YouTubers React To My New Song "Goin' Live"

FaZe Rug
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I went up to a bunch of RUvidrs like Ricegum, Sommer Ray, FaZe Banks and more to react to my new song, and they reacted like this.
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 13 143
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Month ago
Coin Feret
Coin Feret 24 days ago
Juice WRLD
It's yo boy ManManTooFly
It would lowkey be nice if DDG got on the track with you
Np Sir
Np Sir Month ago
FaZe Rug offset
James 101
James 101 Month ago
Juice wrld
Chrome Krusty
Chrome Krusty Month ago
Dude ur song is actually ass lmao do one that’s not 97% auto tune
its Zem
its Zem 6 hours ago
Rice gum act like he ain’t a youtuber
Ksi should hop on to your track
Brennan Robinson
Brennan Robinson 11 hours ago
Put offset as a ft
Zachariah Koroma
Zachariah Koroma 14 hours ago
Lit fam
Marisa Macias
This song has good
pubg player
pubg player Day ago
Yo rug you are the best men and The song OMG 11/10 you killing it keep it up men love you men
Elite_ Ghost
Elite_ Ghost Day ago
Wait hold up in the beginning the beat sounds like it’s from someone song I think it’s a drake idk I may be wrong I’m not trying to call him out or anything it just sounds familiar
Showrav Hossain
lmao keem's judging lml. The guy that makes money from other peoples lives. The "oooh" needs to be fixed, have u herd when he said it. gtfo
Make a other song
Showrav Hossain
Showrav Hossain 2 days ago
ft PnB Rock please
Jairo Marquez
Jairo Marquez 2 days ago
MCPartyKidz 2 days ago
Steve looked so uncomfortable
Isabelle Blanchard
I memrized this in 1 min no lie
Angel Reyezz
Angel Reyezz 2 days ago
Damn it’s amazing how much you grown congrats man
achilles torres
achilles torres 2 days ago
amazing song
Cayden Chandler
Cayden Chandler 2 days ago
Who’s song is better FaZe rug or FaZe Kay’s like FaZe rug comment FaZe kay
Hassan Jawad
Hassan Jawad 2 days ago
The song is fire brooo like
Logan C
Logan C 2 days ago
Clout house address is 6447 Weidlake Dr Los Angeles CA 90068 FaZe House address is 6425 Weidlake Dr Los Angeles CA 90068
Dj 4bnu
Dj 4bnu 3 days ago
Dj 4bnu
Dj 4bnu 3 days ago
Make another one
Osama Najib
Osama Najib 3 days ago
Get Tyga in your tune
Ismael Valencia
Ismael Valencia 3 days ago
NK Jacob
NK Jacob 3 days ago
Rug ducking sommar ray
Redi Duraj
Redi Duraj 3 days ago
I singing all the day it is so lit man subscribe and like all faze’s rug’s videos😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂🙂🙂
Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez 3 days ago
3:11 mest up big time
Abena Perkins
Abena Perkins 3 days ago
Ashner fernandez
Ashner fernandez 3 days ago
If faze rug was buff he’d probably be become a rapper he should get buff
B LIVE GAMING 4 days ago
*honestly, I don’t think summer liked the song by her facial expressions..*
Funny Vids10
Funny Vids10 4 days ago
Ex0ticHalo 4 days ago
The song is cringe itself but adding a boomers(keemstar)reaction made it worse
Skeleton gaming
Skeleton gaming 4 days ago
Again skkert
GoldFate 4 days ago
Okay honestly they all just didn't want to hurt his feelings... Nobody fucking liked it
luca barone
luca barone 4 days ago
Make a another song rug
[TXC] FOURBREAK 4 days ago
sam 1582
sam 1582 5 days ago
Rice gum
Revenge_ Slicer
Revenge_ Slicer 5 days ago
Producer: How much autotune you want? Faze Rug:Yes
wow wow
wow wow 5 days ago
Polo G😁
FAX_ shahwaiz
FAX_ shahwaiz 6 days ago
One of the worst song ive heard but man this was ur frst time..its not bad bcz the fact it was his frst time
Christian Flores
Christian Flores 6 days ago
@FaZe Rug, Bryan you should put Rich Bryan on the future collaboration on this ayee be lit to have two Bryans on this song ayee!!!
Jpatlan 13
Jpatlan 13 6 days ago
Lil pump
Kush Life
Kush Life 7 days ago
11:33 LOL what you guys expected out of Rug? He only has about 14 million subscribers 👀😂😂😂 13.7 mill to be exact 😎
Cool Boy
Cool Boy 7 days ago
Rug I love it when you do videos with Blaze
David Duarte
David Duarte 7 days ago
Ft faze offset on it
OS Weptcar
OS Weptcar 7 days ago
What song is crazy good
dezert original
dezert original 7 days ago
FaZe blaze before ratings:*going crazy* Rating time:a solid 7/10 Me:?
Andy Rojas
Andy Rojas 7 days ago
Nle choppa
OD_LaughSANITY 7 days ago
Keen is a bitch😡😡
Lizbet arauza
Lizbet arauza 7 days ago
I think keem star was mean to rug
Aaden Persuasion
Aaden Persuasion 7 days ago
Is brawadas jealous of you and sommer
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean 7 days ago
I Am Shay
I Am Shay 7 days ago
**SUX Ace Family COPIED u! SMH Could take it as a compliment tho LOL**
Arcully 7 days ago
I’m sorry to tell you ruggy. Buut,just stick to vlogs😂😂
MISTRAL 95 7 days ago
Firee !!🖤🖤
Andrew&Eliyas Milton
Andrew&Eliyas Milton
I love it broooo!!!!!!!!😱
Daniel Contreras
Daniel Contreras 8 days ago
Make at least one more song you are good
Christian Rowe
Christian Rowe 8 days ago
Make more songs!!!!!
Angel Hinojos
Angel Hinojos 8 days ago
You should put Offset or DDG
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista 8 days ago
That shit was 🔥!!!!!!!🤙
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