YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind

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RUvid Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. #RUvidRewind
Spend more time with your favorite creators, videos and trends from 2016: yt.be/rewind2016
Watch trending videos from 2016: ruvid.net/u-rewind
See trends as they happen: ruvid.net/u-trending
Watch the BTS video: ruvid.net/video/video-Y8MuxHNLfZ8.html
Watch all the easter eggs: goo.gl/WihKvv
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With an original remix by Major Lazer ruvid.net/u-majorlazer
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RUvid Rewind 2016 produced by Portal A

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Dec 7, 2016




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Comments 100
uyasumi 4 hours ago
when your favorite characters is in the same universe :
its benjy MU
its benjy MU 6 hours ago
Proof that RUvidRewind used to be good
Yash Giri
Yash Giri 6 hours ago
2020 uh!
Koé Renatinho TV
Koé Renatinho TV 10 hours ago
eu amei, meu Deus❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous STW
Anonymous STW 11 hours ago
I hope 2020 is good
x 12 hours ago
I got so much throwbacks:((
MysticalCloud 12 hours ago
Who is is just looking back because they know that we totally took 2016 for granted?
Alex Skywalker
Alex Skywalker 13 hours ago
2:46 pero madre mía Willy qué haces aquí compañero
Just Sizwe
Just Sizwe 13 hours ago
PPAP😂😂😂 memories
Jj Dollihfrw
Jj Dollihfrw 15 hours ago
I swear if Noah NECK and Tony helicopter are in 2020 rewind I’m gonna kms
Yousaidwhat? 16 hours ago
2020 rewind: what a great year!
Jhoscar BRS
Jhoscar BRS 16 hours ago
Sigo creyendo que fue uno de los mejores rewinds de nuestros tiempos
Zidane Playz
Zidane Playz 17 hours ago
that’s kinda sus yo
santiago juedu
santiago juedu 18 hours ago
Mass Destructor
Mass Destructor 21 hour ago
Be honest you are here because its better than 2018 and 2019.
Conta's Tutorial
Conta's Tutorial 22 hours ago
Cristian Yandel Avalos Ramirez
Esto si es un rewind
Get Set Gaming
Get Set Gaming 22 hours ago
Tanmay Bhat op
Clash of Game
Jazz Reigh Pedrajas
This must've been fun
Perfect DPUH
Perfect DPUH Day ago
The last good one before the started getting downvoted into the shadow realm
The N-Word
The N-Word Day ago
Ah yes, famous RUvidR Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
eltiodiegom Day ago
Me emociona.
Mcnugget Warrior
Why was this in the my mix playlist
Vathalla Day ago
D best
Zufarul Aswari
time to party man😎
Ricardo Moreno
Las mejores partes de Germán y rubius
Ricardo Moreno
@Carolina Hoyos aparece bailando
Carolina Hoyos
Donde aparece Germán?
Hikari光 Day ago
2:13 hayla TV! ❤️
1000 subs With no videos
2016: OP 2020: a zoom call
1000 subs With no videos
Dang, 2016 was cool
Ki Day ago
El último rewind decente que nos ha dado RUvid
Unvalid Meta
Unvalid Meta Day ago
The rock is way more better than yhaaahaha
Hassan Alnazghah
nightcore songs
Ninesers Day ago
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Day ago
Imagine if The Rock had said "Eat my d*ck" instead of "Bring it"
mohammed arimiyao
ephemeral rift
Matthew Wiggett
Kaique Borgues
Kaique Borgues 2 days ago
Esse editor d Edita so o fino
Wooow german garmendia
Cesar Daniel
Cesar Daniel 2 days ago
In that time I was so happy
fabian solis bernardo
my favoryt 2016
Dqlight 2 days ago
Sergio Eduardo Ochoa Moreno
Why not standing clash royale
Sergio Eduardo Ochoa Moreno
Por que no estuvo clash royale
The Sheikh Show
The Sheikh Show 2 days ago
Olivia 2 days ago
Peyton Kocher
Peyton Kocher 2 days ago
Man 2016 was one of the best years ever this is total nostalgia 😭
Tomas Espinosa
Tomas Espinosa 2 days ago
Best rewind ever hands down
Soter Fernandez
Soter Fernandez 2 days ago
the best rewind of all
Joaquín Topich
Joaquín Topich 2 days ago
2:45 Aparece nuestro padre
LoSpIxElEs64 2 days ago
puro ingles nada español xd
Payton Pearson
Payton Pearson 2 days ago
Remember when we could actually recognize the people in RUvid rewind.... those were the good ole days
-Emily Plays Roblox-
Everybody:remember the good old days? Me: Wait omg I forgot we give even existed lol
noelsebz90 2 days ago
@2:43 Dashie! I see you mah boi!
Joey comix the squid
Before the logo got better
Rogger Poma
Rogger Poma 2 days ago
Alguien más en 2020 Pov: llore con este video
CE Kofi
CE Kofi 2 days ago
2:45 This is a bro moment
Maximilian 2 days ago
What’s the song when they drive into the tunnel called? Not the pen pineapple song but the other one. Please help me!
Ghazi Hatk
Ghazi Hatk 2 days ago
0:00 - 1:20 was actually good content.
Josh YT
Josh YT 2 days ago
This were the gold old times when my crush confessed to me I miss you cassie pls come back :c
Fahim_Asmr _787
Fahim_Asmr _787 2 days ago
Fahim_Asmr _787
Fahim_Asmr _787 2 days ago
This is wet fam bulshit
ashlieaa 3 days ago
youtube rewind 2020 will just be a zoom call.
Dyy 3 days ago
The good old days.
Wiki cancer
Wiki cancer 3 days ago
I used to be so hype when lizzie or ldshadowlady was in this rewind lol, Back when I didn't have a youtube account.
Me Get noob
Me Get noob 3 days ago
Better than 2017 2018 and 2019
Roberr Shippy
Roberr Shippy 3 days ago
*It's 2020 and i still dont know who tf is this guys **2:09*
una persona comun en yutu
Can i get 1000 replies?
Little Diabl0
Little Diabl0 3 days ago
This is the RUvid we all miss
ᴏᴡᴏ ᴍɪʟᴋᴛᴇᴀ
2010 - 2018/beginning of 2019 : memes, good vibes, gaming, people finally becoming equal and getting rights,and a tad cringe now that we look at it but it was amazing. 2019-2020 : cancel culture, Video games, people looking, acting, and dressing way older than they are, everyone is being fake depressed for attention, covid, tiktok and global warming (people think it’s the end of the world) Wonderful. Nothing else I would have wanted more. Why are people so toxic tho?
El Esquea
El Esquea 3 days ago
for me this is the best youtube rewind they have created, ¡¡LONG LIVE THE REWINDS!! (except for 2019 :v)
Basti 2 days ago
@El Esquea se lo dicen a la gente que usa términos como "Papu" o ":v". Normalmente es como un insulto porque dicen que decir eso está fuera de moda.
El Esquea
El Esquea 2 days ago
@Basti he visto que se dicen mucho papulinces, me explicas que es?
Basti 2 days ago
@El Esquea no era con ánimo de ofender
El Esquea
El Esquea 2 days ago
Porque me dices papulince solo por usar el :v
El Esquea
El Esquea 2 days ago
@Basti jajajajaja
Dan Langman
Dan Langman 3 days ago
me seeing this is has 690k comments: POG
يوسف YOUSEF 3 days ago
Filip Radnovic
Filip Radnovic 3 days ago
wow even Rock knows thisis gonna be a challenge
DOOM slayer
DOOM slayer 3 days ago
Y la referencia a DOOM 2016
Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur 3 days ago
The ones after 2017 it was bad because they did not have fun and the 2018 one they just pieced together what they thought we liked and it showed at the end it didn’t have the love and sympathy for the people who have lost so much
CountBTW ._.
CountBTW ._. 3 days ago
How Kevin the cube was born on fortnite 3:11
Kabeer Misha
Kabeer Misha 4 days ago
We need BINOD in rewind 2020
Troy Roa
Troy Roa 4 days ago
Love this version!
Talked Pillow
Talked Pillow 4 days ago
Back in the day when youtube rewind is not a watchmojo video
Pli X
Pli X 4 days ago
The nostalgia 😭
Srishti Gupta
Srishti Gupta 4 days ago
Watching this made me realise that I didn't really know a lot really big youtubers back in 2016
YouTube Audience
YouTube Audience 4 days ago
Why pewdie in youtube rewind 2018 There is no😢
Bethany Marble
Bethany Marble 4 days ago
Wait... the mannequin challenge was really just 4 years ago??? It feels like it’s been forever.
Qww -AMV
Qww -AMV 4 days ago
1:52 why ksi ?
TheSovietBedrock 4 days ago
i hope they can make it like this again
Josh Goes Bananas
what really did it for me was the ppap guy
Ivan Gomez
Ivan Gomez 4 days ago
dan cicio
dan cicio 4 days ago
So RUvid hasn't made a good rewind in 4 years.....
Teptonic 4 days ago
imagine all of this with no music
The Rock is best part
Captain Classic
Captain Classic 4 days ago
The best YTR in my opinion
Omar David Sandoval
This is the best Rewind in the hole history of RUvid.
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze 4 days ago
These songs at the end always make me pumped up.
Stimul 4 days ago
2016 RUvid was hypin generation
Brant Pascale
Brant Pascale 5 days ago
Why is youtube rewind the only thing that can make 6 minutes feel like 60
Zainab Shekason
Zainab Shekason 5 days ago
2020’s rewinds definitely gonna be as a zoom call
Felix Hunter
Felix Hunter 5 days ago
I was so happy when I saw Mark, Ethan, and Tyler in the videogame part and then Jack in the webcam the first time I saw this and it was also cool to see Vanoss, Matpat, Dan, and Phil.
Mr Scott
Mr Scott 5 days ago
This is sooooooooooo well made like if you agree
cristofer Amores
cristofer Amores 5 days ago
Jajajja german 1:54
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