YUNGBLUD - Kill Somebody

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this song is about a pretty dark place i found in my mind. at first it really scared me. but i learned to talk about it. mental health is finally being taken seriously and this song helped me free myself from the weight of it for a while. i wanted the video to visually represent the internal feeling of anxiety and depression from an outward perception. i was so excited to keep it really striped back compared to my other videos. this was important to me because i didn’t want to cloud the message behind it.
Directed by Hunter Simmons
Yungblud on Tour - www.yungbludofficial.com/
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Kill Somebody. © 2018 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records




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Comments 80
me Hour ago
never thought i’d be attracted to someone that’s covered in blood
Easter Noodles
Easter Noodles 4 hours ago
i found someone that understands me and does not tell anyone what we talk about even if its private
PurpleStar 5 hours ago
Beatriz de Maria
Beatriz de Maria 12 hours ago
Everyone interprets in a way so stop saying that this song is for this or for that. You can feel that this music is about suicide You can feel that this music is about killing a part of him and you can say that this song is about he getting "crazy" and start killing everybody (including he) So stop fighting, enjoy that
Twenty million trees
Is he talking to me
sophia antonelli
sophia antonelli 21 hour ago
this is the most relatable video ive ever watched in my whole life.
Reptile Queen
Reptile Queen 22 hours ago
Andddddddd he’s still hot affff. I wanna hug himmmm 😭🥺
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Day ago
all i have to say is he is not talking bout killing himself he explains what he is feeling in the description! YUNGBLUD to me is the best singer he makes my day!!
Joe Bama
Joe Bama Day ago
i think this isn't about suicide, nor about killing anyone. it's about not liking a part of yourself and wanting it gone. because you can see many times in this video that he is 2 people, one trying to kill the other. not him trying to kill himself or anyone else.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Day ago
Yea..sorta like that read the description!
Amber Rose
Amber Rose Day ago
he sounds like one of those bgtv media kids but he’s actually good at what he does
Good Evening
Good Evening Day ago
ДА ДА комментарий на русском и мне будет ужасно стыдно но Если он положит в рот лампочку он легко сможет её высунуть
Makaila desmarais
I don't think I've ever been able to relate to a song as well as this
Karina Soria
Karina Soria 2 days ago
Father RATT
Father RATT 2 days ago
Me in the mirror
Lonelyandpsycho 2 days ago
Current mood🔫
Karlee Cornell
Karlee Cornell 2 days ago
Condón weon
Condón weon 2 days ago
Nunca le hagan un horal a una mujer indespuesta
rouk kola
rouk kola 2 days ago
Helena Loomis
Helena Loomis 2 days ago
He looks gOOD here
Gachagirly Girl
Gachagirly Girl 2 days ago
Ok so no ones gonna talk about that hair 😩
Kerys Roberts
Kerys Roberts 3 days ago
Fuck you two the 5k who dislike this song
Hayley Richardson
He doe be hot 🥵
Dejs 3 days ago
Ty úchyle
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 4 days ago
If you slow down the part when he's about to get shot in the head, it looks like somebody that forgot something half way into a day trip.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 4 days ago
How is this not demonitized--..
Nikola Kuzmina
Nikola Kuzmina 5 days ago
Why is yungblud so underrated ??? He is much more than a Musiker. He’s a god 🖤🔥
Will 5 days ago
Is this not where is my mind?
rouk kola
rouk kola 2 days ago
Very similar
Nobody 6 days ago
Everybody gangsta till the shadow starts moving by itself
Neon Faon
Neon Faon 6 days ago
Uh emo i guess
PurpleStar 7 days ago
Giuliano Sohrobigarat bpk
Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan 8 days ago
I want to kill somebody like.....nah....too easy. As easy as writing lyrics to this shit beat. It ain't a metaphor btw. Literally not a metaphor. Suicide is tragic and I get the reference, it's not a metaphor cos you changed the perspective of the song. Not a metaphor. Not a metaphor. You shifted...nm... Covid 2020 #notthepresidentwewantedbutthepresidentwedeserved #actuallyborninkent
Spike Life
Spike Life 8 days ago
Plot twist, the song is about murder, and dom has a kill list
Billie Martinez
Billie Martinez 8 days ago
Yungblud: *fooking* *fhink* It's so cute he's the best person ever Like if you have a crush on him comment if you don't like him (I hope nobody comments) Lmfao
Samantha McCullough
emma poole
emma poole 9 days ago
this is aesthetic and dark and i love that
🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this every day This video Wonderful 0:30 💯❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💞
Amber de Koning
Amber de Koning 9 days ago
Roman godfrey who?
H Boro
H Boro 9 days ago
Yeah , we all have that one side as shown in video.
rogue nightmare
rogue nightmare 10 days ago
He made this song for him
ciara mcpillips
ciara mcpillips 10 days ago
I love this dude
Felipe Redede
Felipe Redede 10 days ago
yeha kill voodoo X)
GymbonePlaysGames 10 days ago
Petero Mikuš
Petero Mikuš 11 days ago
This video made me pick up a guitar and I'm still playing to this day. So thank you Yungblud!
StillxCryinq 11 days ago
Every guy when their girlfriend is on her period
Viola Islami
Viola Islami 11 days ago
2:53 R.I.P. Guitar 2018/2018 😢. I love this song 🎶🤘🎶
danielle devard
danielle devard 12 days ago
Nobody: Me:(ketchup and fries)
NotABot 12 days ago
what a hard hit i respect it
Nico Nico Niners
Nico Nico Niners 12 days ago
Rest In Peace Dom's guitar You will be missed ✌😭
Cerys Leah Howley
Cerys Leah Howley 12 days ago
Folklore Arena
Folklore Arena 12 days ago
Today you made me feel irrelevant Twisted my intelligence Made it seem there's no brain in my head I'm like a skeleton, can't shut my eyes Right now I feel like I'm an alien I'm so fucking dangerous Cover up the evidence with medicine I can't find the life All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you Today you turned me a cork screw Filed me like law suit Put words in my mouth that I don't want you to And I lost my clout And my time is acting as my currency You can't take that away from me Cheat the young with no accountability Shoot me down All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you Right, right now I feel like an alien Like I'm sitting in a state of perpetual frustration Go on, shove me again, fuck with the head, leave me for dead Please? And yet you may think, you may think this is a metaphor Something you've never heard before I know I've found on the floor and Then subconsciously pinned to the door But then you motherfuckers could cross 'em Out and I still won't believe what you thought All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you All I wanna do is kill somebody Kill somebody, kill somebody like you You, you, you, you Oh!
Twix 12 days ago
Lowkey kinda hot when he has the blood on his face
Gachagirly Girl
Gachagirly Girl 13 days ago
2:08 that please doe 🥴🤤
ummm hi :]
ummm hi :] 13 days ago
"Go on shove me again fook with my head leave me for dead...please" My FAVORITE part
Emma Morganstern
Emma Morganstern 13 days ago
Victor Borges
Victor Borges 13 days ago
0:41 That moment you're touching your girl and you find out she's on period...
Manas Dutta
Manas Dutta 13 days ago
When I don't wanna kill myself, I wanna kill everyone around me. So this is a great song! (I wanna kill myself all the time. I'm not dangerous I swear)
Hege Aske
Hege Aske 14 days ago
Yea it's aboute suicide
Némesis Reising
Némesis Reising 14 days ago
My friend said that this would be our crush if we're still fifteen. Pfff I'm almost thirty and I violently disagree hehehe.
Haley Connor
Haley Connor 15 days ago
I totally wasn't crying 😭😭😭😭
Danii Naiiara
Danii Naiiara 15 days ago
How can he talk about suicide in such a happy melody and still rock it
Weily Games
Weily Games 15 days ago
nice man!!
Thafala Ralte
Thafala Ralte 15 days ago
what if Yungblud and MCR colab!!?Boom
Angeletic Curse
Angeletic Curse 15 days ago
0:53 That smile was amazing.
turtletturtle 1313
turtletturtle 1313 15 days ago
When he put his forehead to the gun my heart just sank.
Liana Love
Liana Love 15 days ago
Here from Legacies
twenty one pilots is sick
Thumd nail looks like MCR album cover lol
FckingPotato 16 days ago
his socks are iconic
Lana Taehyoun
Lana Taehyoun 16 days ago
can u fucking stop talking about period ...this is actual clean pure blood ..well fake
Isabella Mcentire
Isabella Mcentire 17 days ago
Please killl me I would love that
Omai wa mou
Omai wa mou 17 days ago
ChyCky* King
ChyCky* King 17 days ago
" Kill Somebody
Jeemeli 17 days ago
Comments: 30% The song is about suicide not murder 60% Stop saying its about suicide, we all know that already 10% Pink socks
Anaé Soulet
Anaé Soulet 17 days ago
Love kill somebody
Army Animal Nerd MyDays
God I'm fucked up right now big stressy. God it's fucking hilarious so many people are torn apart that their parents are splitting and they don't get to live with them and me being stressed from the fact my parents want me to live with them and I don't but I'm stressed at what they'll think if I refuse.
elgatoderp 101
elgatoderp 101 18 days ago
epico amigoooooombuenardo dijo coscu
Uncle Charley Who Knows Everything A Real Mota Foka
kill everyone and you will be a hero
Lemon girl
Lemon girl 19 days ago
dude that's great
genkie 19 days ago
He do be kinda poetic doe.
La ragazza sul tubo
Do you feel sometimes the feeling of proving that you suffer, that you are crazy, dangerous... Dead...?
Herbert Quintanilla
🖕this I want to kill
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