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YUNGBLUD (Dominic Harrison) answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself, his music, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Are YUNGBLUD & Billie Eilish friends? Is YUNGBLUD emo? and where on earth he got the name YUNGBLUD from? All answered.
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Comments 80
No one: Absolutely no one: YUNGBLUD: goes mental live
StarLight 11 hours ago
It all made sense once he said im a Leo
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm 15 hours ago
I thought he was 23
Amanda Cardenas
I,s like Young blud the song
Mr King Kee
Mr King Kee Day ago
He looks like the love child between Marilyn Manson and One Direction.
Kaylie Mason
Kaylie Mason Day ago
He literally referenced Taylor Swift's song 22 and that makes me so happy
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 7 hours ago
he sang it at karaoke for his birthday haha
am someone lol
am someone lol 2 days ago
Is it only me or does he sound and look like morgz in A wig? 😂
Kween Dee
Kween Dee 2 days ago
That accent though!! He's from the place as Louis Fooking Tomlinson!!!
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 days ago
He looks like a male Melanie Martinez...
Zoe Bluth
Zoe Bluth 3 days ago
I literally love him so much
Tilted 3 days ago
How he said “I don’t know maybe or maybe not” 😂😂
Zoey Lives bitch
Zoey Lives bitch 4 days ago
I just found out my favorite singer is my favorite zodiac sign I am so'
Gacha Opel
Gacha Opel 4 days ago
"Some leaf hit me in the head and said yungblud" i lost it lol
Arabella Shanks
Arabella Shanks 4 days ago
Omy Lemzi
Omy Lemzi 5 days ago
The way he said GOODNIGHT 😍😂
Mia_ watches anime
How dose dom look amazing every day!?
Madison West
Madison West 5 days ago
I am left handed too and I have ADHD
mayo gonzalez
mayo gonzalez 5 days ago
Yungblud like AM!!!!! And DAVID BOWIEEEEEE!!!!!!!
briley :3
briley :3 5 days ago
His energy is what we all live for XD
Satori606 5 days ago
what's with that fooking look?
Grace Warren
Grace Warren 6 days ago
You are such a legend man! 🖤🖤🖤 Love ya
StarGazing_Girl 101
2:08 killed me 😂😂😂😂
StarGazing_Girl 101
0:46 “No I’m from fookin Germany”
StarGazing_Girl 101
He looks like if Melanie Martinez and the joker had a kid 😂😂
Maisy Monk
Maisy Monk 6 days ago
Can you make something more happier
Tahlia the porcupine
Ok now If Jack Nicholson ever played as joker again YUNGBLUD should be his son And I stand by that
Melanie Martinez jr martinez /rincon
Young blood your just like my personality and I did not know that a person like you even existed to me it's crazy that a ten year old girl would have the same personality as you And yes I am ten I know that You don't even know me but your like a big brother to me I hope to see you when I grow up if your still playing your music
Angel Rose
Angel Rose 7 days ago
i will never get bored of dom saying double the u double the flavour
Larry Fisher
Larry Fisher 7 days ago
He is the most emo,wildest,coolest British person ever and i LOVE IT
Christopher Morocco
The joker laugh
Maysaa M
Maysaa M 7 days ago
Yungblud and Louis tomlinson both grew up in the same place
hailey 8 days ago
i wanna give him a big fat cuddle
Naomi Angel
Naomi Angel 8 days ago
I can speak British
Naomi Angel
Naomi Angel 8 days ago
I am in Tennessee
Maikel 8 days ago
he has such a strong accent and I love it
Camille Kientz
Camille Kientz 8 days ago
british beetlejuice?
The TUHE Channel
The TUHE Channel 8 days ago
Me too I am left handed but I do everything else with my Right
Alexander Diotalevi
ella mai
ella mai 8 days ago
No one: Yungblud: compares music with food
amziamoh 8 days ago
He's so fkn cute.. OK THIS IS SO STRANGE.. but I like him n his songs very much
georgix 8 days ago
I'm 5th of August. My grandparents live in Doncaster. I live in Germany. Any of this sound familiar?
Evette mack
Evette mack 9 days ago
I love youngblud but his tickets are so expensive
Merissa M
Merissa M 9 days ago
I can’t rlly understand him his accent is so thick lol
Obsidius Nightbrother
Yungblud is not only from Yorkshire but Donny?! Explains fookin everything.
ezabella maltsev
ezabella maltsev 9 days ago
UwU you left handed like me I'm pan XD I just brought that up for no reason
Balloon Poop
Balloon Poop 9 days ago
I was going to make a joke about how he should have just said only the Arctic Monkeys as his inspiration but he mentioned them twice so I assume he is pretty self aware lol
Yo mama So phat
Yo mama So phat 10 days ago
Who else is getting joker vibes 😂
mari ;
mari ; 10 days ago
dios amo a este hombre
amvpro6 10 days ago
I think Harley Quin and The Joker got frisky
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton 10 days ago
He would play a great pirate
Omai wa mou
Omai wa mou 10 days ago
"is yungblud british" Yungblud: no im *fookin* german
DeadStrike HQ
DeadStrike HQ 10 days ago
He’s nice and funny but a bit loud and annoying 😂 Edit: I’ve now realised he’s actually hilarious 😂
Isabella Catherine
Isabella Catherine 10 days ago
I'm literally so in love with him
big time tunes
big time tunes 11 days ago
i love for his personality he's so alive
caviar guitar
caviar guitar 11 days ago
Yungblud is like Morgz for emos
Jewely Clark
Jewely Clark 11 days ago
Can you plz come to, Columbia Missouri?!😜
M. E.
M. E. 11 days ago
Well im very german
Waqar Muhammad
Waqar Muhammad 11 days ago
Why do you keep on saying men and life
Waqar Muhammad
Waqar Muhammad 11 days ago
Billie Martinez
Billie Martinez 12 days ago
If people don't like you throw a frozen banana at them 😂😂😂
This a vibe have you ever heard of DUMUGLY
cass loves u
cass loves u 12 days ago
he’s so chaotic omg
Jack Sharman
Jack Sharman 12 days ago
He looks like a male version of that evil woman from 101 dalmations
lol loly
lol loly 12 days ago
I REALLY DON'T KNOW ENGLISH ,BUT I WATCH IT короче ,я хочу сказать, что узнала этого чувака две минуты назад, но уже люблю его
Mrs-Hexaphobia 12 days ago
He's wearing a Manson shirt, he's OK in my book
Samantha McCullough
You have the same birthday as my stepfather
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson 13 days ago
Does young bloot have the virus
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson 13 days ago
Is youngblood my future husband
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson 13 days ago
Is yungblud going to marry me
히요heeyo 13 days ago
Why is he so cute?
Gillian Padrick
Gillian Padrick 13 days ago
He's kinda annoying
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput 13 days ago
I guess we know the answer that he won’t play Glastonbury...... cause it ain’t happening😔
Tøp2405 13 days ago
1:22 😍😂
Valentina Sicilia
Valentina Sicilia 14 days ago
I love him
rAnDoM eDGy tHouGhTs
Honestly want to see him do a cover of Cradles by Sunday Urban.
Emma Kobs
Emma Kobs 14 days ago
giant mouth works overtime
BeefNuts 666
BeefNuts 666 14 days ago
Yikes that accent is horrific
Nora's World
Nora's World 14 days ago
I just love him
Miss. M
Miss. M 14 days ago
Why am i turned on😐
Jan 14 days ago
In 20 years he s called OLDBLUD laal
Strallsey Posts
Strallsey Posts 14 days ago
can we like... make fusion a music genre?
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