YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

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To celebrate 2013, we invited some RUvidrs to star in a mashup of popular moments this year. Can you spot all the references?
WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2013: yt.be/rewind
Can you name all the RUvid stars in the video? Did you get all the references to the top videos and memes of the year? (Also look for the secret, easter egg video annotations!)
Best watched in HD!
Music remixed by DJ Earworm: ruvid.net/u-djearworm
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis: goo.gl/Z2Q6sq
Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke: goo.gl/8tcnhU
Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: goo.gl/o1wclM
Get Lucky by Daft Punk: goo.gl/9Z1rc1
Gentleman by PSY: goo.gl/X3bw7M
Harlem Shake by Baauer: goo.gl/fOQmFX
Kid President - ruvid.net/u-soulpancake
Ryan Higa - ruvid.net/u-nigahiga
MysteryGuitarMan - ruvid.net/u-mysteryguitarman
Kassem G - ruvid.net/u-kassemg
GloZell - ruvid.net/u-glozell1
Blogilates - ruvid.net/u-blogilates
Kaycee Rice - ruvid.net/u-brads411
I.aM.mE - ruvid.net/u-IaMmECrew
DeStorm - ruvid.net/u-DeStorm‎
Taryn Southern - ruvid.net/u-TarynSouthern
Bethany Mota - ruvid.net/u-Macbarbie07
Brandon Laatsch - ruvid.net/u-freddiew‎
Jenna Marbles - ruvid.net/u-JennaMarbles‎
Hannah Hart - ruvid.net/u-MyHarto
Rhett & Link - ruvid.net/u-RhettandLink‎
Tobuscus - ruvid.net/u-Tobuscus‎
Convos With My 2-Year-Old - ruvid.net/u-ConvosWith2YrOld‎
Alison Gold - ruvid.net/u-patomuzic
Mike Tompkins - ruvid.net/u-pbpproductions
Epic Meal Time - ruvid.net/u-EpicMealTime
Tori Locklear - ruvid.net/u-vickyraye
Chester See - ruvid.net/u-chestersee‎
Jimmy Fallon - ruvid.net/u-latenight‎
Laina - ruvid.net/u-wzr0713
Tyler Oakley - ruvid.net/u-tyleroakley‎
Prancercise - ruvid.net/u-Prancercise
Quest Crew - ruvid.net/u-QuestDanceCrew
Girls' Generation - ruvid.net/u-SMTOWN
Marina Shifrin - ruvid.net/u-mvsdzb
The Fine Bros - ruvid.net/u-TheFineBros‎
Hikakin - ruvid.net/u-HIKAKIN
D-Trix - ruvid.net/u-theDOMINICshow
Sam Horowitz - goo.gl/1U60fn
Bart Baker - ruvid.net/u-BartBaker
Jack Hoffman - ruvid.net/u-HuskerAthletics
Barely Political - ruvid.net/u-barelypolitical
Alex Day - ruvid.net/u-nerimon
Annoying Orange - ruvid.net/u-daneboe
Dave Days - ruvid.net/u-davedays
Kaleb Nation - ruvid.net/u-kalebnation
Jamie Oliver - ruvid.net/u-JamieOliver‎
iJustine - ruvid.net/u-ijustine
Epic Rap Battles of History - ruvid.net/u-ERB‎
Porta Dos Fundos - ruvid.net/u-portadosfundos‎
Magic of Rahat - ruvid.net/u-MagicofRahat‎
SORTED Food - ruvid.net/u-sortedfood‎
Cookie Monster - ruvid.net/u-SesameStreet
Macklemore - ruvid.net/u-RyanLewisProductions
Corridor Digital - ruvid.net/u-CorridorDigital
The Slow Mo Guys - ruvid.net/u-theslowmoguys
Smosh - ruvid.net/u-smosh
Jimmy Kimmel - ruvid.net/u-JimmyKimmelLive‎
Nick Selby - ruvid.net/u-rupumped
Grace Helbig - ruvid.net/u-dailygrace
FreddieW - ruvid.net/u-freddiew‎
PewDiePie - ruvid.net/u-PewDiePie
...and more!
Created by RUvid & Portal A
Full credits: portal-a.com/rewind
WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2013: yt.be/rewind
The Screaming Sheep ruvid.net/video/video-SIaFtAKnqBU.html
Goats Yelling Like Humans: ruvid.net/video/video-nlYlNF30bVg.html
Dead Giveaway by schmoyoho: ruvid.net/video/video-nZcRU0Op5P4.html
The American Humane Association was present during this production. No animals were harmed in those scenes.
Inspired by Talia Joy: ruvid.net/u-taliajoy18


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Dec 11, 2013




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Comments 100
R3MN3NT 45 minutes ago
The last good rewind.
coke Hour ago
come back 2013, we miss you
willytheweeb 2 hours ago
The pinnacle of RUvid rewinds.
Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney 5 hours ago
Felix burying rewind was exactly what happened. RUvid if you're reading this in rewind 2020 have PewDiePie dig out that RUvid plaque and touch it. Then everything rewinds to the start of 2020 and you start with a World War Three scene with many youtubers. Like if you agree and want nigahiga in rewind 2020! *Let's force RUvid to listen to us*
AHDHAN 16 7 hours ago
I think rewind 2020 gonna be everyone in their own house wearing a mask and that's it
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim 9 hours ago
Pewds literally took rewind to the ground and buried it like a mafia
VIRTUALY 10 hours ago
Nostalgia hitting harder than corona
Kahlisss 15 hours ago
RUvid now has become boring and dull I miss the old days
boogerbuster 16 hours ago
This will always be the best one
iara 17 hours ago
If someone ever builds a time machine i will go back to 2013 just to do the harlem shake with my friends
Carol Bayasca
Carol Bayasca 18 hours ago
4:18 When you think that next year's Rewind is worse than ever, but it actually is:
Polar Paint
Polar Paint 18 hours ago
🔫 give me 10k subs
Le Squizy
Le Squizy 4 hours ago
Polar Paint
Polar Paint 18 hours ago
I’m not a bot. Proof: I dont have a fortnite, roblox, or gatcha pfp.
佐々木 Jordan
佐々木 Jordan 19 hours ago
the good old days
Inês Barbosa
These musicsss from the RUvid rewindssssss
Pathanoo Day ago
who remembers SMOSH? not now smosh that anthony and Ian one
The One And Only Kariana Wyatt
The nostalgia hurts.
Jasmin Merkel
Back when life and the world was good
itz_ Lea
itz_ Lea Day ago
Me searching in 2020 for those people who commented in 2013 But the comment box is full of lockdown and quarantines....
I love watching rewinds I can stand watching 😌
It said that rewind is a rewind
yeah yeah
yeah yeah Day ago
ah yes kid president😻
KarbineX Day ago
Any of you guys remember kid president
Kimchi fried Rice
Literally one of the best years, I miss 2013
Jaz Feng
Jaz Feng Day ago
What’s does the fox (furry) says?
very cool
very cool 2 days ago
goddamn I miss this time man
iiStxrmy101 2 days ago
I’m not crying, I’m sweating from my eyes.
Gayathri N
Gayathri N 2 days ago
How did I go 7 whole years without realizing that SNSD was in 2013’s rewind??? (2:14 for anyone curious!) Also, what do I have to do to travel back in time to this year because if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s how much I miss 2013.
doomseaker 4
doomseaker 4 2 days ago
Back when glozel doing the cinnamon challenge went viral
Kawaiikitty x3
Kawaiikitty x3 2 days ago
2013 was the year i joined youtube i cant remember what month tho 🥺
Kylie Hope
Kylie Hope 2 days ago
You people do realize we can make more memories like this... we just have to quit being poopy heads...
JoeGaming 18
JoeGaming 18 2 days ago
Man this was the year I official started watching RUvid, it was a good year to start
DrGeniusFox 2 days ago
3:16 RUvid would never allow this now. What happened? It used to be a good platform.
you 2 days ago
damn......10 year old me was happy when i saw smosh 16 year old me is crying seeing smosh
Clutch Squid 405
Clutch Squid 405 2 days ago
This is what I lived in and I thought it was not that's good but now I'm looking back this is the best year of my life I miss the old times.
Nej.Hráč Lukáš
Landon Hessek
Landon Hessek 3 days ago
This is good
Princess Leia's Buns
I do not know one youtuber from 2013 rewind now in 2020.... Just shows how fleeting and short lived a RUvid career is apart from the 0.0001 %
Who’s This
Who’s This 3 days ago
Pewdiepie needs to come back to unearth that rewind button and take matters into his own hands.
ivett 3 days ago
Claire Ocampo
Claire Ocampo 3 days ago
Rustine John kyle M. Fabro
Harlem shake, but there's no filthyfrank, make up ur mind YT
Strik Yyy
Strik Yyy 3 days ago
1:55 Lady Gaga applause ?😂😂😂😂😂
André Bancolita
André Bancolita 3 days ago
Not the way I remembered listening to this. They removed Gentleman from this mix, don't know why
Daniel Koski
Daniel Koski 3 days ago
Best rewind no debate
KapitänKek 4 days ago
You can say whatever you want.. BUT this was the best RUvid feeling.
Vera Hassan
Vera Hassan 4 days ago
Just watching their old rewinds ☺️
Claudia argueta
Claudia argueta 4 days ago
Claudia argueta
Claudia argueta 4 days ago
Claudia argueta
Claudia argueta 4 days ago
Nostalgia omg :0
L3RK 4 days ago
While I'm also nostalgic for pre-2014 YT we saw the signs even then. Large mainstream media personalities were coming in thanks to Kimmel. Copyright strikes started getting more and more extreme. The algorithm started promoting safer more profitable content. Fringe creators got pushed under the rug or thrown off the platform entirely. And it's just declined since then. Mainstream creators are just minor-celebs with none of the tact or PR. It's cringe city now. There's still good genuine stuff. You just have to dig for it, unfortunately.
Warm Crunch Productions
I miss you
Halit Samsa
Halit Samsa 4 days ago
Everyone there is almost as much as the number of subscribers on Pewdiepie's channel, the sum of all XD
Green tea Is green
2013: haa this was so beautiful..👩🏽🧚🏾‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️ 2020: ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴅɪᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ʏᴇᴀʀs ɢᴏ 🦠 🦇
Evan D34n Hernandez
This is why we want time machines
I have one brain cell Moore
The last good one
Aidan 4 days ago
Dang, can't believe I found this at 199,999 comments.
nury martinez
nury martinez 4 days ago
uptown funk
mahdy xxx
mahdy xxx 4 days ago
These bring the memories back 😂😂😂😂😂
Weirdly this was released before Susan came and messed up youtube
Sebastian Armas
Sebastian Armas 5 days ago
Has it really been this long..
Atlantica 5 days ago
Wake me up?
Екатерина наф
Ненавижу 3
Albin Biju
Albin Biju 5 days ago
'What does the Fox say' was one of the last original RUvid video which captured the essence of the yt community
Kris Quick
Kris Quick 5 days ago
This is way better than 2018 RUvid rewind
LovelyLDragon 5 days ago
There is just something about this rewind man- I miss my childhood
Ashad Ahmed
Ashad Ahmed 5 days ago
These people made RUvid what it is today... Sadly, most of them either left the platform, or disappeared because of the algorithm... Good job, RUvid.
cooper smith
cooper smith 4 days ago
Don’t blame youtube mate it turns out 7 years of videos about licking doors won’t keep you famous and unless you are really creative it’s likely you will lose your popularity not RUvid’s fault
This nearly made me cry the good old days were the best
Jazmín Caino
Jazmín Caino 5 days ago
Where´s One Direction?
ripobey 5 days ago
what went wrong?
NmLb_Psychosis 5 days ago
I was in middle school when this came out...
Mehdi Idelouali
Mehdi Idelouali 5 days ago
Like this to time travel back to 2013
Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu 5 days ago
Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu 5 days ago
Frankc10 5 days ago
The good days 😞
That1PiePerson 5 days ago
Sit down son, im going to tell you a story
Infernal Gaming
Infernal Gaming 6 days ago
Realise 2011 2012 and 2013 are in the range of 80-90k dislikes I guess it's just 90k Fortnite players that weren't here in these simple times
Aaron M. Mckain
Aaron M. Mckain 6 days ago
The good old times, except I really couldn't remember because I was like 8
Vic Flexin
Vic Flexin 6 days ago
Ahh the simple times
•It'z_Soft Mocha•
Wow even Cookie Monster was part of this..
Jasmin Cabos
Jasmin Cabos 6 days ago
Cringy dancing talk show hosts: 0% Paulers: 0% Titled of most didliked video: Nope Cringe: 0% Nostalgia: 100000%
cooper smith
cooper smith 4 days ago
Ok now you truely lost it as first one is wrong as there’s LITERALLY THE HOST FROM THE LATE NIGHT SHOW and to some degree it was cringy
Deadpool Prime
Deadpool Prime 6 days ago
3:16 If your looking to where Smosh is, here...
Anas mizan
Anas mizan 6 days ago
where's rap god??
Mr Hozay
Mr Hozay 6 days ago
To think I was in grade five when this video came out..... I’m now about to graduate
Melinia Setiawan
Melinia Setiawan 6 days ago
Edit guy22
Edit guy22 6 days ago
I wish I could go back and relive everything up to 2019, Then stop corona before it Happened
Dr Paradox
Dr Paradox 6 days ago
Back when people didnt get offended so easily
VeniX ???
VeniX ??? 6 days ago
86k dislikes man... WHY?? THIS USED TO BE A GLOBALLY LOVED EVENT And now it’s a meme made fun of beyond understanding
Se Se6
Se Se6 6 days ago
Good old days...
40 subscribers without Videos
Remember the good old days when RUvid rewind get lots of likes?
GGG JGG 7 days ago
ChrissV-C's MisAdventures
Am I the only one that notices they completely took out PSY's gentleman out from 2:05 and forward??!
BUNJU 7 days ago
Back when RUvid Rewind was considered Awesome. Who's watching 2020?
Brendan Berney
Brendan Berney 7 days ago
This was the last good rewind
Osogi Playz
Osogi Playz 7 days ago
Omg I cant put this into words, but I wanna go to the past. Music was so good back then. 2020 honestly is so bad.
Random Nickname
Random Nickname 7 days ago
Toby :,)
Ace Of Spade
Ace Of Spade 7 days ago
RUvid nowadays is trash
Josnel Guillen
Josnel Guillen 8 days ago
cuando youtube valia la pena
Red Tennyson
Red Tennyson 8 days ago
Harlem Shakes really hits me wtf Hahhaha.
Oliver Aaron
Oliver Aaron 8 days ago
Wow... We used to like Rewind i still remember this closes 2013 with fckin style
Nicolas 8 days ago
The people who came back to this in 2021 for the nostalgia ARE legends
Tallulah Mellin
Tallulah Mellin 8 days ago
So I’m the only one binge watching RUvid rewinds to be nostalgic? Sounds good to me
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