YouTubers Who Can Sing (SHOCKING)

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Find out which RUvidrs can ACTUALLY sing. The truth is shocking.
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Today we react to a compilation of 15 RUvidrs who can (supposedly) sing. We take a look at Jeffree Star, James Charles, Shane Dawson, Troye Sivan, Markiplier and more singing pop music. Are these RUvidr's singing amazing or not so much? Let me know in the comments.
Watch the full original video I watched here:
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
John Carlo Dumanais
I didnt know Miranda Sing can sing??!
Pranaya Ahuja
Pranaya Ahuja 16 hours ago
Damien_bfg 21 hour ago
why do you sound like pewdiepie?
ØWL GAMING 5 hours ago
he is friends with pewdiepie
Alyssa Vlogs,Cosplays,And cosplay vlogs
I always knew he was gay XD (No I didn't XD)
Noodle gamer
Noodle gamer Day ago
she can sing... with autotune
Johnny Tudor
Johnny Tudor Day ago
Nogla should of been on here
Yeet Nugget
Yeet Nugget Day ago
Thanks for playing a run for the cube clip
foreign swagger
i can't tell if trisha squealed or if that was a fan i'm dumb lol
The flying Pigs
Shane’s vocals in I am everything are everything
Wolfies Gacha
I'm mad they didn't include CaveTown
Tatum Leonhardt
That girl that idk her name sto- I mean😤 ..... borrowed AJR’s song, location....can’t say I like that....😐😐😐😐😐😖😖😖😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😬😬😬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡 Sorry, but.... I don’t LIKE IT when people stea- I mean😤 boRROW from AJR...😒cuz AJR are the fricken best band... EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR😬😬😬😬
Cedric Colin
Cedric Colin 2 days ago
Producer:Trish on what Key are you on? Trish: AAAALLL OF THEEEEM
Charlie Eshay
Charlie Eshay 2 days ago
Tbh Niki and Gabi aren’t the type of youtubers I watch but that Song is catchy af
Alexi Hebert
Alexi Hebert 2 days ago
You are at 6 mil I want no autotune please
Fatima Klimenta
Fatima Klimenta 2 days ago
Lele also sings opera
Seara 2 days ago
troye my boy 😍❤
Kai Chapman
Kai Chapman 3 days ago
I honestly dont like gabby's voice...
mack and cheese is the balm
am I the only one who thinks niki and gabi cant sing?
mack and cheese is the balm
no one.... shane dawson is like the best singer on youtube
Isabella Lewis
Isabella Lewis 3 days ago
I wanna be able to reach through my screen and cuddle Markiplier's dog Chica
Emily Miskowicz
Emily Miskowicz 3 days ago
anonymous child
anonymous child 4 days ago
at 4:09 the dude is wearing shorts
Ava Rabinowitz
Ava Rabinowitz 4 days ago
Hi To whoever is randomly scrolling through the comments hi 👋🏽 ☺️ Make it blue!!
Uta Verena
Uta Verena 4 days ago
ksi is really good at rapping
DetectiveWolfie 4 days ago
Markiplier tho 🥰😍❤️
DetectiveWolfie 4 days ago
Gabbie Hanna’s song monster you NEED to react too
Ollie Davies
Ollie Davies 5 days ago
what about FELIX
Chloe Irwin
Chloe Irwin 5 days ago
Jefree isnt a drag queen
Pasha Horn-Robbearts
I just have to say I love how you give your opinion and really... give constructive criticism. I love how you stand your ground and stick your opinions. I think you have a real ear.... and the fact that you can sing only backs that up. Keep doing what you’re doing. I love it!
Pasha Horn-Robbearts
Also, 99.9% I agree with your views The .01 comes from me not being a skilled vocalist! Haha
Natalie Cameron
Natalie Cameron 5 days ago
Jeffree star cannot sing
Olive586 5 days ago
Obviously James Charles can sing. DUH 🙄
what about jacksepticeye he sings!!
Jojo 6 days ago
don't do this to me
karen williams
karen williams 6 days ago
Putttt me on the lighting console pleeeaaasse I'd make those girls look awesome!
Sam King
Sam King 6 days ago
Gabbie Hanna is a mediocre singer in my opinion. The only reason she sounds good in a video is thanks to autotune. And then at the same time her lyrics are incredibly cringeworthy. To be fair, that’s true for most of the youtubers on here. These social media influencers’ egos are just mind blowing.
b.r.3.n_08 6 days ago
Roomie: youtubers can't sing Me: wait but your a youtuber
ZepTar - Roblox And GD
James has that Sam Smith area type voice
I'm a Lammacorn
I'm a Lammacorn 6 days ago
James Charles tho... ♡○♡
Lily Rutchman
Lily Rutchman 6 days ago
I didn't know James Charles can sing..! I'm proud Sisters!
AppleTater 6 days ago
Trisha has to be trolling with that performance, and judging by the audience's reaction I'm guessing that's the case.
Box head 999
Box head 999 6 days ago
I can smell copyright ©
Crona Go Go corona go
What the GEC
Aidyn Fateen
Aidyn Fateen 7 days ago
u should react to jaden hossler
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 7 days ago
Salina Barry
Salina Barry 7 days ago
Have you've looked at the RUvidr PAINT? if you haven't he's pretty good in my opinion.
Abby idk
Abby idk 7 days ago
Technically everyone can sing but not everyone can sing good
justLukeCollins Collins
Is any one going to talk about how it look like james charles was lip singing
Jenner Hirata
Jenner Hirata 8 days ago
I know this is late but you should’ve done Gabriela bee from the eh bee family
Call Me Agent M
Call Me Agent M 8 days ago
Jeffree Star's hairstyle looked like (Bram Stoker) Dracula's😂
VARNZ24 8 days ago
what the f...first time i seen Jeffery star singing lol
Ayla Erickson
Ayla Erickson 8 days ago
Omg didn’t know that Colleen Ballinger can sing like omg it’s amazing
Alexandria Worley
If you do another video on this you should talk about CallMeKevin!!!
Rhys 7 days ago
random person
random person 9 days ago
Is it just me or this guy be cringing in all the reaction videos he's doing HAHAHAHHAHA
Jamie Memes
Jamie Memes 9 days ago
I don't know if you guys know but there's this small youtuber that I like watching called Call me Kevin who is pretty funny and chaotic and if you watch his twitch sings performances he's actually good when he tries. And I honestly just really enjoy his videos so yeah check him out. If you want.
Adelyn Crabtree
Adelyn Crabtree 9 days ago
If you did not know that was not Shane's actual singing voice. He used that voice for the superhero theme.
Rosa De Tevis
Rosa De Tevis 9 days ago
You arw making fun of youtbers
Rhys 7 days ago
He's being honest
Kat Alexander
Kat Alexander 10 days ago
Excuse me... where is Gibi? Humming the Halo theme???
Ivanna Zambrano
Ivanna Zambrano 10 days ago
Mika Bhaskaran
Mika Bhaskaran 10 days ago
me before the video: flamingo better be here me after the video: wHeReS FlaMiNgO aT?!?
Rhys 7 days ago
bEat RiCe
bEat RiCe 10 days ago
You forgot Jojo Siwa, please react to her! (personally I'm not a fan of hers, I'm just interested in what you have to say)
Everything Guinea
Everything Guinea 11 days ago
Scarlxrd should be on this list because he used to be mazzy maz and now he’s an actully artist
reynae blackadder
reynae blackadder 11 days ago
You already have 6m subs
Dayana Alvarado
Dayana Alvarado 11 days ago
So Glad to see Niki and Gabi made it on this video! Love them
꧁꧂heaven bright
He is known ad a celeb
꧁꧂heaven bright
Troye sivan is a celebrity of course he can sing -.-
꧁꧂heaven bright
꧁꧂heaven bright
Liis Story time
Liis Story time 11 days ago
U should do wengie
LittleDogeX 12 days ago
Troye Sivan Is Such A Good Singer I Used To Listen To Him.
amelia knight
amelia knight 12 days ago
the definition of blood on the dance floor is ugly singing
amelia knight
amelia knight 12 days ago
superfruit should’ve been in here for shits and giggles
HannahCrews 12 days ago
Dude. I‘ve been wondering if I heard a slight Swedish accent there. Good to know👍🏼
TheSartex 12 days ago
This is a dumb thing to sat but there are a lot of them who can sing Shawn Mendas 5SOS and others
Cayden Lorraine
Cayden Lorraine 13 days ago
James: .starts singing. Me: .punching the air.
AdoptmeMila 13 days ago
"no youtubers can sing" is a youtuber who sings
Jessica Hartman
Jessica Hartman 13 days ago
Two words for you: Drew Monson! He started off as Shane Dawson's hilarious side kick but he is sooooo talented! He sings and makes his own music too. He's amazing!
Mīstēr Gāchā -w-
Subscribed :D
Cactus cooler
Cactus cooler 13 days ago
Where is that 6 million no auto insurance tune and one guy idk like 50 voices in still waiting for that it's been like 30 days since u got 6 million
Cactus cooler
Cactus cooler 13 days ago
Make sure to like this so he can see this
That_Mason_Guy 13 days ago
Dan Avidan from Game Grumps is a freaking amazing singer
anna grace yurkutat
I found out pretty recently that James Charles can sing really well and I'm still shook by that
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