YouTubers React To TRY NOT TO CRY Challenge

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RUvidrs React To The Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their reactions!
#trynotto #trynottocry #crychallenge
Content Featured:
The Real Thing
Avengers: Endgame
Wounded Dog
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Carson King and Josh Allen
Eugenia Cooney
Garrett Watts
Jennelle Eliana
Kelsey Impicciche
Lisa Schwartz
Mac Kahey
Phil DeFranco
Tiffany Herrera
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RUvidrs React to Try Not To Cry Challenge


Published on


Dec 14, 2019




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Comments 80
FBE 7 months ago
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Kurt Davis
Kurt Davis 3 months ago
RUvidrs react to order 66 star wars
edp382 3 months ago
glad im dead inside,,,,,had a good laugh at these suckers😂
Gabriel Alvarez
Gabriel Alvarez 6 months ago
Let's see if one of those videos made me cry 1. Nope 2. I don't think so 3. YES (in a Kirashima manly cry mode) 4. Hell no
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 6 months ago
Ok 👍
I just feel that they are crying for views cus this stuff is really not that emotional bro
Soul Fire
Soul Fire Hour ago
I didn't cry but "Hi Allie" was the closest I got
Aaliah Ahamad
Aaliah Ahamad 2 hours ago
You had another chance to insert Leaves From The Vine and didn't WOW IM UPSET
StubbornFox 3 hours ago
1 1 1 1 none were sad there is only 2 things in my life that are fives leaves from the vine, and Jurassic bark
Sammi A
Sammi A 7 hours ago
I only clicked cause I saw garret
一啊一Yuki-Kun 13 hours ago
Last one got me like a lot I couldn’t hold my tears.
MaiLee Vang
MaiLee Vang 16 hours ago
titanic when jack froze let go song play, thats when I cry. Terminator 2 T800 when to the lava of flame thats when i cry.....
Dalbert Halim
Dalbert Halim 16 hours ago
im just a ten year old kid ok but who remembers the brachi dying in ashes in jw 2
Binnacle 19 hours ago
Where's Uncle Iroh's Leaves From the Vines
TheGamingBoi 21 hour ago
when i saw carson was going to be here i said this isn't fair he can cheat
Purple Predator
0:37 we doubt that.You cried when you were born
memer boy
memer boy Day ago
if u cry like the video
Adrian Toledo
The last video really got to me when I realize that the mother dog was trying to communicate to someone to help her puppy
Adrian Toledo
I didn’t understand what the second video was
Christophe Ducas
How dare they give a *0* at ironman dying
wadan shams
wadan shams 5 hours ago
i would give it a 3000
Wahoo brother
Get that out off here !!!
Prometheus 18562
7:10 this would be alot better if they actually had someone who didn't agree with this video or was uncomfortable, it would be alot more realistic
Shakill The gamer
..... a 1 2 and 0 ...... LET FIGHT THAT AINY EVEN CLOSE TO 40 edit: i mean 3000 :)
Super Vegito
Super Vegito Day ago
When she said everything makes her cry maybe she might suffer from depression cause she cries a lot
Banana - Mations
Banana - Mations 2 days ago
Siobhan McDonagh
Siobhan McDonagh 2 days ago
U guys should of done the last few minutes of toy story 4 I was in tears
Shaz 2 days ago
k in terms of sadness meter i guess for me i'll give 2,3,1,4 from vid 1-4 tho i didn't cry at all how are they crying kinda wondering
lucian Tel Ale maxim
I am gonna cry only when I have context...rarely I cry wihtout one
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 2 days ago
Where's the anime try not to cry(Your lie in april, anohana, angel beats, clannad, Plastic Memories)
OC Redesigner
OC Redesigner 2 days ago
When the Endgame clip came on, I got so mad at myself because I didn't cry! I literally said " CRY DAMNIT!" No joke.
Jeremy Martel
Jeremy Martel 2 days ago
wuzzup boi
wuzzup boi 3 days ago
Carson:I will never cry FBE:*plays footage of katerino cheating*
MadBruv 3 days ago
Carson: I've never cried in my entire life, I am STRONG also Carson: Becomes a meme for crying in stream
Rhyley Kerr
Rhyley Kerr 3 days ago
The fact that the avengers one was the only one that got me 😂
MovieMan21 3 days ago
The Iron Man scene made me so Upset!
Kaioken Supreme
Kaioken Supreme 3 days ago
We are in a world where Iton man gets a 27 compared to 40s
Kaioken Supreme
Kaioken Supreme 3 days ago
Leaves from the vine...... I’m waiting
LILLY CHAN 4 days ago
Yay DangMattSmith is in this video!! 😆😆😆😆😆
Dyslexic Apricot
Dyslexic Apricot 4 days ago
I loved Mac’s famous “There it is”
Cooper McCurry
Cooper McCurry 5 days ago
0:33 yes callmecarson
Daniel Renteria
Daniel Renteria 5 days ago
goota do a vid with my mman iroh singing leaves from the vine
Bacon H3lps
Bacon H3lps 5 days ago
"Meet toggle now" Picture of a Grave appears
ST fangirl
ST fangirl 6 days ago
Who click on this vid just bc they saw garret watts lol well besides me
raven squad
raven squad 6 days ago
i didnt cry on the dog one but i did on the end game one :/
Hache Villalta
Hache Villalta 6 days ago
Tony Stark,Only One😔👑👏the best.
Hawin Acar
Hawin Acar 6 days ago
Fun fact: Its 2020 and you are here from Iroh: Leaves from the vine
Jon-Wesley Carter
No, thank you. I would not like to play Invasion: Light Myths. I would like to KEEP WATCHING THE VIDEO, thank you.
Ray Of Sunshine
Ray Of Sunshine 7 days ago
I'm sorry but I screamed when I saw Mac and my tears shot back up😂
Ashtoon 7 days ago
I'm 9 and a big marvel fan so I went to cinema with my mum and sister. The mid-aged woman behind me was weeping and my mum pretended it was me! Seriously I did cry when he died...
Caitlin H
Caitlin H 7 days ago
Omg MAC.....i love it
JESSICA Oliva-Canan
Rukyuu 7 days ago
6:27 now this hit in the feels so hard
Yonatan Minzari
Yonatan Minzari 7 days ago
how avengers got so less points then the others i would give it a 5 because i sew all the movies and got connected to him
SerasXHarkonnen 7 days ago
That second one was just awkward, I get the premise is emotional but the execution was lacking, fake and lacking.
SalsaSteve 7 days ago
just listen to leaves of a vine.
Maddie C
Maddie C 7 days ago
You: ( human dies in movie /show) *laughs*. You: ( dog dies in movie /show) *cries so hard you can’t cry anymore*
cheetah animations
This reminds me of my dog the difference was that he didn't make it distempers a bich.
James Proctor
James Proctor 8 days ago
I don't understand the whole Ali thing can someone explain plz
Hayden Wolf
Hayden Wolf 8 days ago
ive had foster siblings before and when they leave it is terrible
trying fruit
trying fruit 8 days ago
Big spoon man
Aaron-kun 8 days ago
Zero huh You need a highfive To the face
Waste Disposal Unit
Thanks for the likes
Autumn Cates
Autumn Cates 8 days ago
@FBE have you done one of these with the death of Old Yeller? I know it's a seriously old movie. (Seriously) But still, a loyal and protective doggo dying is sad af.
I never fail try not to cry challenges because I can’t feel the emotion of sadness (the edit was to just shorten the comment and get straight to the point)
Hayley Curtis
Hayley Curtis 9 days ago
Attacking Lizard3
Can I recommend leaves from the vine?
chris fo
chris fo 9 days ago
I see Tony, I click
Izabuddaday Jam
Izabuddaday Jam 10 days ago
The whole clip of the superhero one got me
Izabuddaday Jam
Izabuddaday Jam 10 days ago
The SuperHero one got me
Charlie Foster
Charlie Foster 10 days ago
hanuman chalisa
SharkZilla 10 days ago
I’m a Deceptacon So I didn’t cry in any of these I thought they were pathetic but that fourth one I was like is the dog and I survived yes it’s survived shed no tears sharkzilla The official deceptivecon
Asiya Dj
Asiya Dj 10 days ago
I was lowkey confused at what was happening in all of the videos except for Tony Stark, that hit me hard lol
Marcos Bryner
Marcos Bryner 10 days ago
i agree with everything carson said
Dommbuscus 10 days ago
Honestly, the second video hit me the least. Yeah, your dad accepted you after not seeing you for years. No shit, that's just a dad who loves his kid, doesn't matter what you define as now
Caden Rubio
Caden Rubio 10 days ago
The iron man part was a cheap move a damn cheap move
dragonticks2 10 days ago
Bro I only cried on the dog one
G King
G King 10 days ago
Dangmattsmith what!!!
Greg Marler
Greg Marler 10 days ago
I clicked cause I saw Garrett watts!
Cinderwolf 05
Cinderwolf 05 10 days ago
The only thing I've cried at that isn't real life, is Arthur Morgan's death. You gotta do better than these-
Omar Of Survival
Omar Of Survival 10 days ago
Sir_Neoteric 10 days ago
Reaches into the video to smack some sense into them for those endgame scores! Play it through his memorial at the lake
Samantha Campoverde
Jacob Somerville
Jacob Somerville 11 days ago
In order 0 0 5 0
SoupMyGuy 41
SoupMyGuy 41 11 days ago
Next videos