YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

Tom Scott
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No copyright infringement intended. | Watch Money, my new Nebula Original series, when you join CuriosityStream for only $2.99/month: curiositystream.com/tomscott
CAMERA: Jamie Drew
CAMERA: Joe Stone
AUDIO MIX: Graham Haerther
EDITOR: Isla McTear
CAPTIONS: Caption+
1901 Arts Club
The Camera Museum, Soho
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The Lexi Cinema, Kensal Green
Mandy Celine
Oliver Thorn
Tim Bunn
Leonard French ruvid.net/u-ljfrench009
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0:00 Introduction
1:09 Chapter 1: The Mess We're In
10:08 Chapter 2: No Copyright Infringement Intended
22:18 Chapter 3: Content ID
28:21 Chapter 4: Where Do We Go From Here
39:00 Trailer and Sponsorship
40:07 Credits and Outtakes

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Mar 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 3 months ago
Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream! curiositystream.com/tomscott
Ian Duke
Ian Duke 4 days ago
RUvid does not have a system they just fol,low the law. Not sure about the taking ad revenue back and giving to other That might be their way of protecting them self from being sued for non payment of ad serves!
ojbeez 4 days ago
What about old video games and emulation of old systems?
Nightfox 99
Nightfox 99 8 days ago
Tom just letting u know u forgot to censor the plates on cars
Christian Noland
Christian Noland 9 days ago
You should do a TED Talk
Uriel Ceniceros
Uriel Ceniceros 10 days ago
So is Tom Now Seuing himself?
Mort Little
Mort Little 6 hours ago
bing bong your opinion is wrong
Sans Is high
Sans Is high 3 hours ago
Watch the video
WowMuchShiba 7 hours ago
I'm scared to use anything now even bensound where they clearly state the rules that I clearly follow
Stephen Tutton
Stephen Tutton 11 hours ago
RUvid are corrupt. and evil
Stephen Tutton
Stephen Tutton 11 hours ago
Yes and God is real you are broken. Paradox contradiction its u not God. Dont believe your problem not God.Hll is real Heaven is real its the way it is.
Arthur Petrotski
Arthur Petrotski 11 hours ago
So uh, when’s Tom going to space?
JFGaming 11 hours ago
*When you realize you've just watched a 40 minute video of someone talk about licensing, law enforcement and copyright and somehow enjoyed it*
aaclover n
aaclover n 14 hours ago
2:58 the button to see jay scream
KhaoNeu 18 hours ago
how does one prove the origin of intellectual material?
KhaoNeu 18 hours ago
poor mumbo, if only redstone could help =(
Alex Shand
Alex Shand 18 hours ago
nobody ever seems to come at this from the angle of a musician that has put their lifes work into creating art for people to enjoy and they trust their label by signing big contracts as part of the deal that they will make sure their music is protected well. If you're just taking someone elses hard work and no proper agreement with the creator (or license holder on their behalf) i dont really care who you are, small youtuber or not you're stealing someone elses property. What needs to happen is a better licensing practise for mass use like with monstercat's streaming bundles, to create paying customers but as someone who has been in the music space for most of my young adult life i don't like the idea of people taking the totality of anything you could make and taking parts of it for sampling or use no matter how big of an artist you become. if you are influencial and work hard you deserve your rewards.
No_username 19 hours ago
well if it is youtube is copying the worlds system
lochinvar00465 20 hours ago
Curiously, Disney got its start using the works of others. Few know that Micky Mouse was taken from another artist. I was appalled that the copyright term was extended simply to protect the copyright of a fictional rodent. My opinion is that the copyright should last till the death of the artist being as nobody else was involved in its creation. And, that copyrights could not be held by corporations, only real persons because corporations do not create, only people do. Trademarks on the other hand should be held by corporations as they are integral to the corporation.
Sebastião Mendonça
We need more of reaction Tom
Viktor Tomanov
Viktor Tomanov 21 hour ago
*That's what they would like you to believe.*
Chapamwamba Studios
While I agree with the point of the world's copyright is broken, I still can't agree with your title. RUvid has to handle the world's copyright, yes. But it does in a very, very effed up way. Moist claims could be resolved by a third party (maybe RUvid itself) working as an arbitration board. I.e. your case with that TV show: They claim your video, you say "No, this is my work. You've stolen my work!", then RUvid says: "Okay, the person who claimed this has to decide who is right." This is NOT okay!
Crid 22 hours ago
The end credits version of cannon in D isn't the original. Sounds like jerry C's cannon rock or something. Is that not copyright material, didn't someone else make that? Was A license acquired? What is up and what is down? Nevermind, it was addressed 2 seconds later in said credits.
Louis Gutry
Louis Gutry Day ago
Seeing the segments filmed outside made me realise, what steps would someone need to take if filming something on public streets/on location? Would you need the city's permission to film on a street? Avoid other people's faces/blur them? I know that some TV/film productions sometimes put signage saying something like "entering this area gives the production the right to broadcast your face (etc)", but what about independent creators? Perhaps it isn't related to copyright (although things like the "H******** S****" and the Eiffel Tower's illumination at night would likely be), but it would be interesting to know... unless there's already an official "Things RUvidrs Should Know" course somewhere that someone could point me to.
hagridscoat Day ago
Great video! One aspect of copyrighted materials that you didn't seem to consider is that they are often artistic creations rather than just objects to be sold. If I'm not mistaken, you can copyright something that you aren't selling. The point is that it's your creation and no one else can go make money off of it. Doesn't the copyright system protect artists who, for example, never want to see a song they wrote used in a car commercial?
Neaox Day ago
Hey! Leave New Zealand out of this!
Thomas Drenth
I got an ad, right at 27:26 LMAO
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo Day ago
You: no copyright infringement intended! Me: I'll ser you... In court.
Weird Al is great and has great music and you should check it out. Just wanted to throw that out there.
Grant Bruner
Grant Bruner Day ago
The kids are morally in the wrong, when it comes to uploading others video’s and gain monetary funds. This is the problem now with tic tok which in my opinion, makes a mockery out of the fair use system.
sneh ratna
sneh ratna Day ago
why does tom look like a grown up baby. :P
Lava Hound
Lava Hound Day ago
11:53 That is Legal Eagle
No Google, I don't want to use my real name.
it is broken. Stop lying to your audience. There's EASY ways to make it a billion times better, but it makes RUvid money, so it stays as is. Unsubscribed.
Let me guess, you only watched 2 minutes of it, not the entire thing.
OK Day ago
The best Tom Scott video ever!
MinekEzQM Day ago
It's like a good old fashioned Jackie Chan movie. The last three minutes win everything. :)
LobsterManUnknown •
I was genuinely surprised to see that Tom wasn't actually playing Canon in D
Jk Day ago
3:38 Tom: play’s Canon in D Every Twoset Violin fan: * visible anger *
LukaGaming Day ago
Next video: Roblox’s filtering and captcha system isn’t broken, the world is.
CLICK Day ago
Tom as a pro gamer is the best thing to ever happen to youtube.
major bruh moment
I too, agree we should seize -the means of production- the copyrighted material.
Noah Engle
Noah Engle 2 days ago
me after finishing the video: wait that was an entire 42 minutes
ALulzyApprentice 2 days ago
I'm sorry the creator of the file format uses the softer sound like "JIF Peanut Butter." The creator.
Jacob Bergeron
Jacob Bergeron 2 days ago
I find the shitty comment about the gaming community to be a bit childish, and to say something as if you aren't defending it while then crapping on ways things might be is wack.
Roland ten Napel
Roland ten Napel 2 days ago
Do we want to know what 'that' was the cameraman walked in to? 🤣
Ruborg 2 days ago
theres no way to get it fixed right?
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 2 days ago
Goddamn, the Sonny Bono story proves exactly what I’ve always said-the concept of “intellectual property” was invented by morally, intellectually, and literally lazy people who want to get paid forever for one stupid but popular idea. End Intellectual Property. Pay people only for products and services brought directly to market. Stop inhibiting all human progress for the sake of greed and laziness.
Polocatfan 2 days ago
False. RUvid is at fault. They aren't going to let you have sex with them for defending them dude. They're a company.
Alex Ritchie
Alex Ritchie 2 days ago
Statutes and Acts are NOT law
PlayJAK 2 days ago
I watch a lot of gaming videos, I do tend to purchase the games I really enjoyed watching. I think getting rid of the Twitch/RUvid streamer's ability to use gameplay footage would have a negative effect on game sales. Remember Funcoland? they used to allow you to try out games for free before you purchased them, to help make sure you were actually buying a game that fits your tastes, It's kinda like that. Not every game has free demos out there for you to try before you buy, and with games/consoles slowly getting more and more expensive I would probably stop buying new games if I didn't have somewhere to watch an example of gameplay. Watching a movie via stream is much different than watching a game via stream. Watching a movie via stream gives me the feeling of "already seen it, probably don't have to buy or rent that now". That is a loss for the movie industry. With a Video game playthrough, every experience is just different enough to keep me intrigued, and make me want to try playing it myself. (Avengers movies will always be great, but no matter how many times you watch them, they are the same movie. Every time you watch or play minecraft it's a completely new/different world/experience to watch/playthrough). So obviously Marvel (and other movie studios) should watch their product closely to make sure no one is broadcasting it for free without their permission, and Mojang/Microsoft should continue working with the MC community (because it's free advertising, and keeps their game soaring in popularity). I wish Nintendo would learn from Mojang/Microsoft (Nintendo has been known to harass creators from time to time, and has actually sued on multiple occasions, when instead they should capitalize on the popularity of their games, especially some of their old IP's which cost almost nothing to reproduce and sell digitally).
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
thing is with some games is that they are more similar to an interactive movie, i.e. heavily story based ones, meaning the argument can be made than channels such as TheRadBrad which record these kind of games are completely infringing copyright as well as likely harming sales
VinZ 2 days ago
Thank you. Very inspiring! :-)
Noob Likes cake
Noob Likes cake 3 days ago
Mine craft is built mainly off of you tubers or more simple way of explaining it YOU TUBERS GIVE FREE ADVERTISING TO MINE CRAFT that's prob why mine craft allows that kinda video stuff and in mine craft there is no end it is a sand box
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
minecraft is by no means built off of youtubers, youtubers came after minecraft was released to bring it more popularity sure, but minecraft is an original work by Mojang so regardless of how much exposure youtubers give it, Mojang (or Microsoft or whoever owns the game now) is fully within their rights to prevent or take legal action against youtubers for using their game (unless fair use in which case they probably wouldnt bother, its only large media companies that abuse the legal system when the case is obviously fair use). Obviously Mojang don't really care and definitely want the youtube scene in minecraft to continue, but the argument "but we gave you sales/exposure" is not a legal defence and likely never will be unless there is a dramatic change in the copyright system.
Kryptagri 3 days ago
I have had several claims on some of my vids
retrix 49
retrix 49 3 days ago
0:11 XD
Freidheim of Russia
Well it works like this: Hey, this youtube guy is earning a lot of money, what do you say we take all the money? - corporate businessman trying to demonetize a youtuber
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
well it works like this: Creator of original work: Hey, this youtube guy is stealing my original work, I'm going to takedown/take monetisation from his video RUvidr: *surprised pikachu face* hey you can't take down my video for 10 seconds of your work, *posts entire twitter rant about it and gains support* Creator of original work: Hey but I'm righ.... RUvidr: yOuRe AbUsInG YoUtUbE cOpYrIgHt SyStEm
Peter Sage
Peter Sage 3 days ago
Lawyers. To quote Don Henley, "The more I think about it, Old Billy was right." Your assumption that all "bedroom bloggers" are in this for the monetization is specious at best, as the typical video blogger doesn't get enough from RUvid ad revenue to survive on Top Ramen without another source of income. I suppose that's something you've forgotten on your way to corporate sponsorship.
John Cameron Thomas
I really like the "Fact Opinion Switch" transition.
KillingInMxtion 3 days ago
WesNohathas 3 days ago
What we face now ire the consequences of continuing to apply archaic laws to conditions they were never intended for, but it won't change because the people in power are profiting from it.
SilentGaming 3 days ago
Recently I got copyright striked for a video that contained a sound effect of a city ambience even though my video was of a game play through with no other music in it. It got a copyright strike because some person had actually used a similar sound effect in a song which was copyrighted. My video was demonetized and still is, simply because of a sound effect in a video game that appears to have been later used for a song. The world has gotten so seemingly stupid that you can’t even play a video game without being striked for something that sounds nothing like music. You could literally go outside and record some sounds upload it on RUvid and find yourself with a copyright strike because some other guy recorded the same type of sounds and used it in a song which was then copyrighted. Music is a very dodgy industry with no stability and little credibility. Your success counts on being able to give your creations to music publishers to exploit you for a trashy business deal or for them to use your creations to sue or monetize from other peoples stuff that sounds just a little bit similar, and that’s down to an AI system to judge, makes no sense at all. It’s broke as hell.
DJoppiesaus 3 days ago
Another video about copyright I enjoyed is Jason Scott's Mad Facts on Copyrighting Fury Road, I can recommend it to anyone who is very interested in this subject or wants to hear it from an archiver's perspective.
Harvey S
Harvey S 3 days ago
FireSpud 3 days ago
41:37 **aaaaAAaAAAAAAA**
foopo 3 days ago
im sorry but im discusted that you call mumbo his actual name
Jon Goff
Jon Goff 4 days ago
Nope, until they die, no sooner. People should be able to live off their creation as long as they live.
Aleksandar I. D. Milosavljević
Murder motives.
Holmdharme 4 days ago
IMO a piece of art should go into public domain upon the death of the artist, not within a set amount of years.
Triton walters
Triton walters 4 days ago
Just wait for RUvid to take this down for revealing the system.
lyxuary lynx
lyxuary lynx 4 days ago
Although video games do only get exposure on RUvid, I know that I personally have bought several games because I've seen it on RUvid. Even using your example of the untitled goose game, a comedy game, I didn't buy that because I saw the jokes and was not impressed but I did buy the Stanley parable because I saw part of what the game offered that I enjoyed. This can be extrapolated to native games, I bought observation even though I knew most of the story because of a RUvid video
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
that doesn't change the law and at the end of the day its down to the individual video game company to choose how strict they want to be about their work
Ian Duke
Ian Duke 4 days ago
RUvid does not have a system they just fol,low the law. Not sure about the taking ad revenue back and giving to other That might be their way of protecting them self from being sued for non payment of ad serves!
Mad Geo
Mad Geo 4 days ago
"𝙶𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚙𝚢, 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚜 𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚕. 𝚆𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚜𝚑𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝚊𝚋𝚘u..." NOPE...no, no, no...nevermind. Just remembered that I haven't got the rights for this quote. 😑 Sorry. (╯ ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)╯┻━┻
Mikonson 4 days ago
Imagine making a beat that you thought of and you decide to share it with your viewers, but it gets copystriked, because it already was made by somebody else without you knowing it.
KING1_Loko 4 days ago
Did not expect mumbo jumbo to be an example
Robin Rai
Robin Rai 4 days ago
That small claims thing really just show the nice little things you come to appreciate about the UK
Arcaryon 4 days ago
Stuff like this is why I have an issue with having to obey a legal system that was invented in another country whose government I can not elect just by using a product that was invented in the said nation. How shall I put this; if the original laws were actually good, I wouldn't have an issue with the US directly influencing so much of the world. That's why I like working democracies - if something is wrong, I can name the issue and try to change it through civil protest or by joining a party/ funding a new organisation, without getting into the details of it all; what I am saying is that as a citizen of the EU which is without a doubt the messiest big federal institution on the planet without actually being a normal government or fully democratic, it is STILL better for me than the US legal system because I am NOT a US citizen. The laws which are being talked about in this video influence my daily life and yet I can not influence them in any way. In summary, if you ever wanted to know why certain Europeans of smaller nations like my own country Germany have a problem with the unequal relationship between the US and its European allies and advocate for the EU despite knowing how many reforms are necessary to make this hybrid actually work, this right here is it. The US has every right to implement whatever laws they see fit and I have every right to fundamentally disagree with the idea of being ruled over by people and systems I can not influence. It's the same reason why I condemn China just a million times smaller because, despite all my criticism, the US is of course still fundamentally democratic and a close ally of my own national and supernational representation and especially as a German ( and a self-proclaimed European), I think it is the responsibility of old friends to look out for each other and to speak out when something is going wrong. America, I know we have shared a rough history in the last decades and what I said doesn't make this any easier but we still see you as allies and more importantly, as friends. Don't you ever forget that.
Hermes Stavrakas
Hermes Stavrakas 4 days ago
damn that's a nice piano what is it?
whistletoe 4 days ago
if photographers weren't more generous they could singlehandedly destroy the meme industry
Annoying 15 year old
@n30 m8 Thank you :')
n30 m8
n30 m8 Day ago
Annoying 15 year old your name fits you really well :)
Annoying 15 year old
If by industry you mean random people's instagram and facebook accounts
Matthew Bowers
Matthew Bowers 4 days ago
I love all the RUvid cameos like jay foreman and legaleagle
golan 4 days ago
Frankly, that photographer's "opinion" should be the law. The thing with ideas (intelectual property) is that once you share one with someone else, yours is not lost, it's still there. And that other person has their own personal interpretation of the same idea. You should legally own your idea, of course. But this right should stop, just like any other right, where somebody else's right to hold their own idea begins. Simple. Reinterpreting a song (even for profit) would remain always legal, people doing it for free shouldn't even be bothered with this stuff, however reusing somebody else interpretation or original song for profit should remain illegal. It's completely unacceptable that the state helps these big companies preserve their monopoly on content at the expense of the tax payers or, worse, that the state helps to legally pursue people who aren't making a profit at all.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
the reason the copyright law exists as it does is because making an "interpretation" of work is rarely fully transformative, and so is close enough to the original idea that it does not fall under fair use, i.e. it is not original/transformative/critical/educational, and the sales of the work are likely impacted as the interpretation is so close to the original idea that it would likely shadow/steal some of the exposure/money from the original work
Pizza_Time69 4 days ago
What does 42:00 mean im confused.
Adrian Tam
Adrian Tam 4 days ago
just casually asking LegalEagle to film a skit for you
niwa s
niwa s 4 days ago
Photographers may depend on people paying to use their work to earn a living, but the problem with the argument "you're cheating them out of money they deserve" is that people posting stock photo based memes online aren't going to start buying the right to use them if they're made aware of this. They'll just stop using them instead so the creator gains nothing - arguably they even lose a good amount of potential free publicity.
Peachy_Vicky 4 days ago
:o smallishbeans
Ignition [FR]
Ignition [FR] 4 days ago
1:10 - N°1 - "The mess we're in" 10:10 - N°2 - "No copyright infringement intended" 22:20 - N°3 - "Content ID" 28:20 - N°4 - "Where do we go from there" 39:05 - N°5 - "Trailer and sponsorship" 40:10 - N°6 - "Credits"
Lusca 16 hours ago
what a angel, thanks ^^
PixersKev Production
9:30 Small Content Creator hides behind the fact that they are “small” while making millions doing straight out copyright infringement. When they are sued they’re just hiding behind and leveraging the “Major companies attacking small content creator”. That’s mostly is the case, hypocrites hiding is sheep’s wool. Behind the production of a major Movie there are small and independent production companies who might earn way less then these small RUvidrs do. There are individuals animating, editing, and putting their hardest into the production of a movie. These Small Content Creator/RUvidrs who might make millions yearly are unethical to both Big Companies and Small production houses, and they get away hiding in their smallness. I do think the public should be further educated about this since there is so little light shone on this matter.
Undermanned 5 days ago
18:23 Jacksepticeye on the topic of the lighting and visuals in “The Last of Us Part 2”
Predated O
Predated O 5 days ago
I think that the only reason game streamers are not worth sueing, is because in almost all cases, they end up giving the original producer a lot more sales. Going to court is only going to cost them money and lose the respect of the gaming community. Only rarely do they negatively impact sales. But 2009's resurgence of Skate 3 sales because people like Pewdiepie and Vanoss were playing them in silly ways, giving EA millions more income on an originally failed game, is 100% a better outcome than sueing streamers, losing money in court, only getting a few thousand out of them and the hatred of fans will stop the income of additional sales.
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