard. The Doncaster, UK native came up on a mix of Eminem, Manson and Gaga, but loves the explosive approach of the Clash and Arctic Monkeys. The gent born Dominic Harrison has a similar way of slapping a song around, and his ‘21st Century Liability’ debut proved just how commanding this newcomer could be. Now his ‘the underrated youth’ EP has just arrived, and his fame is spreading. US fans got a nice taste of his power when he had tracks featured in ‘Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw’ and ’13 Reasons Why’, as well as a high-vis duet with Halsey, “11 Minutes.” The drama of his LIFT performances has been front and center. Now we're spotlighting his personal passion and his connection with his audience with this telling short film that lets both singer and fans have their say about how to triumph over the doubts and despairs of daily life.

Watch music videos by YUNGBLUD: bit.ly/336hQXo
Watch the official video of "hope for the underrated youth”: ruvid.net/video/video-0DA-Hv6GM2A.html
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Priya Minhas
Senior Producer: Maura Scully
Producer: Emily Louick
Producer: Sacha Noelle
Producer: Averi Smith
Producer: Contrast Films
Director of Photography: Gaul Porat
Editor: Ramy Elsokary
Music & Talent: Parul Chokshi & David McTiernan
Special thanks to:
Jewel hercules
Alizé Ramirez
Samuel Perdomo
Graham C.
Harmony Sesenton
Carissa Gaor
Meagan Santiago
Raymond Wallace
Konrad Navarrete
Cristina Garcia
#YUNGBLUD #YUNGBLUDInterview #HopeForTheUnderratedYouth
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Lonely Together (A Short Film About Belonging/Vevo LIFT). © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records




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Comments 80
Mrs. Midnight
Mrs. Midnight 2 days ago
Thank you!
Светлана П
Thank you so much, Dom!) Good luck!
airille lajato
airille lajato 3 days ago
I loooove you Dom with all my heart!! 🖤🖤. Thank you for being an inspiration 🖤🖤.
Béatrice O'Neill
I want to like all the comments right now (yes, I've read all of them, fight me) but everything freezes and breaks whenever I do. So to everyone, your comments are brining me even closer to the mental breakdown i I'm on the verge of having, sooo... Good job? I love you all ❤❤❤
Béatrice O'Neill
"Who else feels alone, raise your hands" (is that what he said?)I had the urge to raise my hand and then I died inside. "It's hard to express myself" I don't need to be foreign to be unable to talk about important things (I talk about normal "basic bitch" problems because some day, i'll be unable to tell myself that "it's fine, this is nothing" because of the build-up of Shit I'm dealing with, so then when I go to someone else, I'll start with "ok, so I have this problem-" I think I'll do it to someone who I am less important to. Then they'll tell me "go bother someone else with your dumb "my nail broke" or " I think this guy was checking my ass out earlier" problems, it's no big deal! " they'll probably also tell me I'm an annoying little shit or something. Then I'll be too insecur e
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 8 days ago
I don't know if your going to see this, but I'm going through it right now. I'm a combat vet with 7 combat deployments, and I'm here to tell you that you have more gusto than I and all my teammates. Your music pushes me to be more myself everyday, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sunflower 9 days ago
This deserves way more attention.
Annabella Bells
Annabella Bells 11 days ago
If he was in a movie I would watch it over and over again. 🖤🖤🖤
xXfreakXx 12 days ago
I wanna start off saying yungblud is a hero, yungblud, is the guidelines that I'm sure some of us not even that most of us probably have been looking for!! it wasn't till I new young blood that I came out to my mother as bisexual🏳️‍🌈 it wasn't till I heard young blood that I felt more free and to be who I am! thank you yungblud and everyone else who supported me even if I don't even know you I love you, u are worth every second❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺🥺
bella 12 days ago
Anonnamous Girl
Anonnamous Girl 12 days ago
He said that being myself meant that I wasn’t normal But the question is... *what is normal*
K a I k U n I s H e R E
I know the only thing that will make me happy is cutting my hair
Yoshi Munchakoopas
Yoshi Munchakoopas 13 days ago
Is it bad that I started crying before there was any dialogue... was that just me... dont lie it was everyone
Gaby Cordero
Gaby Cordero 14 days ago
Now I want to meet Dom 😭😭 Or is it just me?
ChronicinOkla 14 days ago
I'm 49 years old with two children ages sixteen and twenty-six. It's the millennials that I see as our saving grace. The hope that this world will actually survive due to free thinkers WOW it makes me smile. So ready for the old fashioned judgemental way of thinking to be gone. With people who are similar to yungblud, Billie eilish and Aurora out there I can allow my mind to rest.
goobobble1 14 days ago
What us older misfits used to call true punk.glad dom is bringing his art to a new generation.and for those young kids and adults who feel out of place.take it from this 50 yr old mom with dyed hair,tattoos and piercings.never be afraid to be what you want.just be kind to each other.as far as the music goes,absolutly loving yungblud.up their with greenday,clash and johnny rotten.would love to see a colab with 21 pilots or greenday.
joss Arce
joss Arce 18 days ago
I'm crying :")
Alpha Dreams
Alpha Dreams 18 days ago
Dom is just like me, lonely and different
Laura Sophie Schulze
If you close your eyes you can hear so many souls talking, Elton John, marilyn manson...all those people did that and I'm glad dom does it again for this generation in his very own way.
Kie Tho
Kie Tho 24 days ago
Comment on this either your TikTok or like phone number or Instagram because I am here, and even though I might not understand everything that has happened to you I will still stand by your side and give you 100% no matter what
Stephanie Petty
Stephanie Petty 24 days ago
I'm so disappointed in myself for not finding him soon enough. I have only known of him for a week and I feel like he is how I wanna be.
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 21 day ago
@Stephanie Petty you're welcome dear
Stephanie Petty
Stephanie Petty 22 days ago
@세실 잔나비 thank you 😊
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 24 days ago
it's okay! you should look at it this way : now you found him and he could inspire you
Zosia 25 days ago
I need it on spotify so i could listem to this everyday everytime always
Mayflower 26 days ago
just like everyone else i am crying while watching this. i came from a small town where being different wasnt accepted so i went through highschool/college being a shut in and not really feeling like i belong the only way i found comfort in myself was by drugs and alcohol, once i left that small town i moved to a place that was more excepting but it took me a year to become me, i still have fears of that small town and the people i knew being horrible to me but i dont let them see it, i stand tall and proud as the women(trans) that i am today and the journey i have taken to be in love with myself. so to whoever reads this stay strong you will get there, we as the yungblud family are here for one another and will always be. love you all and biggest hugs from lexi-jayy
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 27 days ago
Keep up the great work your awesome and I really love your music hopeful some day ull come to East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and do a show here you are really helping me with my depression and I want to thank you in preson someday
hi imapenguin
hi imapenguin 28 days ago
you awesome dom
Valentina Bertagnin
Zaxton Jay
Zaxton Jay 29 days ago
Honestly I just wish I could physically have a conversation with Dom.... He's one of the reasons I'm here right now.... He just........ He makes me feel like I can be myself even in my homophobic and transphobic house that I can't leave just yet because I'm still only 15 at this point and I still sometimes wanna just... Shut everything away and just be in my little corner where no one can hurt me but then I listen to his music his voice and sometimes it makes me feel like I don't need to care about what anyone thinks of me and I can just let loose for once and be myself.... Others it makes me cry and get all my frustrations out but I feel so much better afterwards and his whole personality and persona has just.... Helped me so fucking much.... He's probably not gonna see this but thank you.... I thank you everyday for having made and put this music out here for everyone to listen too.... So thank you so fucking much
Lily B
Lily B 29 days ago
I have watched this video SO MANY TIMES and I cry each time 🥺🖤
u'r da best
u'r da best Month ago
how can I love this man so much, I don't understand
MlleCel Month ago
i am wroting my term paper about Dom, more about Yungblud in general. today was a really hard day and watching this even though its for school, just gave me so much new hope and so much motivation and energy. wow love iit
carol barber
carol barber Month ago
Richter Party!
Richter Party! Month ago
I love you young blood💋
Fine Biene
Fine Biene Month ago
I cried
Levii Tz
Levii Tz Month ago
Necesito la traduccion :(
flora Month ago
this man is so fucking precious and important for this generation is crazy
Riku M
Riku M Month ago
I'm actioly crying,i love you yungblud,you maked me be myself,you maked me be who i want to be,you're amazing,i'm a big fan of you 🖤
Eva Graney-walker
I would die for this man ....this man , this fucking man is just like so incredibly perfect I would do anything for him I love him with all of my heart and my soul ... 🥺👑❤️🌸
Vinnie And Me
Vinnie And Me Month ago
This short film makes me cry in 30 seconds because it shows me yungblud isn’t just Dom it’s this family which shows us we are all so similar and we are so connected I love you Dom 🥺🥰🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Даниил Рисовцев
Please don't make there long video
Emma Cadman
Emma Cadman Month ago
Love you Dom 🖤❤️💜
Abigail K
Abigail K Month ago
And this is why all my friends who say hes fake can(Apologies for the language)f**k off!
Dawn break
Dawn break Month ago
Um...he is no different then most every alternative, punk emo band from the 90s... if he was raised in America would he not of made himself into the guy he is
th zul
th zul Month ago
This century is the best because even more people are starting to express their self and you could see because there are a thousand different famous people who are really different. I strongly agree with him.
Henry Marckisotto
He always tells the story about how he goes to the school disco wearing lipstick, straightened hair and a nirvana shirt
Callmehyung_xo Month ago
This is the most relatable fucking thing I've ever seen.
Fred Dobber
Fred Dobber Month ago
He's just a silly spoilt brat who likes dressing like his nan
Jazmin Vera
Jazmin Vera Month ago
Español plisss
Ash Month ago
His laugh at the end is amazing
VilzuUh Month ago
Dat feeling
Ella-Rose Cronick
The amount of times this man has saved my life🖤
Rosco Biggs
Rosco Biggs Month ago
I relate to this so much
Yuliia Month ago
What a human🖤
Glitter Maiden
Glitter Maiden Month ago
Boy George did this first back in the 80’s. That androgynous look, gay man during the AIDS epidemic. Hopefully he won’t go the path BG took with drugs/narcotics and truly expresses his potential for many years.
Christine Roberts
This is actually inspiring I love you man
Teddy ???123
Teddy ???123 Month ago
Ik this is bad but tbh I cant tell my own mom about things or my friends cuz I dont know how to or how to except who I am
Kit cat smith
Kit cat smith Month ago
YUNGBLUD is like the new era Gerard way and mcr
sky kid
sky kid Month ago
Sad me only 11 and my dad wants me to die I was in a coma for 2 years cause he shot me with a gun
John Smitherson
John Smitherson Month ago
He looks like the love child of the lead singer of Oingo Biongo and the lead singer of the Cure.
Rolling On Tens.
I dont understand why people see this guy as some kind of millennial jesus ?!
Lara C
Lara C Month ago
Pretty punk unicorn
Kc Kool
Kc Kool Month ago
My parents doesn’t accept this new generation
Aнна Белая
That’s what I needed to hear in my life
Dinosaur Lover
Dinosaur Lover Month ago
Also I think you’re a great singer
Dinosaur Lover
Dinosaur Lover Month ago
If you can live your dreams of being a singer then I can leave mine up being a singer
Unicorn Princess
I finally came out of the closet as pansexual
Unicorn Princess
But I found myself through your music
Unicorn Princess
Dom your my kids ages
Konstadina Month ago
Can we nominate Dom and this video for an award? I think he deserves a lot, not only for the music he makes but also for the hope he gives to everyone!
Tinpan Eilish
Tinpan Eilish Month ago
I love you 🖤
Breeze H
Breeze H Month ago
I wish my son could take what you said (and did) when you became yourself ..your true authentic self and wore it like a perfectly tailored suit. I wish he could just be himself and be happy again.
Awkward Athena
Awkward Athena Month ago
This... this is why I love Dom 🖤
Becca Lynnn
Becca Lynnn Month ago
He’s definitely sexy I wish he was my boyfriend hehhhh ☺️
Dakota Flynn
Dakota Flynn 2 months ago
yungblud gets emotions hes not this person that hides who he is hes such a insperation and his music has helped me through alot of tough times and i love his soo much
Tammy Rutherford
Tammy Rutherford 2 months ago
Luv this.
Not Evelyn
Not Evelyn 2 months ago
MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!
Ash 2 months ago
this had me crying. i felt all of this and this is why i love Dom. He means eveything he says and he doesnt give a fook what people think. I love it. I am the way I am today because of him.
Catherine Pusk
Catherine Pusk 2 months ago
Dam this video hits hard😭💔🖤
Evangelina 711
Evangelina 711 2 months ago
Venezuelaaaaaaaa yesssssss
hana arnautovic
hana arnautovic 2 months ago
That's why i love you🖤
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