YouTubers Who Can Sing (SHOCKING)

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Find out which RUvidrs can ACTUALLY sing. The truth is shocking.
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Today we react to a compilation of 15 RUvidrs who can (supposedly) sing. We take a look at Jeffree Star, James Charles, Shane Dawson, Troye Sivan, Markiplier and more singing pop music. Are these RUvidr's singing amazing or not so much? Let me know in the comments.
Watch the full original video I watched here:
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Shadow Wolverine
Shadow Wolverine 48 minutes ago
Corpse husband are you there Or maybe Ro Pansino?....
SBMSA Football Clips
Roomie your a youtuber and you can sing so thats not true
Brittany O
Brittany O Hour ago
Can we have a globally available choir class, where we can all see someone with a diagram of the internal arrangement of parts in the throat, up.. And how to lift the palate to cut air flow off to the sinuses.. Omg.. Better singers 'over night' 🤓✌🤦🏻
Brittany O
Brittany O Hour ago
Zhavia.. She's pretty good. Pretty sure I've met her and I was more impressed at her personality and being pretty humble... It's pronounced like a softened J. Jhah-vie-uh.
how dare you say that you are dumb gabbie hanna wore a sari
shirleen ng
shirleen ng 9 hours ago
Lele Pons ❤
Sunil Mhatre
Sunil Mhatre 23 hours ago
the close she was wearing that yousaid it was inapropreit its india cloths
You should listen to some of leales other songs they’re good
Uno Inigo Inciong
Why...why did you not include Jazza! Why!?!?
Beakyboii Day ago
Markiplier Can't Sing __________ | Prove Me| | Wrong | ------------------
RyzuKun Day ago
2:46 i immediately knew that this meant she could sing well
Corinne Hawkins
Trisha is horrible
Family Sunset
No wonder why Miranda sings is called Miranda sings
Sophia Chew
Sophia Chew Day ago
James is an amazing singer
Bottled Blu
Bottled Blu Day ago
Ummmm WilburSoot??? And Roomie Offical?
Blackbird. exe
Blackbird. exe 2 days ago
Lil pitchy has left the chat
Animals and gaming
KittenTune 101
KittenTune 101 2 days ago
I was waiting Jacksepticeye or Pewds to show up. (I wish it was a better clip of Mark)
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios 2 days ago
No Joji?
Jeff Newman
Jeff Newman 3 days ago
Congrats joel, you did it
Sara Morancho Quiñones
Before know Harry Styles I used to think that he was a youtuber like James Charles ( about make-up and this things) sooooo... Yes you tubers can sing 😂 Don't kill me because I didn't know who was Harry 👁-👁
luke duke
luke duke 3 days ago
Ryan higa left the chat
Exemplar PH
Exemplar PH 3 days ago
Yeah, he forgot Joel
Overda Top
Overda Top 3 days ago
Joel, you need to do Conan Grey
Alivia Lahr
Alivia Lahr 3 days ago
Colleen ballinger (Coe-leen Bal-en-ger)
CODanist 3 days ago
I thought “drag singing” had something to do with Jeffrey Star being a drag queen then I realized what he was talking about 😂
Orlando Foxxx
Orlando Foxxx 3 days ago
Can you just get to the content please? YOU'RE NOT FUNNY
lilibean6288 3 days ago
Jill Ian Manaloto
Its ballinger
N.Philly Philly
N.Philly Philly 4 days ago
Thought this guy was from Romania or Ukraine. Found out he's swedish. Greetings from 🇳🇴
MLG Blhu
MLG Blhu 4 days ago
Green Heart
Green Heart 4 days ago
Tisha doesn't deserve anything ;-;
Isabella Martin
Isabella Martin 4 days ago
im gonna give this a like cuz this came out on my birthday sorry i watch this late
Walker Nation
Walker Nation 4 days ago
Pretty much all you tubers can sing bc most singers have a RUvid account.
Trudy 4 days ago
Wait where do I recognize him I’m going crazy!!!?????
Millie Cook
Millie Cook 5 days ago
Ur a youtuber that can sing did u forget joel
Maura tazkia Prabowo
How about madyline bailey??
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 5 days ago
I'm surprised Gavin Magnus wasn't there
Tyler 5 days ago
Besides Mark, I don't know any of these RUvidrs. Also you missed "I Don't Wanna Be Free" from "A Highst With Markipier"
Roomier Ox
Roomier Ox 5 days ago
Hi roomier
•NotDeku• 5 days ago
"Bull poop" Me: Oh- I thought it was-
sadxcloudd 5 days ago
Trisha pastas isn’t joking honey She really does think she’s good
Roomie: No RUvidrs can sing Roomie's mind: Why do u do this to me
Emma Batool
Emma Batool 6 days ago
you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean 😢 your voice is not that good 😌
Nabbit15 Gaming
Nabbit15 Gaming 6 days ago
Trisha sounds like Minnie Mouse
Layla Antezana
Layla Antezana 6 days ago
Lol but he a RUvidr 😂
Devil’s Arrow
Devil’s Arrow 7 days ago
Are U saying you can’t sing you making RUvid videos so you RUvidr i think
Zachariah Naidoo
Zachariah Naidoo 7 days ago
James is gay
Rika Goede
Rika Goede 7 days ago
Thomas sanders
Officially Maria
Officially Maria 7 days ago
So what you are from sweden?? I live in sweden btw!!
Tommy Innit
Tommy Innit 8 days ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa man
miss A&A
miss A&A 8 days ago
Me I cant sing really sometimes I think I can then I realise I barely know the chorus..Buhh with that said I seen ur 8 contestants n I hope I can sing n I seen ur auto tune thing show so I'd b good with auto tunep$$$₩tune to rise to sing for a dime..I can rhyme maybe????
Maddie 8 days ago
I mean a lot of people here are both good at singing and good people but Trisha is both a really bad person and a bad singer
Luna Alpha
Luna Alpha 8 days ago
Hazel Erin Rae Allen
The Weeb Next Door
other youtubers who can sing: Emilee, Cavetown, Chloe Moriondo, Itsabudy, Rainych ran, Bao ch., and shachimu these are just ones i listen to, there are more talented youtube singers but i probably don't know them
julia tavarez
julia tavarez 9 days ago
Markipler was in a fnaf musical witch it random encounter fnaf musical
MeggieKaye 9 days ago
You need to do another one. Joji wasn't on here and that man can sing.
Fiona Jeon
Fiona Jeon 9 days ago
Gabbie is wearing a sarie, its a Indian outfit
Nio Yukki
Nio Yukki 9 days ago
The video: youtubers who can sing My mind: iT's EveRyDaY bRoO🤪😠👑
ditdiver123 9 days ago
my number 1 youtubers that can sing are WARPZONE!!!! love those GEEKY STARWARS nerd GAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Inés María Castillo Menéndez
Umm i dont wanna give hate but there where some ´people here that sang better than you and you just said "nice" like , seriously lele pons is a singer and you just say yeah shes like trey or trevor something. Plus you think way to much of yourself .
Justin Urdaibay
Justin Urdaibay 9 days ago
I came here looking for Zanny kinda disappointed
Rev Tube
Rev Tube 10 days ago
I don’t think Jeffrey star is good because it is a just auto tune
Laura Garst
Laura Garst 10 days ago
ball ing ger
paige williams
paige williams 10 days ago
shane emo singer
Devasena Brijesh
Devasena Brijesh 10 days ago
Is she wearing half saree?🤣
Ryan Elliot
Ryan Elliot 10 days ago
What about jj aka ksi
phina 10 days ago
You could also react to German youtubers who can sing. For example: Naomi Jon, julien Bam, Vincent lee, Julia beautx, Lara Loft, Anni the duck
Stefania 11 days ago
And Bogdan Teches
amy sun
amy sun 11 days ago
Dream tho?
Khushi Rani
Khushi Rani 11 days ago
Uhhh that first 5 seconds just made my eardrumbs pop out
Riley and Thea K
Riley and Thea K 12 days ago
please react to: jessie paege Thomas sanders Dodie clark
Reese O
Reese O 11 days ago
Maybe wilbur soot too :)
Jean Tancharoen
Jean Tancharoen 12 days ago
Roomie’s face when he saw Trisha Paytas singing😆
Myia Moore
Myia Moore 12 days ago
I found a RUvidr who can sing his name is Joel from roomie offical
AmyM& Beauty
AmyM& Beauty 12 days ago
Colleen Ballinger was Arianas vocal coach for years so I'd hope she could sing! 😁
Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear 12 days ago
I want to see matpat on here
Camixlove64 12 days ago
PLEASE check out nikis solo music!! she’s put out some really dope songs lately
Ananya Rathore
Ananya Rathore 12 days ago
Gabbie is wearing an Indian dress🙂
Caitlin Jay
Caitlin Jay 12 days ago
Yeah I don’t like Jeffrey Starr’s voice either LOL
Seeker Gaming
Seeker Gaming 12 days ago
miranda drummond
miranda drummond 12 days ago
my names miranda u know what colleen something took mirandasings name bc she thought it was pretty im flattering myself if thats a thing
Lysha 13 days ago
My fav comilation is also Zander
Jennavis Crespo
Jennavis Crespo 13 days ago
Roomie should react to Daniel el travieso he makes some great music
Asmi Roy
Asmi Roy 13 days ago
2:03 Im assuming Gabbie is wearing a ghagra choli im not sure tho
T Smith
T Smith 13 days ago
Anybody else immediately think when he says no RUvidrs can sing -but you can-
lord oatmeal
lord oatmeal 13 days ago
andrea russet sounds and looks a bit like my music teacher in the first clip
Emma Woodard
Emma Woodard 13 days ago
Jeffree Star is an amazing person and singer.
Snickerdoodless 14 days ago
He said Netsflixs and I started laughing so hard
Ava playz
Ava playz 14 days ago
James Charles God is a woman cover on the thumbnail Alternate title: RUvidrs Who CAN'T sing Also, no shade to James. I'm actually a huge sister but that was two years ago and... yeah
Kathy Colbert
Kathy Colbert 14 days ago
REACT TO CRANKGAMEPLAYS (Ethan) singing compilations
Jennifer Stoltzfus
Jennifer Stoltzfus 14 days ago
She’s not as big as these YTers, but Jessica Braun can sing.
SLOTH GIRL 14 days ago
Joel’s a RUvidr singer
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 14 days ago
Me: Cool you tubers can sing! Joel: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome Roomie!!
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 14 days ago
also the shallow one is TERRIBLE
Teresa Graser
Teresa Graser 15 days ago
What about Rosanna Pansino from "Nerdy Nummies"
ib fi
ib fi 15 days ago
Samaya Patel
Samaya Patel 15 days ago
No RUvidrs can sing? So your not a RUvidr. I see now
Meghan Holloway
Meghan Holloway 15 days ago
You should hear abbyglover shes so mesmerizing
A true survivor
A true survivor 15 days ago
please react to markiplier say you wont let go
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