YUNGBLUD - Die A Little

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Listen to “Die A Little” from the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Soundtrack: smarturl.it/13RYSeason3
Director: Andrew Sandler
Executive Producer (Sofia): Edward Michongwe
Executive Producers (US): Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin
Video Commissioner: Hanan Cher
DOP: Alexander Stanishev
Editors: Jonathan Rouzier & Jordan Wozy
Post Production: Zwick Post
VFX Supervisor: Kawika Banis
VFX Artist: Logan Hennessy
Production Manager: Anatoli Netchev
Casting Director: Monika Buyuklieva
Art Director: Edward Michongwe
Production Stylist: Eka Bichinashvili
Yungblud stylist: Harper Slate
Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
Makeup: Svetoslava Slavova - Sisi
BTS: Lyubov Cheresh
Talent: Plamen Hristov, Dimitar Karageorgiev, Ivan Matev, Dimiter Petkov, Diana Krasteva, Nikolay Dimitrov
Colorist: Kinan Chabani

Production Company (US): Underwonder Content
Production Company (Sofia): Made In Sofia
Artist Management: Locomotion Ent.
Record Label: Geffen
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Die A Little. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records, under exclusive license to Geffen Records




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Comments 80
Cam 2 hours ago
If I were a straight male... I'd question my sexuality after this video. 🤔
Jackson Grant
Jackson Grant 3 hours ago
Isay I'm not emo, but I listen to Yungblud and have MCR tickets, so who the heck am I kidding?
Misha's Lab
Misha's Lab 8 hours ago
I cried a little I feel fine I died a little I am alive and I survived I love his music already
Valerie Maloof
Valerie Maloof 12 hours ago
the beginning sounds like "u said" by lil peep when he starts singing "sometimes life gets fucked up..."
saddd boi
saddd boi 13 hours ago
Bruh, yungblud is like, an amazing actor, and singer, and perfect.. okay thats all bye
Skredou 13 hours ago
I was wondering why this song was associated to 13 reasons why cuz I love this song, decided to give the show a shot and Holy fuck I'm not disappointed I did
Fauziah Md Isa
Fauziah Md Isa 14 hours ago
He look like a woman
fabian osorio
fabian osorio 17 hours ago
Es buenisimo
sydbob16 17 hours ago
I ust want to live long enough to see him land a Joker role and then kick ass at it. He already has the persona and face/eyes for it.
Cerys JH
Cerys JH 19 hours ago
I havent heard a bad song from YUNGBLUD and I doubt there ever will be a bad one 🖤 my new obsession🖤
Muhammad Haider Ali
Muhammad Haider Ali 19 hours ago
All I wanna do is kill somebody All you gotta do is die a little
Léa lovey
Léa lovey 20 hours ago
Il pourrait être à la perfection le JOKER ♥️
Chase Moore
Chase Moore 21 hour ago
I've died a LOT
Oka ruto
Oka ruto Day ago
Billie eilish in male hehehe
Jarda81212 Day ago
I relate to his music so much.
Renee Nikol
Renee Nikol Day ago
Pennywise had a son
Derrick Wynne
so is this just a dollar store version of Bexy or....?
Ginger Katherina
I enjoy a lot of yungbloods lyrics
ThatOneFish FakeSmiles
*eyes turn black* oh no the hotness has taken over
ThatOneFish FakeSmiles
Oh no it got me right in the feels.
Inna Komarovskaya
People are not normal
Kelli Silva
Kelli Silva 2 days ago
Helou i kelli loviu
Lt. Chaz
Lt. Chaz 2 days ago
Demonic trash
Viadinho Pão Com Ovo
11:26 e eu chorando escultando isso
Katie Laferriere
Katie Laferriere 2 days ago
Hi Nigthcore
Hi Nigthcore 2 days ago
I love your voice
unravling karma
unravling karma 2 days ago
Sometimes you have to sacrifice a piece of yourself, to “keep going”. There are situations you cannot stand or understand, so you got to sacrifice your views on some things, just to avoid going crazy about that things#
magic MAYOR
magic MAYOR 2 days ago
Best song i ever heard
Henry Millar
Henry Millar 3 days ago
40 seconds in, and I'm leaving
troll bs
troll bs 3 days ago
Tu é gay man
Nol nedeleg
Nol nedeleg 3 days ago
mouais bof, j'ai vraiment crue que c’était du métal mais ça ressemble a de la pop😐
Swedish banana
Swedish banana 3 days ago
Yungblud should make a song with Billie Eilish. Or is it just me? Yungblud please notice this comment!!!!🤧🤧
Buttøn 3 days ago
YUNGBLUD: *twitches randomly* Comments: *tHaTs So HoT*
Stefan Georgiev
Stefan Georgiev 3 days ago
Im that "13 reason why" comments who u looking for
He looks like Raven of Titans, I think he's her brother.
anonymus directioner
The only thing I have to say is, he is so damn hot
YEEmø 3 days ago
Kinda reminds me of U said by Lil Peep
Spooksma 1
Spooksma 1 4 days ago
This man deserves a role to play Joker. I swear he'd be great. He's perfect.
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 4 days ago
Us being crazy af after quarantine 🙃
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 4 days ago
People who makes the most weird mv’s ; Yungblud , Melanie martinez and of course “ Billie eilish “ (weird in a good way) 👌🏻😋
Somebody Anonymous
Me: *listening to Yungblud* Dad: *walks in* Me: Dad: Me: Dad: WhY aRe YoU lIsTeNiNg To ThIs WiThOuT mEeEe
EVIE HEWIT 4 days ago
This kid is amazing. I am an old rocker from the 70's and 80's. Got married had 2 of the most beautiful and amazing boys. I raised them on rock of all genres-one is a famous DJ I won't say whom as you can find that out and the other precious child is on a full ride in a prestigious Criminal Law program. I am an RN 38 years on the job many over the years, have never commented on these things or Yungblud. My point is my children and myself place music as paramount in our lives and we all have our own genres and loves- but this Yungblud put my faith back in the talent and his love for the world and his energy is life changing. Kid you go boy ❤️ Your Champagne Supernova duet with Machine Gun Kelly gave me some more pep in my step this morning as I get ready for work again. This Pandemic is life sucking and don't let it Turn your music up and sing and dance all over the house. Much love and safety for all-wear your masks! You could be a carrier and not know it. Gloves too. Let's get rid of this once and for all
So true tho.
oh boy, he's literally jack white
Isabella Whitson
Isabella Whitson 4 days ago
Y aren’t u an actor
NW LETICIA 4 days ago
i died more than a little but i survived
Makisha chagala
Makisha chagala 4 days ago
Sooooooooo HOT! He isn't afraid to be his self 🖤
Patrycja 5 days ago
Stranger Things season 3 vibes
Mr.BB2255 5 days ago
Pls collaborate with bastille
Jacopo Orsi
Jacopo Orsi 5 days ago
yungblud non sono jacopo ma sono sofi e ti amo io vivo a brindisi
MSP Unknown
MSP Unknown 5 days ago
Billie Boi
Johansen Yoyanovich
Awee....A little demonic activity in the interrogation room...how sweet!
Sad Otaku
Sad Otaku 5 days ago
Tem br aq nessa musica? '-'
LilactheRuevet 5 days ago
oo i can put this in with a story!! thx
LilactheRuevet 3 days ago
update i did that
DemonDestiny is anonymous
Harley Quinn:I’m the craziest person ever Yungblud:hold my pink socks
Mikayla Kay
Mikayla Kay 5 days ago
He’s so fine
lucifer MGK
lucifer MGK 5 days ago
Dom : die a little to survive cry a little to survive me : *almost dying and crying everyday to survive* okay...
Ashley Nunn
Ashley Nunn 6 days ago
00:37 jawline.
abrullyface the
abrullyface the 6 days ago
YUNGBLUD trash 6 days ago
you dont realise how big dom's mouth is until he opens it completely
Man he should play the role for Joker
Alexandria Howard
Is it just me or is his smirk HOT!!
Amandah Bolton
Amandah Bolton 6 days ago
Okay I just Listen to YuNgBluD for the first time yesterday!!! And I got to say I like his music alot... And I'm looking forward to more of him.
Amandah Bolton
Amandah Bolton 6 days ago
Die a little is my FAVORITE!!!!! IF YOU JUST Listen...... You'll love it too..
LUk&S 6 days ago
I want hear like him
Animatizando 6 days ago
Doesn't the chorus tempo reminds of kill somebody? If that's intentional it's brilliant
Easter Noodles
Easter Noodles 6 days ago
dom:makes a normal music video billie fans:hes still stealing ideas :o
huh 6 days ago
1:46 to 1:52 without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen a guy
Emma Hoffman
Emma Hoffman 7 days ago
the part at 0:12 where he like hissed or sum i was like "Wow dom okay good job sweetie" while probably drooling. okay thanks
blockcrazygirl 7 days ago
I love writing stories and creating characters and I have only just realised that my most recent mini story I have been working on is 99% based off Yungblud, this song specifically!! This happens too often my subconscious is addicted XD
PETR #GG# :D 7 days ago
PETR #GG# :D 7 days ago
this is best
yungquinn x
yungquinn x 7 days ago
I'm getting suicide squad vibes
Tammy Johnson
Tammy Johnson 7 days ago
I love this and freak show
Filip S. Kovář
Filip S. Kovář 7 days ago
Unpopular opinion: This is one of his best songs
Jhonatan Jorge
Jhonatan Jorge 7 days ago
wtf is this nose
Nisa Bodak
Nisa Bodak 8 days ago
I'm at work right now an getting fooking horny seeing his neck like that 😅😝 not the best timing... could you please put an disclaimer before the video starts. Something like attention please you might get wet 😂😂😂
deikyn collister
deikyn collister 8 days ago
please tell me I'm not the only dude here
Jenna Haley
Jenna Haley 8 days ago
Yeah. my girlfriend is a little-
Vaia Lomas
Vaia Lomas 8 days ago
Giovanna Santos
Giovanna Santos 8 days ago
imagine a Yungblud clip with Billie Eilish, it would be amazing!!!
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