YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind

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RUvid Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. #RUvidRewind
Spend more time with your favorite creators, videos and trends from 2016: yt.be/rewind2016
Watch trending videos from 2016: ruvid.net/u-rewind
See trends as they happen: ruvid.net/u-trending
Watch the BTS video: ruvid.net/video/video-Y8MuxHNLfZ8.html
Watch all the easter eggs: goo.gl/WihKvv
Music by The Hood Internet ruvid.net/u-thehoodinternet
With an original remix by Major Lazer ruvid.net/u-majorlazer
Alex Wassabi ruvid.net/u-hoiitsroi
Alfie ruvid.net/u-PointlessBlog
AIB ruvid.net/u-allindiabakchod
AmazingPhil ruvid.net/u-AmazingPhil
AndreasChoice ruvid.net/u-AndreasChoice
Bethany Mota ruvid.net/u-Macbarbie07
BFvsGF ruvid.net/u-BFvsGF
BibisBeautyPalace ruvid.net/u-BibisBeautyPalace
Bie The Ska ruvid.net/u-bomberball
CaELiKe ruvid.net/u-CaELiKe
Casey Neistat ruvid.net/u-caseyneistat
Caspar ruvid.net/u-dicasp
Connor Franta ruvid.net/u-ConnorFranta
Cyprien ruvid.net/u-MonsieurDream
danisnotonfire ruvid.net/u-danisnotonfire
Dude Perfect ruvid.net/u-corycotton
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ruvid.net/u-therock
EeOneGuy ruvid.net/u-EeOneGuy
elrubiusOMG ruvid.net/u-elrubiusOMG
enchufetv ruvid.net/u-enchufetv
Gigi Gorgeous ruvid.net/u-GregoryGORGEOUS
Grace Helbig ruvid.net/u-graciehinabox
hajimesyacho ruvid.net/u-0214mex
Hannah Hart ruvid.net/u-MyHarto
Hayla ruvid.net/u-HaylaTV
Hevesh5 ruvid.net/u-Hevesh5
HolaSoyGerman ruvid.net/u-HolaSoyGerman
iHasCupquake ruvid.net/u-iHasCupquake
Ingrid Nilsen ruvid.net/u-missglamorazzi
jacksepticeye ruvid.net/u-jacksepticeye
Jenn McAllister ruvid.net/u-jennxpenn
Joey Graceffa ruvid.net/u-JoeyGraceffa
JoutJout Prazer ruvid.net/u-joutjoutprazer
KianAndJC ruvid.net/u-KianAndJc
KSI ruvid.net/u-KSIOlajidebt
Kurt Hugo Schneider ruvid.net/u-KurtHugoSchneider
LaurDIY ruvid.net/u-LaurDIY
Lilly Singh ruvid.net/u-IISuperwomanII
Liza Koshy ruvid.net/show-UCxSz6JVYmzVhtkraHWZC7HQ
LosPolinesios ruvid.net/u-LosPolinesios
Luisito Rey ruvid.net/u-luisitorey
Luzu ruvid.net/u-luzugames
Mamrie Hart ruvid.net/u-YouDeserveADrink
Markiplier ruvid.net/u-markiplierGAME
Marques Brownlee ruvid.net/u-marquesbrownlee
MatPat ruvid.net/u-MatthewPatrick13
Matt Steffanina ruvid.net/u-MattSDance
Meg DeAngelis ruvid.net/u-maybabytumbler
Meredith Foster ruvid.net/u-StilaBabe09
Nicky Jam ruvid.net/show-UCpb_iJuhFe8V6rQdbNqfAlQ
PewDiePie ruvid.net/u-PewDiePie
PIKOTARO ruvid.net/show-UCKpIOnsk-gcwHXIzuk24ExA
Porta dos Fundos ruvid.net/u-portadosfundos
PrankvsPrank ruvid.net/u-PrankvsPrank
RADIO FISH ruvid.net/show-UCok3jJg7q1-PKV6XYDYTA_A
Rclbeauty101 ruvid.net/u-Rclbeauty101
Rhett & Link ruvid.net/u-RhettandLink
Sebastián Villalobos ruvid.net/u-VillalobosSebastian
Seth Meyers ruvid.net/u-LateNightSeth
SQUEEZIE ruvid.net/u-aMOODIEsqueezie
sWooZie ruvid.net/u-swoozie06
The Dolan Twins ruvid.net/u-TheDolanTwins
The Late Late Show with James Corden ruvid.net/show-UCJ0uqCI0Vqr2Rrt1HseGirg
The Slow Mo Guys ruvid.net/u-theslowmoguys
TheWillyrex ruvid.net/u-TheWillyrex
Tre Melvin ruvid.net/u-ThisIsACommentary
Trevor Noah ruvid.net/show-UCwWhs_6x42TyRM4Wstoq8HA
Unbox Therapy ruvid.net/u-unboxtherapy
VanossGaming ruvid.net/u-VanossGaming
VRZOchannel ruvid.net/u-VrzoChannel
Werevertumorro ruvid.net/u-werevertumorro
What's Inside? ruvid.net/u-lincolnmarkham
whatdafaqshow ruvid.net/u-WHATDAFAQSHOW
WhinderssonNunes ruvid.net/u-whinderssonnunes
YosStoP ruvid.net/u-YosStoP
Yuka Kinoshita ruvid.net/u-kinoyuu0204
Yuya ruvid.net/u-lady16makeup
& more!
RUvid Rewind 2016 produced by Portal A

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Dec 7, 2016




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Comments 694 651
miles tails prower
miles tails prower 17 hours ago
Comfy Angel! :3
Comfy Angel! :3 21 hour ago
This by far 100% my favorite RUvid rewind! I like the way they included my main fav you tubers 💖🌸😅, wish they still made them like this it's just a huge celebration and it would be so fun!
Qyke 22 hours ago
And we took these rewinds for granted... now we get top 10 mojos
Maux Ssj
Maux Ssj Day ago
Nostalgia ;)
ArySilvi 98
ArySilvi 98 Day ago
Who remember this beautiful moments..?
Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue Day ago
You're hear to compare with the RUvid rewind 2019
Wesley Mcspadden
What a coincidence when after they hired a different Director, that the rewinds *After* this one gotten worse and worse.
Magenta Oficial
Me encanta
everything Day ago
My target come this rewind
Ffin Koehler-Price
pewds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
back when youtube rewind was good
Nick M
Nick M 2 days ago
Lol remember when we all hated on the 2016 one and then 2017, 2018 and 2019 rewind started to exist... Honestly, 2016 is really good tbh
I never got the hate for this or 2017 personally - I loved both of them instantly, and this is my favorite Rewind of all of them. I like 2018's too, but found it a slight step down, and got why people hated it in places (though I didn't think it deserved that many dislikes personally.) 2019, though... yeah, they let me down with that one.
Rossy Zaizar
Rossy Zaizar 2 days ago
soy polinesia
UrBoi Mike
UrBoi Mike 2 days ago
Delfina Peña Canal
Creeper McCreeping
It was good for 4 years...
Pokemon Go?!??!!??
MJN SEIFER 2 days ago
Yep, that was in this Rewind.
Angelique Umutesi
The large budget is so evident rn
gui gui
gui gui 2 days ago
UpAtNight Hound
UpAtNight Hound 2 days ago
Me: watches 2019 rewind and cries because it is so bad Still me: watches 2016 rewind and sees drastic improvement Still me: watches 2014 rewind In 2020 rewind, RUvid: soooooo, we forgot how to make rewinds
Why KABIR !?
Why KABIR !? 3 days ago
RUvid rewind 2019 be like - *Is* *it* *to* *late* *to* *say* *sorry* *now?*
Jose Cladio Ariel Soto
Que buenos tiempos de minecraft gta v fnaf cuando no existia cacanite ni free ratas
Maux Ssj
Maux Ssj Day ago
El tiempo pasa bro
H.P. Sabjion
H.P. Sabjion 3 days ago
Even though I had from little to no experience with English RUvid in 2016, now I recognize most things in here and I see how 2016 was an absolute best year on RUvid and how impactfull it was for the future. Damn do I miss this year really.
Ryan Air
Ryan Air 3 days ago
2016 was such a good year
ANDRÉ Gamer FF 3 days ago
Sofiyan M
Sofiyan M 3 days ago
Stackz 3 days ago
Im from the further future and let me tell ya it’s horrible here
Andy Leviatan
Andy Leviatan 3 days ago
Y este amigos mios es el ultimo youtube rewind bueno, soooolo porq salio German
Maux Ssj
Maux Ssj Day ago
Y el rubius
deagle studio
deagle studio 3 days ago
youtube rewind 2016 has the best music :
gavin invictus
gavin invictus 3 days ago
"2:45 BEGIN!!!"
Fandom Stuff
Fandom Stuff 3 days ago
1:07 I never really realized that Scott sterling was here lol ( ik his Name is Matt)
Stella DeVito
Stella DeVito 4 days ago
Michael C.L. Zhou
2016: Rewind YT culture 2018/19: Rewind YT most likes video/s**t RUvid, we all love the culture. We all want to get a rewind 2020 that "rewind" the rewind videos so far you've posted on this video platform.
S. Bregnest
S. Bregnest 4 days ago
Woah, they had Matt from Studio C in this. Cool.
Who is listening to this in 2020 and enjoying it 😊
Irak Gameplays
Irak Gameplays 4 days ago
El mejor rewind
Leonardo Lori
Leonardo Lori 4 days ago
Why is danm daniel in rewind
Purple Strike
Purple Strike 4 days ago
Co ok
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 4 days ago
The last good one 😢 I miss it
Bangtan BOYZZ
Bangtan BOYZZ 4 days ago
heba Almasalme
heba Almasalme 4 days ago
Eden6636 _
Eden6636 _ 5 days ago
Better than the other , but worth too
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 5 days ago
1:33 I totally forgot Trevor and the Daily Show crew were on this
Voonessa 81
Voonessa 81 5 days ago
RUvid really needs to pick up their game in 2020 seriously, I’m just hoping it’s better than 2019 and 2018. 🙏
XD 5 days ago
0:17 Marty Mcfly riding a bike Only some will get it
Daril Lasloudji
Daril Lasloudji 5 days ago
Anybody else notice jacksfilms?
NICOLE LUNA 5 days ago
Stop making me cry with old rewinds (Feb 15 2020)
ツxMisterFFx 5 days ago
AviatorIsMyName -
Why isnt the s7 here
William El Gamer
William El Gamer 5 days ago
No eres lo mismo que antes ahora desmonetizas todo y borras videos a lo tonto
On Crack
On Crack 5 days ago
The good times ):
Su 5 days ago
This is awesome!!! Damn this is much better than 2018 and 2019 rewinds
Florin Preda
Florin Preda 5 days ago
If am being honest 2016 was the best and most crazy year of my life. Miss the old times soooooo much.
noaggne 5 days ago
Sooooorrrrrry 💩
CCB2 5 days ago
Finnaly one with more likes than dislikes
中野拓也 5 days ago
It's best year.
sumadartson 83
sumadartson 83 5 days ago
I go all the time on RUvid Replay
lukardo .x
lukardo .x 5 days ago
vos también te pusiste a mirar los otros rewinds despues de ver el de 2019?? mientras pensas que va a pasar en el 2020 como para que este en el rewind?
Lily Clancy
Lily Clancy 5 days ago
2016 was the best year
pinguim com demência
and 2014
Dew Game
Dew Game 5 days ago
Mm after 2012 recomends now is 2016 so We can get distract from 2019 and 2020 dis like ok utube chill
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