YUNGBLUD, Halsey - 11 Minutes ft. Travis Barker

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Stream and Download 11 Minutes - yungblud.lnk.to/11minutes
Music video directed by Colin Tilley
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Music video by YUNGBLUD, Halsey performing 11 Minutes. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records




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Comments 80
Lea cutaya
Lea cutaya Hour ago
The 'why ain't you here, spoke to me'
Melizza Algarin
Melizza Algarin 7 hours ago
Amoooo gran putaaaaa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍
Carla Loor
Carla Loor 7 hours ago
They came back🥰🥰🥰
David Klein
David Klein 9 hours ago
this is Hallie, where has this guy been all my life?
Marcella Wyman
Marcella Wyman 12 hours ago
He’s still wearing his pink socks.c Lassis YUNDBLUD
Katz Blazer
Katz Blazer 13 hours ago
I must have been listening the wwrong version lol, i can only hear yungblood.oh it was a cover...lol
Nisa Bodak
Nisa Bodak 16 hours ago
Right here real life joker and harley quinn 😍😍😍 love this kind a fuckted up love
Edgar Steven
Edgar Steven 17 hours ago
Love Travis he’s amazing but my baby is always HALSEY😍❤️❤️
Jules 89
Jules 89 18 hours ago
He seems like the ugly version of Ivarr the boneless , am I the only one who thinks that?! xD Anyway I fucking love this song and I love them together
Anastasia Garderaki
Anastasia Garderaki 18 hours ago
i really shipped them... 😥
Mariah Brooke
Mariah Brooke 20 hours ago
Who else here cause of 2K
Ruby the toad
Ruby the toad 22 hours ago
*gæ has entered the chat*
Ariel Ortiz
Ariel Ortiz 22 hours ago
Travis barker carrying the next generation.
Dakota Carroll
My boyfriend died a year and 5 Months ago. This song hits hard and this video I can’t stop watching. Because this is EXACTLY what I went through. Except I don’t think I’ve 100% accepted it yet. This pain is SO real. I don’t think I ever connected with a song like this before. Thank you both ♥️
livingDeadGirll xX
3:49 the way he smiles at her 😫
Ghost Occisor
Producer: how long should we make them wait for another song Dom:yes
Farjana Sharmin
I don’t know why I’m thinking that if I had an car accident I have no one this world to come up to take me hospital. My father died. My boyfriend cheated on me. I have myself only. Then better after I die my ghost will find a way to leave. I can’t tell anyone why u aren’t u here? But it freedom I think.
Bruno Brunin
Bruno Brunin Day ago
11 minutes🤘🤘🤘
Nathan Hyde
Nathan Hyde Day ago
This is such an amazing song.
Qnur YT
Qnur YT Day ago
Jose mmorales
Jose mmorales 2 days ago
I'll never give up shygirl2009
Gelo Aurella
Gelo Aurella 2 days ago
Who goes here because of nba2k20?
Jocyline Rodriguez
whos here because of 2k20 :D
Taylor Main
Taylor Main 2 days ago
Leandra Burks
Leandra Burks 2 days ago
this is me and my boy frinend
Kayla Kalivera
Kayla Kalivera 2 days ago
How many people know who Travis Barker is?
Майя Баранова
когда опаздываешь в школу
Angelskilldevils 3 days ago
One of the better pop songs written in this day and age. Love it.
TEE SEO 3 days ago
Whos here because of 2K20 ♡
Omar Tib
Omar Tib 3 days ago
If I have a11 minute, I can hear your song
Ashley Cox
Ashley Cox 3 days ago
So why aren't they still together
schbh Day ago
Ashley Cox they just got back together 🖤
Ram Valdez
Ram Valdez 3 days ago
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright 3 days ago
99% of people listening to this has been fucked over in a relationship. Some bellend always comes and wrecks it for both of you.. 😂 The only comfort is it happens to the best of us / most of us. 🖤
fireflygirl 4 days ago
This song makes me sad because my stepdad listened to this song alot and I'm not allowed to see him anymore plus he's in jail for a few years right now so that sucks
The Consistent oDDity
Hello Run Lola Run.
Official Penguin Plays
Man do I wanna make a song with these three
Official Penguin Plays
Man do I wanna make a song with these three
Wilbert Tidwell
Wilbert Tidwell 4 days ago
He actually dated barley that's a fact
hero_of_the_time 4 days ago
F K J K, why isn't there more of this??? who taught this guy to play drums??? I mean Halsey and Yungblood are v cool... but who the hell taught this travis dude to play drums. F K!!!!! FF KK i'll probably still be listening to this song in 2030
Karlee Cornell
Karlee Cornell 4 days ago
Darklord Lyles2203
The message behind this video tho.... I miss you mikey 😭💔
grethan tea
grethan tea 4 days ago
I love how Travis barker is just third wheeling
Vandarik576 4 days ago
She needs to stop dating all her boyfriends friends, we got a word for women like that where I'm from, let alone make music with them and air their dirty laundry back and forth if I wanted reality TV and not music I'd just watch MTV.
Kylee Dawn
Kylee Dawn 4 days ago
I love this song and video!
strndy cikanek
strndy cikanek 4 days ago
Where is Bass?
Miranda2Marvels 5 days ago
So hasley just happens to be friends with mgks band mates and friends ? Lol and she dated mgk for a bit lol
JunCotton91 5 days ago
Guess who would like this song from exo 😂😂😂
p h o s s é
p h o s s é 5 days ago
te extraño, no te vayas.
MaxButtz 5 days ago
this song gives me chills
Minami 5 days ago
Yungblud nera gay?
Lakota DS
Lakota DS 5 days ago
Violett Vio
Violett Vio 5 days ago
Hi Nice song 😘😘❤️❤️❤️💖💖😍
AleXonGamesHD 5 days ago
omg i keep replaying 1:20 his voice is amazing and the lyrics hit deep...
Begüm Demirörs
Begüm Demirörs 3 days ago
AleXonGamesHD i thougt it was only me ! he is so fooking good
Luke Kiashek Music
50m come on
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey 5 days ago
Lol who’s here from 2k20? 🤣
Angela S. G.
Angela S. G. 5 days ago
PUBLIC LYRICS 6 days ago
Yungblud voice is all i want❤️
Sydney 6 days ago
Watching YUNGBLUD music videos since I won’t be seeing him in MD anymore😭😭😭😭😭
Emily Rice
Emily Rice 6 days ago
So, commenting from the COVID-19 pandemic when they might be back together. They really fookin meant it, huh?
bsk8r24 6 days ago
I deff drank that depression IPA before!
Aye it's Ya girl Alicia
Star shopping by lil peep!?
Aye it's Ya girl Alicia
Isn't this lil peeps beat tho?
Maria Ana Andrea Di Blasio
me pone algo triste que estes con ella
Conversati și Bloguri
11 minutes 5:06 5+0+6=11 That's Really cool
schbh 7 days ago
They are back together 🖤
Supreme Master
Supreme Master 7 days ago
Let's be honest, we only know this song from nba 2k20
aaa 7 days ago
my girlfriend is suicidal and this hits really hard. i'm terrified of losing her, and it almost happened just a week ago. i really don't know what I'd do without her, she's my absolute everything.
Danielle Payne
Danielle Payne 16 hours ago
Try to help her as much as u can. but don't push too hard. My boyfriend broke up with me because of my suicidal thoughts. I was self-harming and he couldn't deal with it. I thought he cared. Nah not even 48hrs later he's onto another chick. My sincerest hopes for u.
U w U
U w U 3 days ago
Tom Corluka
Tom Corluka 3 days ago
Bro u need 2 go 2 a counseling with her, the world will heal, but we humans take longer! All the best!
e_cxsson 6 days ago
aaa tell her that. Express your feelings to her.
Sarah Lensten
Sarah Lensten 7 days ago
This hoe made the same mistake twice. They never learn
schbh 5 days ago
Sarah Lensten Dom is not a mistake. He is a great guy 🖤
Caesar Farris
Caesar Farris 7 days ago
Love this song. Never seen the vid or understood the concept. And yes 2k brought me here..but this dhit is wayy deep
baby girl
baby girl 7 days ago
Wow I never knew Halsey sang this song with yung blue fuckkkkk
Savana Waitokia Taylor
Man! This hit me hard..
Justin Cueto
Justin Cueto 8 days ago
I'm here because of 2k20 🔥
Meagan Leslie
Meagan Leslie 8 days ago
Hishari Hekuri
Hishari Hekuri 9 days ago
I'm 11 minutes away, come here :(
Daniel in the Maiden
This video reminds me of Taye Diggs's Daybreak.
Ramil Tadini
Ramil Tadini 9 days ago
Travis is here? Well i am here too
Marie 9 days ago
m in love
happy sinner
happy sinner 9 days ago
when u can't decide who's hotter...bisexual problems 🙄 😜
Danielle Payne
Danielle Payne 16 hours ago
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